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LottoNations Exposed — Simple, Understated but Is It Any Good?

LottoNations Exposed

LottoNations Review

If you want to play the world’s biggest lotteries, you should join LottoNations. At least this is what the website’s slogan tells you the first time you visit. Is this platform worth a try, however? The following LottoNations review will attempt to uncover the answer.

As per the About Us section of the website, “Lotto Nations strives to be the most, honest and rewarding online operator worldwide.” This sounds promising, but more than words are needed to support such claims.

According to the presentation, there’s also a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. This sounds like an exciting promise, and we’ll take a closer look at it in the following sections of the LottoNations review.

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Games at

If you are looking for a lot of international lottery diversity, LottoNations is not the online platform for your needs.

As of January 2020, the portal offers only nine lotteries – the US PowerBall and Mega Millions, Oz Powerball, EuroMillions, Cash 4 Life, EuroJackpot, SuperEnalotto, La Primitiva, and El Gordo. While these are some pretty cool lotteries characterized by big jackpots, ticket-buying opportunities for them are provided by dozens of other online platforms.

This brings us to the next question – does LottoNations provide you with any competitive advantage in terms of pricing or ticket buying ease?

We took SuperEnalotto as a random example.

If you are in Italy, you will need to spend one euro on getting your SuperEnalotto ticket. At LottoNations, you will have to spend two dollars on one ticket, which is approximately 1.8 euros. The markup is pretty decent in comparison to what some other online ticket-buying platforms will charge for their services.

Getting around and understanding the specifics of the ticket costs, however, is a little bit challenging. For a start, the chance to buy one ticket is buried, and you’ll have to follow multiple links to get there. The readily available option is buying three tickets, which costs 5.7 dollars.

LottoNations also offers three, six, and 12-month subscriptions. The 12-month subscription for SuperEnalotto allows you to participate in 104 drawings for the price of 156 dollars.

The markup is higher for some of the other games. A single PowerBall entry will cost you 3.8 dollars, taking into consideration the fact that a lottery ticket in the US is available for two dollars.

While the website has a Promotions section, at the time of writing, it was empty and lacked any chances for affordable ticket buying.

Getting Your Winnings with Lotto Nations

LottoNations does have a relatively extensive FAQ section where you’ll discover additional information about how the platform works.

According to this section, smaller prize tiers are automatically and immediately credited to a player’s account after a drawing takes place. For more substantial awards, members of the community will have to get in touch with LottoNations support to get details about the prize claim procedure.

The currently available payment methods are credit or debit cards and PayPal.

These are also the ones used for money withdrawal from a player’s account. According to the official presentation on the website, such transactions are instant, and no fees will be charged for the withdrawal to take place.

LottoNations terms and conditions do not specify any minimum amount for a withdrawal to occur.

Players are warned, however, that sums of more than 2,500 dollars will be subjected to a local tax before being credited to a player’s account or handed in person.

Who Can Play at

LottoNations has standard terms and conditions when it comes to who’s eligible for ticket buying via the platform.

All individuals who join LottoNations need to be aged 18 or older. The website does verify the identity of members, so be prepared to provide evidence that you’re legally an adult when signing up.

Keep in mind that if a specific jurisdiction that organizes a lottery available at LottoNations has a higher age requirement for participation than 18, that age requirement would be the one to apply.

Some countries have regulations against online gambling and online ticket buying. If you live in such a country, you may find out that LottoNations isn’t accessible from your location or that you’re incapable of completing a transaction. Do check out what the local regulatory framework is if you want to make full use of online ticket-buying options.

Who Is Behind LottoNations?

LottoNations is operated by a company called GGS Digital Solutions PTY. There’s a Facebook account linked to the portal, but just 10 people currently follow it, and it was launched in September 2019. The Facebook profile doesn’t provide a lot of relevant information about the entity behind LottoNations.

Upon further research, we found out that GGS Digital Solutions is a company registered in Australia in September 2019. This means that LottoNations is still a relatively young platform that has a lot of growing to do. The age may also serve as an explanation when it comes to the tiny number of available lotteries.

The About Us section of the LottoNations website isn’t very informative either. It contains a bunch of generic explanations and a vision that’s typical for such sites. The competencies and permissions/registration GGS Digital Solutions has are not outlined there.

As far as contacting LottoNations goes, there’s a Melbourne address listed on the website. You can also get in touch with the team via email and phone, which is quite reassuring in the realm of online lottery operators.

Other Bits and Pieces

There aren’t too many distinctive characteristics that make LottoNations a much better pick than other online operators.

One thing worth mentioning is the so-called Syndipal function.

Syndipal allows players to either join an existing syndicate or make one of their own. The purpose of that endeavor would be to improve the overall odds of winning a prize.

The program is mainly created to stimulate the setting up of syndicates and the attraction of new members. The syndicate will receive a 20 percent commission for new members that it attracts to LottoNations. Still, we couldn’t find any information on an existing syndicate and whether such payment has been received.

Does LottoNations Offer Affiliate Programmes?

It’s also essential to keep in mind that apart from this program, LottoNations also offers affiliate opportunities.

This means that websites and online profiles that bring new members to the platform will be rewarded. Whenever an affiliate network is used, it becomes challenging to trust online reviews. Many of them are fake and written with monetization in mind.

Speaking of reviews, LottoNations is a relatively new platform, and we couldn’t find any reviews about the website or about people who have used it to win money. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it speaks of the fact that general consumers prefer well-established and older platforms for online ticket buying.

Why You Should Register with LottoNation


A website that features quite a lot of information

It is established by a registered company in Australia

Members have extensive contact information to access customer support

The site offers ticket buying for some of the world’s biggest lotteries

The markup isn’t that high, and ticket prices are reasonable in comparison to what other platforms offer

A simple prize claim procedure

There is a program for setting up syndicates under LottoNations

There is also a promo section on the website

Multiple payments and withdrawal methods are available

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LottoNation


The site is still very new

It has a small number of international lotteries for players to choose among

There is no information about actual people who have used the service to buy tickets

At the time being, no promotions or bonuses are available

The interface is somewhat confusing and created to prompt the purchase of a bigger number of tickets

Would you mind rating

Is LottoNations Legit?

LottoNations is an ok website for anyone interested in some of the biggest lotteries from Europe, the US, and Australia. At the same time, it doesn’t offer anything spectacularly distinctive which makes it an exponentially better choice than all of the other online ticket-buying agencies.

If you want to give it a try, you can rest assured that the website is not a scam. It has pretty extensive terms and conditions, and it also offers third-party payment service integration. We didn’t come across a security certificate or encryption, which may be a bit concerning. Using PayPal for transfers, however, negates that issue.

Is LottoNations the right platform for you? That depends on the lotteries that you’re interested in and the level of service you want to service. The best way to make up your mind involves visiting the website to check out what it has to offer.

  1. I tried lottonations they offer really nice price for Powerball and I won $4 last week. It’s quite new but the design is really clean

  2. Don’t sign up and play! It’s a scam!!!!

  3. I play power ball every week with lotto nations and find the site easy to use and offers good discounts on subscriptions

  4. I tried lottonations its fast and they have competitive prices compared to other lotteries online


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