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Lotto7stars Exposed — Do You Speak Russian?

Lotto7stars Review

Opening up the site at, players might be a little dumbfounded unless Russian is your native language. It took a bit to notice the little flag in the upper right-hand corner to switch things to English (for me). This is an online lottery service provider that does offer some of the biggest international lottery games. But – ah – you’re waiting for ‘the but’ – the little box that keeps popping up on the right is so annoying and there are problems all over the site caused by trying to set things up in multiple languages. So let’s go look! Site

I get that Lotto7stars wanted a user-friendly site that is targeted towards certain audiences – ie Russian and English. But seriously – their little window that keeps popping up and another sign in the window are in Russian versus I chose English. If you are going to go multi-lingual, get it right. There are all kinds of overlaps and errors that make working through the information a challenge. Plus, I guess we all roll our eyes and wonder at their credibility. We are all looking for a place that is professional to play lottery games!

Games at Lotto 7 Stars offers seven lottery games including US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroJackpot & EuroMillions, Canada’s 649, Italian SuperEnalotto and Spain’s La Primitiva. Players can choose individual lines (pick your favorite numbers or random quick pics), group play or VIP play.

Sharing Play

Group and VIP play is simply syndicates. Group play is a syndicate of 50 shares for 50 preset lottery lines which can be played for 8, 26, 52 or 100 draws. VIP play is 50 shares in five lotteries which can be played for the same number of draws. The weird thing is, I couldn’t find out how many shares are actually parts of the VIP shares; only that a player can purchase up to five shares of the syndicate.

Opting Out of

If a player has subscribed for multiple games (which is the only option in group or VIP play) and wants to cancel his/her subscription, they must send an email 5 business days before the next monthly cycle of the subscription. Okay, I have a problem with this. In most cases, lotteries are played twice a week, so if I take a 26-week subscription, when is the monthly cycle.

Winning at Lotto7stars

The other issue I had is the sum of winnings (that mega jackpot) will be determined by Lotto7stars less charges, fees, and commission but there is no place that this is identified. They say they will simple credit to your ‘User Account’ what you are entitled to receive. I do understand their decision to pay out jackpots only on lump sums (versus annuities) as it would be a nightmare to manage, especially if they were continually taking their commission and fees for processing.

So Who Are They?

Lotto7stars has a snail mail address in Cyprus and phone numbers in Rumania and the UK, plus an email address for customer support. There is no online live chat. There is that annoying little box that keeps popping up from the right-hand side of the pages on the site which asks you to comment, but part of me wonders if it is simply to capture your email address.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

Besides the challenge of getting past the Russian language and the other layout issues that go with working in multiple languages, there is no real indication that these guys aren’t for real. At the same time, there is enough here to make our team a little nervous.


Subscription Play

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Opting Out (you can opt out, but if I take a long-term subscription, when is the “monthly cycle”?)

There are some great online lottery service providers that are clear about their rules and regulations, especially on what they are going to get as part of your mega jackpot win. I just couldn’t get past that one.

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