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LottoNow Exposed — You Might Want to Look at the Share Ratio

LottoNow Review

Playing syndicates can be good fun, especially where the share ratio increases the opportunities for winning. That is the big idea of syndicates – more tickets shared between a bunch of people. LottoNow offers six international lottery syndicates. The site is very straightforward with no complicated discounts or VIP points. But, let’s go take a look at what their share ratio is. That’s one of the important parts of deciding where to play a syndicate.

Games at

There are six lottery syndicates that players can opt into. Powerball is played twice a week with 120 shares for 35 tickets at €4 per share. Mega Millions also has a 35/120 ratio at the same buy-in. UK Lotto includes the Millionaires Raffle with 20 lottery lines and 120 shares at €3 per share. EuroMillions and EuroJackpot have 30 lottery lines with 120 shares at €3 per share. Spain’s La Primitiva is also 30/120 at €3 per share.

Lottery Lines in LottoNow Syndicates appears to randomly pick their syndicate tickets. I like that the lottery lines are all over the place and they don’t use a specific system like the same base ticket line with different bonus ball numbers. Players get to see the actual lottery tickets that form the syndicate they are buying into before they click “buy”. They are posted online.

Play It Again Sam

Players can choose either the next draw or (depending on the timing) both weekly draws where that is available. There is no other multiple draw or subscription facility. There are no bonuses for multiple purchases. We’re still not sure if the “out of stock” refers to a full syndicate or that the lottery draw has closed for purchases.

Who Can Play at LottoNow?

The only limitation in the terms and conditions is that people how are a citizen or reside in the United States can’t play. There doesn’t seem to be any other restrictions. Players are responsible for any taxes, etc. that apply in their own country. and Winning

If you’re going to cash out your account, you have to have a minimum of €30.00. LottoNow gets to choose how you get your money though they say they will try and “accommodate” your choice. There is no information on how long this takes and there could be delays due to a security review. They say there is no commission charged, though there might be fees and costs on collecting and sending your money.

Contacting LottoNow is registered in Spain with an email and snail mail address, phone number and “support” pop up window. There is no info on when they are in the office or how long it will take to get your answer.

Hang on – it’s Spain

Speaking of which, we did ask the big question to’s support. Spain takes 20% tax on winnings over €2,500/$3,425. So, the company is registered and operated from Spain, does that mean they take the tax on all winnings. We’re still waiting for an answer.


Make sure you type the website address correctly. If you drop a ‘t’ from the word lotto, you will end up at which is an equal housing opportunity site out of California. This is a lottery syndicate site for six games.

The Bottom Line at

Sorry folks. With a share ratio of 120 to 30 to 40 lines, this just doesn’t work for me. I’m looking for syndicates that offer at least an equitable amount of shares to tickets. Having said that, the buy-in price does make it attractive, but it would take winning the jackpot to make it worthwhile.


Inexpensive to Play

Simple Site to Understand

No Commission on Winnings


Share Ratio

T ax?

Time Frame on Getting Your Winnings gets a thumb’s down. When I’m playing in a syndicate, I am definitely looking for more ticket lines then what is offered here.

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