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  1. Big scam you can’t win a jackpot, you must buy the physical ticket there is no guarantee if you win they will give you the money, big bullshit website big big scam…

  2. best lottery site I have withdrawn 400€ so far from the site

  3. Cannot pay and cannot play, so hard, please don’t waste your time, big scam

  4. So far, so good, but I still don’t quite understand this concept of betting on the numbers as opposed to getting a ticket with said numbers. So, what happens if, say, I hit all 6 numbers on the Powerball ticket I placed a bet on and win and the jackpot is $100,000,000 and yes, I am the only winner. Is an insurance company going to pay me the $100,000,000? It just doesn’t make sense.

  5. cheap price, easy to play, clear website. but I don’t how they paid Prize Jackpot.
    I want to test withdraw a few money. but don’t win any prize to withdraw. hope that, I have a chance

  6. Website is lean and quick. I like!

  7. Due to the fact, that I am from Germany I’m really used to play Lotto6aus49. The advantage of playing with Lottostar24 is actually not mentioned in the review. I don’t know how this is on other platforms but u can play for less – thus I regularly play on that site. By the way… I did not have to fly to Malta to get my Money but on the other hand my wins were less than 500k – at least until know 😀


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LottoStar24 Exposed — Who Is the Insurer?

LottoStar24 Review

Do you like the idea of betting on international lotteries versus actually purchasing tickets? I’m still a bit on the fence on this one. I was looking at and it got me thinking about the ability to be a bit more creative in how players can win does make betting more interesting. At the same time, LottoStar 24 only offers betting on three lotteries. I really had to go have a better look.

Games at

LottoStar24 offers players the opportunity to bet on three international lotteries: EuroMillions, US Powerball and Germany’s Lotto 6aus49. For EuroMillions and US Powerball it is straightforward with players either choosing their favorite ticket line or using a quick pick. There are options on playing one or more tickets, subscriptions charged weekly until cancelled. Multi-draws options range from 1 to 8 weeks, including a choice of playing weekly both games or either games. There is a minimum of €10 to bet on any lottery.

And What About Lotto 6aus49?

Germany’s Lotto 6aus49 is a little different. Pick your regular ticket lines or use quick pick and you’re betting on that game. Towards the bottom there is an auto “Play and win with additional lotteries”. This uses the numbers from 6aus49 plus the bonus to play Spiel77 and the last six numbers to play Superzahl (Super 6). It does add 7 additional profit tiers for the Spiel77 and 6 tiers for Super 6 – of course it costs more money. The weird thing is in their terms and conditions it infers that you’ll be using your chosen ticket numbers but on the order form it stays static suggesting that the number that is shown there is the ticket number for the two additional games.

Winnings at

It looks like what you win on betting is the same amount as offered by the regular published lotteries and deposited directly in your account – well mostly. If you win €500,000 or more, you’ve got to go to Malta to collect it in person. Winnings under €500,000 take 3 to 4 days to get to your bank account. Winnings can be used to lay more bets or transferred to your bank account. Ah, and if a player doesn’t submit the correct documents within twelve weeks of starting the claim, you don’t get your money.

How Do They Do It? uses an insurance company to guarantee bets. The only thing is there is no information their site on who this is. Add to this in their terms and conditions, the actual winning sum could be “reduced” if the insurance company has to pay out to multiple winners.

Who Is

LottoStar24 is owned by Lottostarlet Limited, a company out of Malta. It looks like they have a bunch of different sites for playing the same games the same way. There is a snail mail and email address plus phone number. They do have an auto confirm receipt when submitting a question by email but they don’t seem to get around to answering them.

Would you mind rating

LottoStar24 and the Bottom Line

Okay, I agree that the 6aus49 lottery combo is different and not something that a standard online lottery provider could offer. At the same time, there are a lot of other things that LottoStar24 does not offer that would make me look elsewhere – even if I was into betting on lotteries. There is no information on whether they take commission, who their insurer is and that how business about not getting the paper work correct within twelve weeks really put me off.


6aus49’s Added Play

Betting versus Buying Lottery Tickets


Who is the Insurer?

Only 3 Lotteries

Poor Customer Service

This site gets a thumb’s down partly for the simple fact that they do not answer emails. I mean seriously. It wasn’t that hard a question!

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