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Description: This is a very straightforward site that offers lottery tools to select your lottery numbers for a variety of international games.

LottoMatic Exposed — Find Your Lucky Numbers!

LottoMatic Exposed

LottoMatic Review

Most lottery systems and tools offered online are plastered with statements about the experiences of the people who designed them, what they have achieved, and how they will help you win. Not at! They simply present their lotto tools and list the different ways you can use their systems to help you win. LottoMatic claims that it is capable of increasing the chances to win the lottery by reducing the number of possible combinations. What sets them apart is the fact that they also provide evidence that supports their claim. It is all very straightforward – that is, until you get into the specific lotteries and then look out – this might take a mathematician to understand. and What They Offer has four different levels of membership in using tools to select the best numbers for winning. “Free” membership offers an advanced lotto wheeling system for up to 10 numbers, a lotto number analyzer for up to 10 lotto numbers, unlimited history records for lotto charts and stats, and access to every 9th lottery prediction they provide. They also have a recommended numbers section with several tools that show, based on statistical data, which numbers have a higher chance of being drawn. Oh – and they do say, “ads may show up inside your lotto tools.” Level 1 membership costs $9.99 per month, and increases your wheeling, and lotto analyzer up to 20 lotto numbers. Level 2 costs $14.99 per month and increases both to 25 lotto numbers. Level 3 membership costs $19.99 per month and increases your wheeling up to 30 numbers and an unlimited number in analyzing. Any paid LottoMatic membership means no ads will show up within your lotto tools.

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Lottery Generator/Wheel

An advanced lottery generator/wheeling system is made available by LottoMatic. While it’s not the easiest lottery tool out there, it offers a remarkable amount of filtering possibilities. For those who have the time and do enjoy working/studying the lottery numbers from a mathematical point of view, it’s probably worth a shot. Each feature is linked to a short explanation with examples wherever relevant. Furthermore, a detailed description of the system is linked at the top of the wheeling system page itself.

Okay, it is quite cool to pop into the different ways they have analyzed what LottoMatic recommends as the possible next winning numbers. The top of the page in the list of numbers to pick is a second little number in the corner that says how many times it has been drawn in the last 100 draws. Another popup shows which numbers were never drawn immediately after the latest results. And there is the one showing the hot, cold, and most overdue numbers. Then I started getting lost. There are a bunch of different options on how you are going to choose your system of playing. I don’t think you have to be a mathematician at the same time, deciding whether you are going to filter by even/odd numbers or “key and exclude” numbers were beyond me.

LottoMatic and Customer Service

A link to their “About Us” and “Contact” pages exists on every page at LottoMatic. The contact page contains both the company address and phone number along with links to their social channels where customers can contact LottoMatic. Furthermore, their forum is also linked in the footer of each page.

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It brings a unique aspect to lottery systems

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The Chances of winning big are slim

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Is Legit?

I’ve got reservations on any lottery system or tool though I do appreciate the fact that these guys don’t plaster their site with all kinds of claims and guarantees. At the same time, with the randomness of the whole concept of lotteries, we haven’t found any system that really makes a difference. Some systems can increase the probability odds, and this does look like one of them. I just couldn’t get my head around the different options!

Final verdict: 8 out of 10 stars.

  1. You post too many combinations. It is literally impossible to play them all. I only there was a way to narrow it down even further while still retaining odds in your favor. Sigh. I don’t think it’s possible

    • Noami, it is actually possible to further narrow the predictions. Please look at the prediction filtering options. You will even find some practical examples.

    • Noami, you rated our service 2 out of 5. Could you please let us all know which lottery service would be a 5? So that we have a comparison base…

  2. Looks like the service provides lots of predictions again. It is good for some lottery but not so much for others. Depends on which lottery you play

  3. I like to play the lottery for fun every now and then and always use some sort of mathematics to try to figure out the winning numbers. It took me a fair amount of time to read and understand their number generator for Swiss Lotto. My Ph.D. Degree in mathematics probably helped. Playing tonight since the jackpot is around 35M CHF.
    Anyway, about the number generator, these people must have put a tremendous amount of time and energy to build it. I have a program I wrote a while ago for fun but the filtering options of mine just can’t be compared with those available in the lottomatic generator. The only advantage is that I can wheel all numbers with my program.
    I will be generating about 30-40 tickets for tonight and see what the outcome is going to be. Waiting for the draw is exciting once the tickets are played.

  4. I came across this website the other day and browsed the New York lottery statistics for a while and I somehow ended up on a page that was showing the numbers for last week along with some predictions. To my understanding the predictions were for the next draw so I thought I’d write them down on a piece of paper which I left on my desk. Yesterday while doing some cleaning I found that paper with the New York lottery numbers on it and told my wife about it. She checked the numbers and found that one of them (because I wrote down five sets of numbers) contained four winning numbers. Unfortunately I didn’t play that week though. It surely felt funny and I’m glad it wasn’t all numbers. That would’ve been really crazy lol

  5. I’ve been closely watching their services and used their predictions every now and then. So far I didn’t come across another lottery system to come so close to the jackpot. I am constantly downloading and analyzing their predictions files and found out that the predictions are the same as the ones before the draw. The first time I doubted it but then I read on their forums that they resort the predictions after the results are out. However, one can place the prediction in the original order by using the filters. Now, for someone with a good understanding of lottery numbers however, the number generators are the way to go. I wish lottery software installed on my PC would have such filters as the lottomatic generators. So, al in all, I believe this is a service with a lot of potential.


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