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  1. We have had exactly the same experience with
    “Money for nothing” it is just fraud and credit card companies help them!

  2. I signed up to purchase tickets for the 1.5 billion power lottery in the US Jan 13, 2016. This was paid using my visa, the following week they took another visa payment for lottery puchases, i did not know they did this weekly, and i never received any lotto tickets. I contacted Visa and was told to cancel this, I have sent numerous email and phone call as well as talked to these people in person. I was told on the phone that they would cancel the credit card deduction as well as put the money back onto my card, this never happened and they took another payment the following week. Lesson here, “DO NOT GIVE THESE GUYS YOUR CREDIT CARD” it is BS

    • Hello Robert, my name is Diego and I am a Support Manager in Lottobooker, we are really sorry for your inconvenience and we are glad to check that you get your money back, our goal is to give the best service, we sent you a few mails regarding your Subscription and we canceled it in February the 10 as you requested, next time, no need to run to others.. Just contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.
      Kind regards

    • Maybe this would help you –
      Try to play with approved agents…


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Lottobooker Exposed — Let’s Take a Good Look!

LottoBooker is an online lottery service owned by the Fintar1 Services Limited, which is is located at Suite 368, 2 Lansdowne Row, London, W1J6HL, UK. It also could be reached by the phone number + 4420380808663 and email address LottoBooker offers 17 international lotteries and their results. website is available in 5 languages. Every time you purchase a lottery ticket with LottoBooker, you will get a scanned copy of your ticket and a legal document, confirming its number and authenticity.

Lottobooker Review

Playing lotteries online through a provider takes a lot of trust and confidence. On face value, looked pretty good. It’s an online lottery provider where players can play 17 international lotteries and this does include the big ones. But – yes the big but – digging deeper into what they have to offer, the team shook their heads. Let me tell you why.

Lottobooker and Your Lottery Ticket

Reading about how LottoBooker takes care of the security of your lottery tickets, we were undecided whether it is good or overkill. not only purchases, scans and emails your lottery ticket to you but they “hired a legal advisory office to monitor each and every ticket” purchased. Plus, they also tell you – the player – get a scanned copy of the ticket with a legal document “confirming your ticket number and its authenticity”. What do you think? Is this really necessary?

Contradictions, Contradictions, Contradictions

Let’s start with their VIP program. On the main menu, says that for every $2 a player gets 1 VIP point. Click for more details and suddenly it is 1 VIP point per $1, €1 or £1 played. Okay, that’s a better value, but get it right boys (no girl would make that kind of mistake).

And More…

Lottobooker says in their FAQ they do not take a fee or a percentage of a player’s winnings, but jump into their Terms and Conditions and they say “may also be third-party fees, commissions and/or costs incurred in connection with such cashouts (including, but not limited to, conversion charges, fees and/or commissions)”.

Winning & Lotto Booker

Under their FAQ, they say players can get their prize money as soon they win and then says “allow up to 10 days to finalize your winnings and deliver them to you” as a result of processing. And then in the terms and conditions, they refer to “an Insured Ticket” which any winnings can only be available thirty days after a draw – oh, and that is only after all the relevant documents have been filed. So what’s with the term “insured ticket”.

And More…

In’s FAQ, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of USD 25 because of their “online banking providers” but back to the Terms and Conditions, they say there is a commission charge of €10 (or equivalent) for any withdrawal so that’s the minimum that can be withdrawn. Gosh, so that’s what they take as commission – or is it limited to that?

Can It Get Worse

LottoBooker will collect the winnings on behalf of players up to the amount of US$ 600. Anything over that they “may” collect but they don’t have to and you – the player – might have to do it yourself. I guess if you collect your winnings yourself, there is no commission, but I’d hate to have to go to say the US to collect a winning of only USD 1,000 (which after taxes would only be around USD 700).

Who Are They? is operated by a company called Fintar 1 services Ltd. They have a snail mail address and telephone number in the UK, email address and online form. They also show a “live chat” button, but it seems to always default to ‘leave a message’. Given they claim support of “24/7, 365 days a year”, why bother.

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The Bottom Line at

I’m not even going to bother getting into their Chance-o-Meter, Lottery Strategies (all they do is say what not to do), Unique Features Offered or Lotto Tools – definitely a waste of space. I will comment on the Lottery Game Rules section. They have duplicated the rules and regulations for US Powerball in several of the other games and where they haven’t, the sections are blank.


17 International Lotteries to Play


Terms & Conditions and FAQ Contradictions

Commission – how much?

When do I Get My Winnings gets a thumbs down for now. We’re not saying they are not legit, but folks get your site right.

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