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LottoMagicOnline Exposed — Build Your Pyramid

LottoMagicOnline Review

Have you ever heard about pyramid schemes? This is a business model that people earn money based on recruiting more members. Looking at, it is clear that this is the basic concept of how it works. Agreed – there is an added bonus that you might actually win something. But, Lotto Magic’s information clearly focuses on the way it works and that is to build your pyramid. Want to know more? Let’s go take a look.

The Facts and Only the Facts

Lotto Magic has six types of pools for people to play in. There is a Team Player, Power Player, Mega Player, Team Captain, Power Captain, and Mega Captain. It doesn’t seem to matter which you jump into. Your piece of the pie is 10% of any winnings and/or 50% if your specific numbers (your input) wins.

Lotto Magic’s First Three Levels

Let’s start at Team Player. That’s the bottom of the pyramid for Players get 8 tickets for Florida Lotto at a cost of USD 25 with 10% of the winnings going to you. The next level is a Power Player. For USD 60 a month, you get to participate in both the Florida Lotto and US Powerball with 8 ticket lines each – yes for 10% of the winnings. Lotto Magic’s Mega Player adds Mega Millions and Mega Money to the tune of 4 lottery draws receiving 10% of any wins. Okay – can someone tell me what Mega Money is? This level costs USD 120 a month. In each of these levels, you are joined up with 7 other players. So I guess Lotto Magic takes the other 20%.

Team Captain at

Here’s where the pyramid part comes in. If you are a Team Captain, then you get 50% of your winnings versus 10%. So as a Team Captain (costing you $50), you start off playing your numbers in Florida Lotto but they say you get 50% of any wins versus the player standard of 10%. As a Team Captain and if you have referred members for Team Captain, you get a USD 25 monthly bonus plus 10% of anything they or their referrals win. This seems to go down 5 levels, but I’m struggling to get my head around that one. There is also some sort of referral commission of USD 2 a month, which has nothing to do with winning and everything do to with getting others to join. This costs you USD 50 a month.

Lotto Magic Online and US Powerball

Power Captain (cost of $120 a month) gets 50% winnings of your own US Powerball numbers, plus 10% of levels 2 to 5, plus double commissions from Team Captain, plus a monthly bonus of $60 for each Power Captain you get to join. Oh – and $4 commission for each player in levels 2 to 5.

Mega Millions and

Mega Captain plays with Mega Millions & Mega Money at a cost of $240 a month with commissions doubled, plus every Mega Captain that you refer, you get $120 commission plus $8 commission on levels 2 to 5 on players within that team.

Getting in Touch with Lotto Magic

Office hours are 9:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday and you can connect by telephone or email.’s has an office address in Florida. There is no further info except some ex-employee did post a comment reminding people that playing lotteries is gambling and he’d love to still work there if he was still living in Florida.

Last But Not Least

The piece de resistance was in their FAQ on “Who is eligible to join Lotto Magic”

“The only requirement to claim a prize in a lottery is that you are 18 years of age (and have a winning ticket).”

What a riot! There is no other information on how you get paid when you get paid or what happens to winnings.

The Bottom Line at

Folks, this is an elaborate pyramid scheme where the best way you win is by encouraging friends and others to join. Yes, you could end up winning with the lottery tickets involved, but that’s not the focus of this site and there is no information on how that side happens.


Getting Money Without Winning


How Do I Get My Winnings?

This site gets a thumbs down. The team all agreed that when they want to play lotteries online, they want to know how that works and not get caught up in a payment recruitment scheme.

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