Extra! Extra! Read All About It! LottoLand Joins Our Approved Lottery Agents!

LottoLand Joins Our Approved Lottery Agents

Why Did We Approve LottoLand?

Looking to bet on a lottery, then LottoLand is the place to go. Besides the 29 lotteries that you can bet on, there are all kinds of added value in other ways to play. This is a one-stop shop for betting on lotteries, scratchies, instant win games, and other special features with Rollover Reload and Double Jackpot. This looks like a place to win!

What Does LottoLand Offer?

LottoLand has 29 international lotteries that you can bet on with an added value of Double Jackpot. Simply choose this open and the current jackpot is doubled! Add to the special features the Special Jackpot where LottoLand may simply increase the actual jackpot on a particular lottery. Rollover Reload lets Lottoland reset a mega-won jackpot for the next draw. There are lots of great surprises there!

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Let’s Not Forget the Syndicates

Yes, LottoLand has syndicates for several of the big jackpot lotteries with good odds and share structures. Players have a choice of 1, 2, and 5 shares out of 100. The amount of ticket lines increases depending on what you want to bet.

A bonus of Betting at LottoLand

That’s one of the bonuses of playing by betting on lotteries versus actually purchasing tickets. The other big advantage is that the money is coming from them and doesn’t need to be collected from a specific lottery. This avoids things like tax, which is part of say the US Powerball game.

How Do They Do It?

A big question always asked when players are betting on lotteries versus actually buying tickets is where they get the winning money. LottoLand insures winnings with a private company out of Gibraltar. That’s their guarantee that you will receive what you win! They also do not take any commission on winnings.

What Else at Lotto Land?

If you’re into winning different ways, LottoLand also has Cash4Life (that’s £1,000 a day for life), scratch cards, and instant win games like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. Check out the KeNow game that allows players to bet for up to £1 million every 4 minutes. Stay tuned as they seem to be continually adding more and more.

LottoLand Promotions & Bonuses

New players receive a free line bet on the mega lottery EuroMillions or an equivalent priced lottery. Regular customers benefit from ongoing retention bonuses (meaning you regularly play), buy one get one free offer, and other discounts depending on the lottery and how much you play.

Talking to LottoLand

If you want more information on promotions and bonuses, live chat is available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 10:45 pm, and Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. They are very helpful and don’t push the threshold on signing you up. LottoLand is owned by EU Lotto Ltd. out of Gibraltar and is officially licensed. Besides the live chat, there is an online form, email address and phone number – and they answer it!

LottoLand’s Bottom Line

It’s hard not to like these folks, especially the fact the only taxes that come into play (pun intended) is what you need to pay in your country. The winnings are not affected by taxation from the lottery as this is not getting lottery tickets but betting on the results.

To sum up, among the pluses of LottoLand is no commission, no taxes, a Double Jackpot feature, good syndicate ratios, good live chat.

We found only one serious minus – it’s hard to decide what to play!

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