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Lottosyndicate Exposed — Do You Need Some Partners?

Lottosyndicate Review

What do Swiss Club, Shangri-La spice & tea, Viabuy (prepaid MasterCard), Swiss Private Bank and Free Bitcoins (QoinPro) and playing lotteries have in common? Good question! They are partners at an online lottery syndicate provider called These folks offer one lottery syndicate for playing OZ Lotto. Did you think it could get weirder – it can.’s Game

For every fifteen – yes that is 15 – members, purchases one ticket for 52 weeks. Okay, at a cost of €10 for a year, that doesn’t add up to a lot. But there is no limitation on the number of members. There does seem to be a suggestion in their syndicate agreement that players do get to choose their own numbers. The only way to find out is by registering and our team wouldn’t touch this one.

Winning at Lottosyndicate

Then it got weirder. It appears winnings of each ticket purchased are paid directly to those members involved with that ticket. That’s 15 members less 2 as takes two shares of each ticket purchased. The portion of the two shares is paid to all the members of the syndicate less commission which we think works out to about 3%. This is how they calculate the 10% that is paid to all members (versus the 15 that bought the ticket). Winnings are divided between the syndicate members based on what has ‘accumulated’ at the end of a one week period. Hang on! OZ Lotto is played once a week on Tuesdays. Then they say where winnings ‘reach or exceed €10 per member during the period’ winnings are paid immediately. But it doesn’t say how winnings will be paid, whether there is a fee and/or by what method do you get your money.

Terms & Conditions

There aren’t any terms and conditions to refer to or any FAQ. There is simply an ‘OZ Lotto Syndicate Agreement’ that is supposed to spell out how the syndicate works. Membership for the syndicate is for a one year period (52 weeks) and there is no way to opt out. Then again, you have only paid €10 for a whole year of play. But what if you do want out?

What Else at Lotto Syndicate?

That’s when the team started wondering why are they doing this? There is no information on the total members plus the ratio of players (members) to actual tickets is poor. That’s when we started looking at the partners. Free Bitcoins is through QoinPro which once you register adds free bitcoins each day. Really weird. Viabuy is a prepaid Master Card that works by pre-loading it with money. The only thing we could figure out is that once you are registered, the partners get to start sending you offers, promotions, and other marketing material. Not one person on the team would give it a go!

Who Are They?

The syndicate manager for is Palmbird Holding Ltd., a company in Switzerland. There are no phone numbers or a snail mail on this site. There are an online form and one email address. We did find a snail mail address on one of the partner sites.

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The Bottom Line at

Folks, you’ve all read about the things that we consider are minimum requirements for playing with an online lottery provider. These folks don’t come close. It’s a very strange site made even weirder by their choice of pictures – I mean an elephant walking a tightrope, a man sitting on a peak with a coffee and an umbrella over money.


It’s a Syndicate within a Syndicate


It’s a Syndicate within a Syndicate

No Terms & Conditions

10% Shared with How Many People?

These folks get a thumbs down. It has all the smell of promotions and marketing site that is going to invoke lots of emails and spam. We’re not saying they’re not legit but definitely not something our team is going to touch. If you do play here and have had success, do let us know!

This Lottery Agent Is Closed

  1. Okay – this was interesting. I popped into check out this site as I’m looking around for a syndicate and it auto popped me to – guess they’ve bought out the site. Nice to see consolidation in some of the weird and wonderful sites hopefully into reliable providers.


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