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Lottogopher Exposed — Pass if You’re Not a Cali Resident!

LottoGopher is a lotto messenger service founded in 2007 and licensed to do business in the state of California. Transactions processed by LottoGopher UK Limited, Penfold Trading Estate, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD23 4YY United Kingdom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Galaxy Group. The LottoGopher headquarters is placed at 4311 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 400, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA. You can contact LottoGopher by the email address provides access to three Californian lotteries: Mega Millions, Powerball and Super Lotto Plus.

Lottogopher Review

Calling yourself a “social network website that allows you to easily order lottery tickets online “should be an oxymoron. Oh sorry, an oxymoron is a phrase that contains two contradictory words that are used together for effect. In this case, I draw your attention to ‘social’ and ‘order’. There is no question that is a site that links into a social network and does provide access for purchasing lottery tickets for a membership fee if you live in California. They only offer three lotteries at this time: – CA MegaMillons, CA Powerball and CA’s own SuperLotto Plus. The blonde that is supposed to provide customer service needs to get a life.’s Membership

This is a site that offers a membership to purchase lottery tickets on behalf of players. They have two options with either signing up monthly (cost of $12) or annually (the price of $99). With a membership, will purchase tickets on your behalf at face value ($1), access to public and private lottery pools, lucky number pickers, lottery analytics tools, and online account manager. At this stage, provides access to three lotteries. Tickets can be purchased one-off or through a regular subscription. That does make sure that a player doesn’t miss a draw with their favorite numbers.

Lottogopher Winnings says the winner takes it all. If the win is under $600, then the money is directly credited to your account within 24 hours. If you want your cash, this can either be sent to you by check (mailed within 48 hours) or credited to the credit card originally used. For winnings over $600, there is an official form to complete. For any jackpot win, will arrange for the ticket to be transferred to you personally. Keep in mind for winnings over $600; taxes are the responsibility of the winner at 6% for the State and 25% for federal. All winnings are collected based on a lump sum option.

Who Can Play at

Foreigner’s federal tax is not applicable here as it is clear that playing through this site requires a person to be a California resident! Players also need to be 18 years of age or older. Though California lotteries provide for playing from anywhere, this is not a site that allows it.

Customer Service at

May I take a minute to roll my eyes! I clicked on the blonde who hovers in the corner of your screen and then got distracted. Ten minutes later, she was asking if someone has seen her coffee. Then she started singing ‘Luck Be A Lady Tonight.’ has this interactive avatar that talks and walks and stalks the computer screen. Once I turned her on, I wasn’t sure how to make her stop. They do offer an email address and a toll-free telephone number, but you better live in California as it doesn’t work from anywhere else. Though these folks do operate under the laws of the State of California, they could be anywhere as there is no snail mail address. Okay, they are located in West Hollywood in California, but that took some real digging to find!

Lottogopher Customer Complaints

There doesn’t seem to be (and they claim this on their site) any complaints regarding There was a strange article on the fact that Florida residents were being offered the chance to play US Powerball through this site, though’s site underlines players must be from California. There is no question that laws are a little gray regarding online play, and it is good to point out that anyone can play lotteries in California – don’t do it here if you aren’t a California resident!

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The Bottom Line at Lottogopher

If you are a California resident, this seems like good value for getting lottery tickets without having to leave your home. doesn’t charge beyond the membership fee for facilitating your lottery tickets, debiting your credit card, or crediting your winnings.


Membership Means No Fees Per Ticket

Winnings Belong To You

Lots of Ways to Play


ONLY for Residents of California

ONLY Three Games to Play

The concept of buying through a membership versus a percentage add on for lottery tickets is very attractive especially if you are an avid player. The challenge is, there is a heap of laws to work through that is still currently in the wind plus many of the US State lotteries are steadily trying to set up their play online. has indicated they want to replicate their California set up in other states. It will be interesting to see what they do.

This Lottery Agent Is Closed

  1. We are just now starting the initial phases of a class action lawsuit against LottoGopher. Customers not able to recoup their winnings, obtain refunds for yearly memberships, and a deafening sound of no information or responses from the company. Respond here if you are interested in joining and have stories to share with the legal team!

    • I possess evidence of fake and altered lottery ticket images sent to me by in 2108, and personal communication from it’s CEO that documents fraud, gross negligence, misrepresentation and false advertising, all of which was sent to the BBB in 2018. Please have Class Counsel contact me so that I can join as a Class Plaintiff.

  2. I was able to purchase tickets and since last Oct or maybe Nov of 2018, I am not able to purchase online. There is supposedly a problem with the system. When I was able to get someone on the phone they told me the problem was being worked on and it should be done within a month, well that was last year. I have called, email so many times, I am so annoyed. I have credits that I want to be refunded to me

  3. More than six months ago I have won maybe not a big amount of money, but enough for me to want to withdraw those funds. Due to unidentified reasons, I was not able to make a withdrawal so I have decided to spend the winnings on purchasing tickets.
    Suddenly this did not work anymore.
    “we are unable to accept any orders at this time”
    Ever since November of last year it seems that is no longer possible to purchase tickets on their site. after 32 emails and complains sent, they still have not replied me back
    A search in the Internet has proven, that this is not the only case of fraud
    I have also had charges from them for purchases I did not made suddenly my credit card was charged with huge amounts.

  4. I purchased a 1 year membership and I haven’t been able to make purchases for about half a year now. I asked for a refund but they failed to respond. I don’t think I’ll ever get my money back.

  5. I have been denying e-mails for 3 months and no replies. I would still like to talk to someone there like Javi Rodriguez…..


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