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LottoFun Exposed — For South Africans in South Africa

LottoFun Review

Playing South African lotteries is simply a click away says LottoFun. Okay, they, actually say ‘winning millions’ is simply a click away. is an online and SMS lottery provider for South African lotteries and sports betting. Though they do offer the online service, much of their site is orientated towards using SMS to buy your lottery tickets. I did like their little Blinky character on their home page – he’s cute!

Games at LottoFun

LottoFun offers three lottery games – Lotto, Lotto Plus and Powerball. All are rollover lotteries and seem to climb up to some pretty big numbers though keep in mind they are in Rand (about 10 Rand to the USD). These aren’t mega lotteries like US Powerball or Mega Millions, but winning is winning! also offers betting on football games. They add a 15% flat service charge for all plays, and there are banking fees to transfer winnings to your account (no idea how much).

Who Can Win?

Reading through’s Terms of Use, the only stipulation seems to be that you have to be 18 years of age and accept their rules and regulations. Then you get into the nitty-gritty. Any winnings can only be transferred to a South African bank account. Go one further – registration involves entering a South African ID card and a South African mobile phone.

Customer Service at

It’s evident that this is a site designed for South Africans to play South African lotteries. Their Game Guides is in four languages – English, Afrikaans, Sotho, and Zulu. I found it weird that their Terms of Use is only in English. There is no snail mail address, no online form or email address. There is only a phone number to call and a link to the latest National Lottery news. I guess some people could think of a phone number as a live chat.

Who Is Lotto Fun?

It appears they are owned and operated by Ligonda Technology & Telecoms in South Africa, which has been around since 2006. They are a pretty big company that specializes in eCommerce and mobile solutions. It’s a shame they don’t put their direct contact details on the Lotto Fun’s site.

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The Bottom Line

Lotto Fun is an online and mobile phone lottery service provider for South Africans in South Africa. Oh – and they do offer football betting. Overall, the site seems to be more tailored for SMS lottery players than online, but then again, maybe that is indicative of the fact more people have mobile phones than computers – in South Africa.


Online & SMS

Clean Site

Flat Service Charge


Only South African Lotteries

Just for South Africans

These guys do not get a thumbs up or thumbs down. The site looks pretty clean, but it’s only for South African lotteries, and I like to play more international lotteries. Well, that and the fact is I’m not South African and can’t play here!

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