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Lottobooking Exposed — Don’t Look for Lottery Tickets! and Betting Versus Purchasing Lottery Tickets

Looking at, the old question of betting versus owning tickets again came up. is an online betting site for six lotteries plus three syndicates. All of that is pretty straightforward and the syndicates are clearly outlined. What the team couldn’t agree on is the whole concept of betting on lotteries.’s Games

Lotto Booking offers six lotteries for individual betting – US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, Italy’s SuperEnalotto and Germany’s Lotto 649. Players can bet on one through an unlimited number of lines. Subscriptions are available from 2, 4 8 and 52 weeks.

Betting on the Boosterball

For each individual ticket, offers an added “extra layer of excitement”. Click on the Boosterball under each of the individual betting (otherwise known as tickets) lines and pick three Boosterball numbers. Then make your bet ranging between €1 through €10. The amount that can be won depends on what you bet up to a total of €10,000.

Syndicates at Lottobooking

Lotto Booking offers three syndicates. Euro Combi combines 55 lines twice a week of Euro Millions and 45 lines of Euro Jackpot once a week, with a total of 88 shares. US Combi combines US Powerball with 15 lines and Mega Millions with 35 lines, twice a week, with a total of 93 shares.’s VIP World combines Euro Combi, US Combi, 85 lines of SuperEnalotto and 10 lines of Lotto 649 for a total of 530 lines with 133 shares. Their system is the same numbers with different combos of power/bonus balls.

Winning at Lotto Booking

Most prize categories are pretty straight forward with Lotto Booking matching the published prize levels – except the jackpot and next two prize levels! If there is one winner at and no jackpot winner in the official lottery, Lotto Booking pays out the full published amount. If there is one winner with Lotto Booking and two winners with the official lottery, then pays out 1/3 of the published amount. If there is two winners with Lotto Booking and no winner with the official lottery, pays out 50% of the jackpot to each winner. Does that sound confusing? You have no idea how many times we read this through to make sense out of it.

Getting Your Winnings

It appears doesn’t take any commission or fees except the usual transfer costs to send you your winnings depending on what you’re using. They do mention taxes come off the top where applicable. Of course, one of the questions is ‘how do I know I will get my winnings’ – I mean there are no tickets purchased. mentions the word ‘insurers’ once in their terms and conditions but do not elaborate on this. Usual, what these betting sites do is insure any of the larger wins with an insurance company to ensure they can payout the jackpots. We were surprised this isn’t better explained here especially given they have other sites that do.

Why Is This Starting to Look Familiar

There is enough different about this site that the team didn’t pick up initially the similarities on two sites previously reviewed called and It wasn’t until they got into the Terms and Conditions that the name Kootac N.V. came up. This is a company based in Curacao and is the operator of Kootac Trading Ltd handles their payment and customer service, a company registered in Malta. Both companies have snail mail addresses but no phone numbers. There is an email address and facebook contact page. Don’t look for live chat – it’s not there.

The Bottom Line at

Once again the old question of betting versus actually buying tickets rears its ugly head. I guess when it comes down to it, winning is winning and in some ways maybe collection of those winnings are a bit easier through a betting site. Then again, I think there might be tax obligations that might kick in, in some countries even for what would usually have been a tax free lottery. A player might get the face value of the tax free lottery but then have to pay tax on the amount as income.


No Commission

Boosterball extra

Clear Syndicates


Betting versus Lottery Tickets

Curacao & Malta?

No Phone Numbers or Live Chat

On a personal level this site gets a thumbs down but there is nothing to suggest it is not legit. I just personally like to know my tickets are out there even if it is only a scanned copy. The rest of the team is still arguing it out on the issue of real tickets and betting.

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