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LottosVIP Exposed — A VIP Experience This One Is Not

LottosVIP Exposed

LottosVIP Review

Being VIP – it’s something we’ve all dreamed about, isn’t it? VIP means sophistication, exclusive access, being posh, and drowning in luxury. These are the sentiments that LottosVIP is trying to provoke through the name of the operator.

How VIP of experience does LottosVIP provide, however? That’s what we’re about to find out together by examining the characteristics of this international lottery operator and the games it has to offer.

Is GiantLottos a better lottery service than LottoVIP?

Games at LottosVIP

As per the original advertising slogan, LottosVIP allows you to enhance your odds of winning by buying many tickets at a fraction of the original price. This sounds like an interesting premise but is how the operator works that lucrative?

This offer applies to only some of the lotteries featured in the LottosVIP portfolio. At the time of writing (June 2019) there’s a Mega Millions bundle of 50 tickets for 6.7 euros, a EuroMillions pack of 50 tickets for 9.8 euros, and a Lotto Australia Powerball ticket offering 52 for the price of 2.8 euros.

Once you click on the offer, however, you find out that it refers to group play. You get to choose the number of shares out of the bundle that you’re going to get. When you visit the individual offers, you find out that the prices aren’t as low as they’re being advertised on the homepage.

Other than this supposedly “affordable” choice, you also have the option to buy standard tickets for various lotteries.

Some of the lotteries available through LottosVIP include SuperEnalotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, SuperLotto Plus, Oz Lotto, Australia Powerball, La Primitiva, Eurojackpot, UK Lotto, El Gordo, BonoLoto, Saturday Lotto and various others.

Let’s check whether the tickets are reasonably priced.

The cost of an Oz Lotto ticket in Australia is slightly over one Australian dollar (0.61 euro). If you want to get your ticket through LottosVIP, you’ll have to spend 2.70 euros. Hence, the commission is a pretty hefty one, and there could be much more affordable options out there for the acquisition of your international lottery tickets.

Getting Your Winnings with Lottos VIP

It sucks that the FAQ section of LottosVIP doesn’t answer some of the most pressing questions like how payouts are handled.

It’s also challenging to come across genuine reviews of the service. Since LottosVIP has an affiliate program, many of the reviews out there are fake and written to get people into giving the operator a try.

We did a bit of digging around, and we’ve identified the primary payment methods available via the platform as Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and several others. These are the ones you can use to fund the purchases of your lottery tickets.

When you go to the withdrawal section of your account, you are given a chance to enter the sum you want to cash out and the reason (!?!) for cashing out. There’s no field for choosing the withdrawal method.

Once you go to the terms and conditions, you’ll find out there’s a minimum of 25 euros you will have to reach to withdraw money from your account. As per the terms and conditions, the cashing out can only be performed in the same way that was used to deposit funds into your account.

Who Can Play at

LottosVIP is an international online lottery operator. When buying tickets, you have to be mindful of the national regulations in the country where the respective lottery is held.

The website recommends players aged at least 18 use the operator’s services legitimately. Keep in mind, however, that some countries have a minimum age of 21 for playing the lottery. Thus, you will need to check the specific restrictions that apply to a particular game. Otherwise, you may find yourself incapable of cashing out a bigger prize (for example – a jackpot that needs to be cashed out in person).

Who Is Behind LottosVIP?

The about us page of the LottosVIP website suggests that the site is the creation of Safe Global Payments Limited, an entity registered in Malta. There’s also a support email (support(at) you can use to send out a request and get a bit more information about the online operator.

LottosVIP supposedly has offices in the US, Australia, and Europe to offer better customer service. These offices are also supposed to assist the winners with claiming their prize amounts. There are two phone numbers provided for inquiries. The UK phone number is +44-2080-894749, and there’s also an Australian customer line available at +61-261907930.

Safe Global Payments owns a relatively significant number of lottery-related websites apart from LottosVIP. LotteryClub and LotteryMaster are two of these websites. When you look at these platforms, you’ll find out that the design and functionalities are the same as those of LottosVIP. Even the range of lotteries being offered is more or less the same.

Thus, we have some questions about why one company would need so many lottery operator websites that do the same thing. Why is there so limited information about the company behind the developments (when other operators aren’t that secretive)? While these may be more or less minor questions, they still speak of the lack of transparency linked to the operation of LottosVIP.

Other Bits and Pieces

Probably one of the most outrageous LottosVIP features is the so-called VIP package.

What’s a VIP package you may ask? That’s exactly what we’d like to find out.

While a thorough description isn’t provided, this seems like an opportunity to enter a syndicate for one of the lotteries available through LottosVIP. The prices, however, are outrageous. The Euro Millions VIP package is set at a modest 595.37 euro.

Supposedly, this syndicate is going to buy 2,864 tickets through member contributions. However, a prize isn’t guaranteed. You may end up spending nearly 600 euros and claiming a tiny little portion of one small award that does not compensate you for anything.

There are also American and Australian VIP packages that operate in the same way. The most “affordable” option out of all is the American Dream 4 package which will cost players 237 euros.

These are the main selling point and the one key product developed by the platform. If you are into syndicate play, however, you already know that many other options exist. Most of these syndicate play options offer a lot more flexibility and cost-efficiency than LottosVIP.

A final thing to mention and to end the review on a positive note is that LottosVIP does have some stable security features. The website is encrypted and backed up by the right certificate. Authentication is also used to make sure both the personal and financial information of the members is kept safe.

Why You Should Register with LottosVIP


There is a fair selection of lotteries from the US, Europe, and Australia

Multiple payment methods are available, simplifying the process of buying your tickets

You can choose between individual ticket purchases and group play

The prize can be withdrawn at any time (as long as you meet the 25-euro minimum)

All of the prizes, apart from jackpots, will be credited to your LottosVIP account

There are several bonuses available (a one-euro signup bonus is charged to a player’s account after the completion of their registration, and there’s a 10-euro bonus for a 200-euro deposit made by the player)

This is where the good things end.

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LottosVIP


The commission charged is very high in comparison to other operators

There are group play (syndicate packages) that are exceptionally expensive

LottosVIP relies on some false advertising on their homepage (you have to dig deeper to find out exactly how much the ticket bundles cost)

A limited range of lotteries is available if you’re interested in some more intriguing international picks

LottosVIP has an affiliate program, which means that many of the operator reviews are false or financially-motivated

Would you mind rating

Is LottosVIP Legit?

Is LottosVIP worth a try? That’s questionable, and the answer depends entirely on your preferences, your budget, and the experience you have with other lottery operators.

The range of lotteries available through LottosVIP is relatively limited. If you like the lotteries listed on the website, however, and you’re comfortable with the LottosVIP commission rates, you may want to give the service a try.

There are much better operators out there – you can check out our reviews to see which online platforms offer better services. If you have some experience with LottosVIP, you should share the information with our community in the comments below.

  1. I bought a huge amount in the syndicate group. They lied to me and told me my money was 100% guaranteed for the first round. Later on, they call and said the group is going to double up and I have to double up too, which I just could not do. So I lost everything. SCAM!!! should be taken to court…

    • yip Scammers. I lost a lot of money too. They even contact me 2 weeks back and told me they saw I lost and want to correct me. say in 14 working days they will pay me back a bonus of R30 000. will call and help me to refund and transfer but still O and did not hear of him again. Paul<<<

  2. I am a lottery player for many years. Actually over 20 years, but I always played the lottery in my country in the United Kingdom. I almost every week bought a lottery ticket in my country. In the last few years I did it with all my friends, whom we bought together many tickets as a syndicate.
    Few weeks ago I found Lottosvip, which I started buying syndicate tickets with them. It actually great, as I buy tickets of many other countries, and not only UK. It also much easier, so I do not need to go in the snow and buy tickets 🙂
    As for now, I am very happy with the service they provide me, as I get all tickets’ scanned to my account. and I get all winnings within few hours in my online wallet.
    I buy with them only syndicates, as I did all my life. Now lets wait and see if luck is waiting behind my door 🙂

  3. I like it. Simple, straight forward and very comprehensive.
    I enjoy group tickets, as I believe it gives a lot of benefits.

  4. Hello all,
    I tried playing online lotto with LottosVip and so far they have been amazing. I received a comprehensive demonstration from support guys and started playing within the first hour from registration. And just in 3 weeks, yesterday I had my first winning! Which I withdrew on the same day (but leaving some amount to keep playing, if you know what I mean 🙂 ))
    Not too much, but just enough to take my family on a long-hoped-for vacation for a couple of days. Thanks a lot, Lottosvip and lookin’ forward to more winnings ))

  5. I am actually quite new to online lottery world – just 2 month into playing, but still I would like to have my say.
    Lottosvip is the second lottery service that I played with. And, honestly, I am very satisfied.
    The website is very user-friendly and intuitive. There is also an online chat and the customer care reps are very responsive (regardless of the time, as I have contacted them on various occasions from different hemispheres of our lovely planet). They are always ready to explain what to do next and how to do it responsibly. For me it is a huge level-up from the previous company (do not want to name them as it might be only my experience) and I really do appreciate genuine care from the company. Oh, and I forgot to mention, that I can see the scanned version of my tickets in my account, which adds lots of extra points to their reliability.

    Speaking of lotteries themselves, there is quite a good choice of them on All of them seem to be official government-supported lotteries with huge jackpots, like PowerBall and MegaMillions (my favorite one, don’t know why :)). And I guess, as the chances of winning any lottery are pretty much similar (or even exactly the same, not sure), it is logically better to play the ones with the largest jackpots. LottosVip is on the level here.
    And I absolutely love their group play option when you buy 50 lines of numbers at the same time for the price of one ticket, basically. I find it convenient to buy 4 draws at once and then I am in the game for this lottery for a full month. (Note, that in case you’re lucky, the prize is shared).
    And, lastly, an answer to the obvious question: no, I haven’t won yet, but I believe I will soon, as my friend Laura, who recommended me LottosVip in the first place, won twice in 4 months already. She hasn’t bought a mansion with that money, but a couple thousand dollars can never be extra )) And now she actually believes that the 3d one will be the Jackpot prize 🙂 lets’ see !


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