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LOTTOmania Exposed — Put Your Credit Card Away!


LOTTOmania Review

It would be nice if a lottery software could guarantee winning. That’s just one of the claims that LOTTOmania makes! It’s a system that uses numbers probabilities to identify winning numbers for lotteries based on the frequency that numbers have been drawn before. Most of us understand that simply looking at past results will not guarantee a win even if this is added to the concept of wheeling. But let’s take a more in-depth look at LOTTOmania and what they have to offer.

How LOTTOmania Works

Amid a collection of short videos, LOTTOmania uses past results from lotteries to identify frequencies, draw patterns, statistical reports, and unpopular sequences. They say their software will work for any lottery including some of the mega draws like US Powerball and Euro Millions. It is supposed to work for Pick 4, 5, 6 and 7 lottery games. They say LOTTOmania has “the best wheeling system generator in existence.” Supposedly, once you have identified your specific numbers to play, you can print directly to a lottery ticket. Okay, that is something a little different.

Reading further through their site they use the term “minimum winning guarantee.” Sorry folks, no system in the lottery world can guarantee a win. That is the nature of lotteries. Some systems can increase the odds of winning and many people do believe that wheeling can do it. Wheeling isn’t a novelty and can be an expensive way to play lotteries. LOTTOmania is yet another software based on using past results to guess – yes I said guess – at winning lottery tickets.

LOTTOmania Complaints

My first complaint was the fact that their actual web page site is called which suggests that this product originated from 2000. Given the fact I could find neither positive nor negative reviews, and they have been around that long, I wonder if anyone has purchased this software. I did see one scam allegation at LOTTOmania complaint, but the authors were merely confusing them with another lottery with a similar name.

Is LOTTOmania Worth Your Money?

Put your credit card away right now. Past performance in winning lottery numbers will not guarantee a win. Dubious and downright stupid claims are all over their website, but my favorite one is that LOTTOmania helps eliminate unpopular number sequences. There is no such thing as an unpopular sequence, and all numbers have the same chance to be drawn.

I also found it humorous that they offer “a once in a lifetime opportunity” to buy this software with the “early bird” special of $28 if you purchase it today. Our team popped into the site and found that every day is an early bird special!

Our Unbiased Conclusion

LOTTOmania is merely a numbers software, and if you like jazzing around with mathematics, you could find this entertaining. This software also offers the ability to play dozens of North American and European lotteries so that you might end up linked to a variety of sites making you offers or sending you junk mail. I chose not to find out and put my credit card away. I already feel like a winner!

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