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LottoByText Exposed — Full System Scan Is Required!

LottoByText Review is a very busy site. I must confess I was totally sidetracked by the guy with the sideburns, especially the fact he was popping in my face with the ‘you could be THE ONE in 4 in jackpot winners. is a lottery service provider through text or online play for UK National Lottery and EuroMillions syndicates. Okay – so how can I be ‘the one or do I want to?

The Games at initially offers 5 free lines of a EuroMillions syndicate or National lotto lines. They are clear on the fact that after the 1st draw (your free lines), you will get 15 syndicates lines (5 syndicate lotto lines for Wednesday & Friday’s lotto, and 5 syndicate lotto lines in either Tuesday or Friday’s EuroMillions) at the cost of £4.50 per week. In going for the free five, you’ve signed up for a subscription. Syndicates are limited to 49 shares though it took live chat to find out that info. There is one more thing, though. In chatting with their online help, the syndicate only gets 1/4 of any jackpot.

24Lottos or LottoByText? Which has more rewards?

What Is a Subscription?

A subscription is a regular delivery of a service. Most of us identify this will newspapers and magazines. In this case, you have authorized to charge you weekly for your lottery subscription. This continues until you send them the word STOP (in the case of texting on mobile phones) or cancel the payment by contacting your Credit Card/PayPal/Debit Card provider and then tell

Complaints at

I don’t usually jump right into complaints when doing a review, but this time it is hard not to. Once a player has signed up, it appears the charges start happening very quickly. There is some question about whether the system automatically signs a player up for the £1.50 or £4.50 weekly option. If you’re not paying attention to your mobile phone (it’s upstairs on a charger or turned off), it can start adding up pretty quickly. If you’ve joined online, then it’s time to start monitoring your method of payment.

More Complaints

It also appears that though sends the lottery lines of the syndicate to you by mobile phone, they don’t indicate the date of the specific draw. Several sites say they randomly target people who have no idea why they are receiving texts but get charged for them.

What Else to Worry About at

PhonepayPlus, a UK mobile phone provider, has launched an investigation on Bitstacker Ltd. (owner & promoter of as well as four other companies as a result of “evidence had emerged that each had been marketed through ransomware-style browser lock-in tactics.” I won’t get into the technical aspects of what this is except to say it appears it is a form of malware known as ransomware that locks consumers’ Internet browsers and forces them to interact with online offers and/or pay a ransom to unlock the computer. pointed out that the use of ransomware isn’t being done by them but by hackers from anywhere. They also clarified that this is being investigated, and they look forward to the results. This could happen to any site by anyone, and it’s important to protect your computer.

Who Can Play

Players have to be over the age of 16 to win plus, be the confirmed owner, have a mobile phone or email account, and that the card (payment method) or mobile phone has not been reported lost or stolen.

Monthly Lucky Draw

Buried in the small print at is that only residents of the UK can win the monthly draw/sweeps/lucky dip. They say they do a free monthly draw including all syndicate participants as long as they have used their service for 4 consecutive weeks or spent a minimum of £18. They don’t say when this takes place, and the prize is some form of shopping voucher (this month is Amazon) in the amount of £300.

Customer Service at

Though does offer a live chat, they are slow to answer and ignore questions. They do offer snail mail and a free phone number to contact them, and an email address.

Why You Should Register with LottoByText


 Good Size Syndicates

Players Don’t Miss A Winning Chance

Don’t Need a Computer – Just a Phone

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LottoByText


No Evidence of Payouts Except on Their Site

Many Complaints on Charges to Mobile Phones

Only 1/4 of any jackpot

Would you mind rating

Is LottoByText Legit?

Besides the fact the payout isn’t great (and there were complaints online that they didn’t actually payout), there is enough noise about the parent company that our team got nervous and quickly started running a full system scan of our computers.

 If you do decide to play, we’d recommend that anyone in the UK keeps an eye on their mobile phone for notices, does not respond to free offers, and definitely contact their provider if they start getting charged for anything that they haven’t personally authorized! There are many trustworthy lottery service providers available, so make sure you are sure about who you are playing lotteries with!

  1. I currently subscribe to the ‘by phone’ version of this service. I considered joining the ‘by web’ version, but found that when you are required to give card details a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is not used. I contacted them but got nowhere.
    I refused to join due to this insecurity. Think I might send STOP to them now.

  2. HI Folks,

    We’ve updated this article with the feedback we’ve received. We welcome all comments and information especially if you’re a player at this site. We especially like to hear when people win! Nick

    • hi un happy taking you guys to court..bought so many tickets. no raffles. on any ero. you guys are scam. i want my refound of 346. pounds. including police charges.and compesation..of 4000.penalty aplyed.this is not a prank .!!

    • I can’t seem to login the site won’t load up going to cancel my subscription if I can’t login by tomorrow.


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