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Lottomania Exposed Review

With a name like Lottomania, this lottery provider is sure to become an instant favorite for all those who live, breathe, and enjoy the lottery every single moment of the day. Moving beyond the obvious, however, what exactly is Lottomania?

Just like other operators, this one intends to enable people to play lotteries from across the world. This is a service provider whose local representatives are responsible for the purchase of tickets on behalf of players.

How exactly does Lottomania compare to other operators and should you be opting for this service over others? Let’s examine some of the essential Lottomania characteristics.

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Games at

When it comes to Lottomania’s best characteristics, this is one of them.

The operator offers a vast selection of games from across the world you can choose from. A quick look shows that Lottomania features ticket-buying options for international favorites like Powerball, Mega Millions, Eurojackpot, EuroMillions, La Primitiva, the UK Lottery, French Lotto, Poland’s Lotto, and various others.

The current list of Lottomania entries suggests there’s a total choice of 15 games to test out. Clicking on each of the entries will reveal more information about the game format, how to acquire a ticket and the gameplay method. There, you’ll also get more information about the cost of the ticket if you use the Lottomania services.

To give you a quick example in terms of prices, the UK Lottery is two pounds or 2.53 US dollars. If you aren’t in the UK and you want to buy a ticket for this game, you will have to spend 4.33 dollars on the purchase. It’s easy to see how Lottomania charges a commission for its service. It’s up to you to decide whether that price is too steep or if you’re comfortable spending this much on a lottery ticket from another country.

Getting Your Winnings on Lottomania

Lottomania has extensive terms and conditions, as well as a FAQ section you can use to check how you can acquire your tickets and what the options for receiving your winnings are.

The list of payment methods includes PayPal transfers, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Paysafecard, Coinpayments, and MasterCard payments. These financial tools can be utilized both to fund ticket purchases through Lottomania and to withdraw prizes you have acquired.

Keep in mind that a minimum deposit amount does exist, and you cannot go under. At the time of writing this review, the minimum deposit amount was set at 10 euros.

Depending on your location, some regional payment methods could also be available. Please check the Lottomania website to find out exactly what possibilities you’re entitled to based on your location.

When you win a certain amount from the lottery, you will have to go to your Lottomania account and make a withdrawal request there. Detailed instructions are available if you’re going through the process for the first time and you’re not sure that you’re doing everything correctly.

All winnings up to 2,500 US dollars are credited directly to the player’s account. Thus, you don’t need anything to receive your money other than visit your account and choose the payment method that you feel most comfortable with.

Players who win a more substantial sum that exceeds 2,501 dollars will have to get in touch with the Lottomania support team. Depending on the lottery specifics, further steps may be required to claim the prize. For more considerable sums like jackpots or second-tier earnings, a player may have to visit the respective country to make a prize claim in person.

Who Can Play at

Since Lottomania is an international portal, it’s open to players from all parts of the world who are interested in acquiring tickets for their favorite international games.

The specific terms and conditions will vary from one lottery to another. You will have to check the requirements in the country where the respective lottery operates. In some countries, for example, the minimum age for playing the lottery is 16. In other countries, that minimum age is 18 or even 21.

Thus, you need to check these conditions carefully before playing. If you win a more significant amount that you’ll have to claim in person and you don’t meet the legal requirements, you may run into some troubles that will prevent you from cashing out.

Who Is behind Lottomania?

Lottomania is an online platform run and operated by White Lotto Limited. The company is registered in the EU, at Kenwood House in the UK.

The company is registered, licensed, and regulated by the laws of Curacao under the Government of Curacao (a license number is also available if you’d like to check out the legitimacy of this entity and the work that it does).

Trying to dig up some more information about White Lotto Limited results in a few other projects that are tailored to the realm of lotteries and betting games. is another portal by the same organization. In appearance and structure, it is very, very, very similar to Lottomania. is yet another platform in the White Lotto Limited portfolio. Surprise, surprise, it does the same thing as Lottomania – even the list of lotteries available for the purchase of tickets is precisely the same one. Finally, comes to the surface, and yep, you’ve guessed it, this platform does the same thing as Lottomania (even the design of the website is nearly identical).

While there’s nothing wrong with having a portfolio of services, a few questions arise about all of the websites in the portfolio of White Lotto Limited. We’d like to know why they are so similar, and why the entity needs so many of these websites.

At the time being, we don’t have an answer to these somewhat legitimate inquiries.

Other Bits and Pieces

We did try to find Lottomania reviews written by people who have used the service and claimed a prize through it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find such accounts. This is one feature that makes Lottomania quite different from the other lottery operators out there.

While the website does have a security certificate, detailed terms and conditions, and other protections in place, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to make a small deposit and give it a try. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with the platform, there are no guarantees that you will receive a payout (unless you test the service on your own and you win a lottery prize).

The Lottomania homepage does feature the nicknames of the latest winners and the sums that these players won from different lotteries. As of June 1, 2019, there’s one player who won 140 pounds from the UK Lottery, someone who won 123 Australian dollars from OZ Lotto, and a few smaller prizes.

Are these people real? Probably! Do we have proof of the Lottomania claims? Not really. Use your best judgment to determine if this is a lottery ticket-buying service worth trying.

The platform offers a good selection of international games, and there aren’t any apparent red flags. Let’s sum up some of the biggest Lottomania advantages.

Why You Should Register with Lottomania


A good selection of European, US, and other international lotteries is available

The ticket-buying process is relatively simple

You can use numerous payment/withdrawal methods, including local services

Sums of up to 2,500 dollars won from a game are credited to your account

There is some localization (prices are displayed in your local currency for other convenience)

The website features encryption and security certificates to protect your private information

There’s information about the entity behind Lottomania and its registration details

Information about all of the ordered tickets is available in the user account

Lottomania also provides the latest results for the lotteries being offered

On the downside:

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottomania


The selection of lotteries is fairly small in comparison to what some of the largest operators have to offer

The price, including the service provider’s commission, is pretty steep (nearly twice the official ticket price)

It’s challenging to find information about people who have used the service and cashed out a prize

The operator behind Lottomania has a few very, very, very similar websites, which is somewhat questionable

Would you mind rating

Is Lottomania Legit?

Lottomania’s website has a clean design and a user-friendly experience that even novices in the world of online lottery ticket buyers will enjoy.

While Lottomania isn’t a scam in our opinion, there may be some better-established online lottery operators out there to test out for international ticket acquisition. We don’t believe you’re going to get ripped off – the service seems legitimate, there are PayPal payouts, and these come with certain protections.

If you have some experience with Lottomania, please don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below. Actual members who have won and cashed out can shed a lot of light on the questions that remain unanswered about this service provider.

  1. Bad site, not a user friendly site, customer support is very bad, no live chat, I will not recommend this site for Indian player.

  2. A good option to try your luck! No problem with payouts! And their support team always trying to help 🙂


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