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Lotto Booking Exposed — Now .IO

Lotto Booking Review

Betting on international lotteries can be exciting as there is more flexibility on what the online provider can offer. Looking at, it seems they have mirrored the tiers of official international lotteries. They offer betting on 12 international lotteries plus a bunch of syndicates. They’ve rebranded and made a few changes, so what are they?’s Games

Lotto Booking offers twelve lotteries for individual betting – US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, Italy’s SuperEnalotto, Germany’s Lotto 649 and have added Oz Lotto, Aussie Powerball, NZ Powerball, Irish Lotto, Mega Sena and Gimme Five. offers a buy one get one free. Multi-draw is available with discounts of 4 draws/4%, 8 draws/10%, and 26 draws/15%.

Gimme Five at

Gimme Five is a fairly new USA Tri-State Lottery game played in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a $100,000 jackpot.

Syndicates at

Lotto Booking offers seven syndicates. VIP World Combo has 20 lines of EuroMillions, 20 of EuroJackpot, 20 of USA Powerball and 20 of Mega Millions with 500 shares. Their World VIP Combo has 30 lines of each of these split between 90 shares at the same cost per share. Daily Win Combo has EuroMillions (10 lines), EuroJackpot (20), Mega Millions (10), US Powerball (10) NZ Powerball (10), BonoLoto (4) and AUS 649 Lotto (10) with 170 shares. Their VIP Latin Combo includes Mega Sena, SuperEnalotto and BonoLoto with a total of 22 lines and 170 shares. Oceania Combo includes Aussie Powerball, Oz Lotto and NZ Powerball with a total of 50 lines with 170 shares. Euro Combi combines 55 lines twice a week of EuroMillions and 45 lines of EuroJackpot once a week, with a total of 88 shares. US Combi combines US Powerball with 15 lines and Mega Millions with 35 lines, twice a week, with a total of 93 shares. There is a minimum of 4 draws to buy in.

Winning at Lotto Booking

Most prize categories are pretty straight forward with Lotto Booking matching the published prize levels – except the jackpot and next two prize levels! If there is one winner at and no jackpot winner in the official lottery, Lotto Booking pays out the full published amount. If there is one winner with Lotto Booking and two winners with the official lottery, then pays out 1/3 of the published amount. If there are two winners with Lotto Booking and no winner with the official lottery, pays out 50% of the jackpot to each winner.

Winning US Powerball and Mega Millions at Lotto Booking

Keep in mind, only pays out an annuity for US Powerball and Mega Millions. That means 30 payments over 30 years. There is no other option at this point. Then there is also the question of taxes. will also deduct any applicable taxes from winnings.

Getting Your Winnings at

It takes 2 to 5 business days to process any withdrawal and can take up to 15 business days for the money to be deposited to your bank account or credit card. There is a minimum for any withdrawal of €150.

Who Can Play at

Residents of Afghanistan, Cuba, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Myanmar, North Korea, Singapore, Turkey, and the US cannot play on this site. It’s also up to the player to ensure that they are in a country that allows betting on lotteries online.

Customer Service offers three telephone numbers in different parts of the world, an online form, and an email address. But besides the spelling mistake in their email address, messages are undeliverable. This is a site registered in the UK and licensed by the government of Curacao. There is a UK snail mail address. There is no live chat.

What Else at

There is a welcome bonus of a money back guarantee if you win nothing on your first bet. There doesn’t seem to be any limit on this though they money can only be used to buy more tickets. There is also a “Hit3” menu which should be to play hit three numbers on the National Lottery and win, but there is an error message “that the page doesn’t exist.”

The Bottom Line at

The syndicate share ratio to ticket lines isn’t great. If I’m looking for a syndicate to play, at a minimum I’d like to see at least the same number of ticket lines to shares. The lack of communication is also an issue. I came up with a bunch of questions with no answers and no way to get answers.


No Commission

Twelve Lotteries to Bet On

Money Back Guarantee on Your First Bet


No Workable Email and No Answer to the Online Form

Syndicate Share Ratio to Ticket Lines

Only Annuities on the US Mega Lotteries gets a thumb’s down. At the very least, there should have a workable email address.

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