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  1. Though these guys offer 16 international lotteries, I can’t imagine flying somewhere for a win that isn’t one of those mega lotteries. Plus it could be a nightmare weaving through the rules and regulations of collection on my own. I’ll stick with online providers that help ya do it!


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Lottosix Exposed — More Questions Than Answers

Lottosix Review

Affiliates and other people who are jumping on the online lottery bandwagon are all fair and good, but there are times when these companies should pay a little attention to the details. uses Lottotech as a platform and though we weren’t able to prove up that they were a clone of another site, it sure looked that way. That’s not saying they aren’t legit, but someone somewhere has to get a little original or maybe this formula works. Let’s go see.

Games at Lottosix offers players a place to buy lottery tickets for sixteen lotteries. These some of those big jackpot lotteries including US Powerball, EuroMillions, and El Gordo. There is no minimum ticket purchase. Discounts are offered for ‘multi-draws’ at 8 weeks/10%, 16 weeks/15%, 26 weeks/22% (which they say is the best deal) and 52 weeks/25%.


Lotto Six offers two combos that are sold at a 25% discount. LuckyEurope offers 3 draws of 3 lines with Euro Jackpot and 5 draws of 3 lines. Ah, but then click on the ‘buy now’ and it suddenly changes both size and price and is quoted for only 1 draw of Euro Jackpot and 2 draws of EuroMillions. LuckyUSA offers 8 draws of 5 lines of Mega Millions and 3 draws of 3 lines of US Powerball. Click on the ‘buy now’ and the deal changes to 5 lines for 2 draws (Mega Millions) and 3 lines for 2 draws (US Powerball). They also seem to get their € and $ a little mixed up.

Loyalty Options at

It does get important – the currency – when getting into Lotto Six’s loyalty programs. Frequent Player Points are earned on each dollar/euro/pound spent. This leads into a User Class/VIP levels, though their thresholds are a lot less than other places. I must confess I had a real hard time getting my head around trying to calculate a subscription discount on top of a loyalty discount.

Winning at Lotto 6

Any winnings under the US $600 (or the equivalent in other currencies) are paid straight into your account. Anything over this amount “we will deliver the winning ticket and the Winner’s claim form to you. All costs for the delivery of the ticket and collection of the corresponding prize will be solely Winner’s.” Okay – they say they will help but why bother when the winner has the ticket. They say that does not take any commission for cashouts and then say there may be third-party fees, commission and/or costs that happen including conversion charges, fees, and commissions.

Info & Tools

Let’s look at their Lotto Info first. Most of the information is pretty well laid out though attention to detail is important. We all know that Spain takes taxes over a certain level – whoops. Lottery results, helpful, maybe. For the statisticians, there is Frequency Lotto Calculator, Lotto Horoscope and Numerology. My Lucky Numbers simply stores your favorite numbers for use in other lotteries.

Special Features that are Not So Special

Auto Pick refers to a ‘magic lotto stick’ that quick pick your numbers. Lucky Pic simply is the same under Info and Tools. Alerts advise the status of your tickets. Multi-Draw is just another word for subscriptions. Subscribe – duh. But my favorite special feature is the Chance-O-Meter. This is a little gizmo in the bottom left-hand corner when choosing your ticket lines that estimate your chance of winning at least something small. The team had a riot bouncing numbers around to see how high we could get it. and Customer Service

Lotto6 offers a UK phone number and email address. Their support team is available Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 20:00 GMT+2 and Fridays 10:00-15:00 GMT+2. That certainly doesn’t sound like they are actually in the UK. But that was one of the issues here. says they are owned by Optimus Media Services UK Limited but we could find no record of who they are, where they are or if they really exist outside of this website.

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The Bottom Line at Lotto Six

There is enough here that says ‘hang on a sec’ and we need more info. Sites like this are supposed to build confidence and not make us ask more questions. I did like their info on lotteries, though there again, there were obvious mistakes. Also, I didn’t get why their social icons are linked to accounts.


Good Selection of Lotteries


No Commission – Maybe


Who Are They?

Where Are They?

I’m Flying Where to Get My $601?

Sorry, this site gets a thumbs down for now. There simply isn’t enough information to confidently play much less provide them with your personal and credit card details! We understand that this lottery service is very young, so we’re ready to update the review.

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