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Lotto Monster Exposed — This One May Be a Keeper

Lotto Monster Review

Lotto Monster Review

Monster Lotto Inc. – such a fun name! This monster is a friendly one and it allows you to play lotteries from across the world. But how does it compare to other similar services and is it worth checking out? We’re on a mission to answer these questions in our Lotto Monster review.

When you check out the website, you’ll discover it looks fairly similar to the platforms utilized by other service providers in the niche. It’s fairly clean, modern, and intuitive. The quality of the service, however, doesn’t depend just on how good a site looks. There are other important factors, as well.

And since there’s quite a lot to unpack, let’s dive right into the essentials.

Is GiantLottos better than Lotto Monster?

Games at Lotto Monster

First things first, is Lotto Monster a scam? We can assure you that it’s not. If you’ve gone through our recent reviews, you’ve probably noticed there are lots of service providers who don’t buy actual tickets (while their websites make it seem such a service is available).

Luckily, Lotto Monster doesn’t rely on such deceptive practices.

As per the website’s terms and conditions, Lotto Monster relies on agents located within each country represented with a lottery on the platform. These agents are responsible for buying tickets on behalf of Lotto Monster clients.

So, what lotteries are there to play with?

As of now, Lotto Monster offers 24 international lotteries. Some of the entries in its portfolio include Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, SuperEnalotto, Mega Sena, Lotto America, El Gordo, Set for Life, La Primitiva, Oz Lotto, the UK Lottery, Powerball Australia, and others.

How about pricing? We randomly checked Mega Millions to determine how high the markup is. If you’re in the US and you decide to buy a Mega Millions ticket, you’ll have to spend two dollars on it. Through Lotto Monster, the cost of an individual play slip is 3.15 US dollars. As you can see, the company charges a fee for its services and that’s normal. The fee is also fairly reasonable, especially when compared to the cost of buying tickets through some other websites.

Based on this quick check-up, Lotto Monster does offer a service that’s practical and accessible. A good range of lotto games is also being represented, which can be considered an added bonus.

Lotto Monster and Claiming Your Prizes

Please check Lotto Monster’s terms and conditions to get a better idea about prize claims. In fact, this is the one page you should always be examining in detail before subscribing or spending your money on anything.

There are a few essentials you need to know about prize claims through Lotto Monster.

Prizes of up to 2,500 US dollars will be credited directly to a player’s account. The sum will be provided in the currency that the client has said for their profile (usually, based on location). Larger winnings have to be looked into individually before a payment is issued. In some instances, the sum will once again be credited to the player’s account. If there’s another procedure that will have to be followed, the winner is going to get contacted by the Lotto Monster customer support team.

Keep in mind that fees and charges may apply and these will be deducted from winnings before a payout occurs.

In the case of prizes exceeding 10,000 US dollars, a 10 percent commission is going to be withheld. As per the platform’s terms and conditions, this withholding is required to process the payment and cover the related charges.

Once payment is processed and issued, it can be withdrawn from the player’s account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 euros. All of the methods that are available to deposit funds into a player’s account can also be employed to withdraw prizes.

Who Can Play at Lotto Monster?

Lotto Monster is an online lotto service and as such, it makes it possible for people from all around the world to partake in their favorite international lotteries.

Obviously, there will be some limitations.

Players have to be of legal age in order to sign up for an account and use the Lotto Monster services.

There should also be no national restrictions against playing lotteries online. If this is the case in the country where you live, chances are that your access to websites like Lotto Monster could be limited.

Lotto Monster: Who’s Behind It?

This is one of the most important questions we have to answer in our Lotto Monster review. Usually, legitimate service providers give their clients full disclosure and effortless contact opportunities. We’ve found out that services delivered by anonymous entities are a bit more questionable.

Lotto Monster is the creation of White Lotto B.V. The company is registered in Curacao, much like various other similar service providers. It is licensed and regulated under Curacao’s Master License Holder eGaming. The company also has a registered office in Cyprus.

The company was set up in 2019 but originally, it was known under the name Seymour B.V.

When seeking more information about White Lotto B.V., we found out that the company provides a couple of solutions in the realm of online gaming and lotteries. Another website that it operates is LottoPark. If you do check it out, you’ll discover an awful lot of similarities with Lotto Monster. In fact, the two platforms are almost identical carbon copies of each other (down to the terms and conditions).

As far as contacting White Lotto B.V. goes, you’re only provided with an email and an online form. There isn’t a phone number or a hotline you can use to quickly get in touch with customer support.

Other Bits and Pieces

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot more to say about Lotto Monster. Some online ticket-buying platforms offer startup bonuses and other perks aimed at getting people to sign up. At Lotto Monster, you do get something similar. The perk is provided in the form of a free lotto ticket with your first purchase.

Other than that, there isn’t much else to discuss.

Lotto Monster doesn’t offer syndicates or group play. It’s a simple and straightforward online ticket-buying service.

Finally, we tried to come across online testimonials or people who have won some cash by playing lotteries through Lotto Monster.

Monster Lotto Inc. isn’t that popular with lotto players. Alternatively, the service is still fairly new and it hasn’t managed to generate a lot of conversation. There are virtually no online reviews, forum posts, or testimonials about it.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you want to test the website for yourself, you can do so. it’s always a good idea to start out with a small purchase in order to make sure Lotto Monster is reliable. If you’re happy with the result, you can continue with additional ticket buying.

To end the review in the best way possible, we want to sum up the advantages and disadvantages of Monster Lotto Inc. This website has a number of noteworthy benefits:

Why You Should Register with Lotto Monster


A legitimate service provided by a registered and licensed company

It offers a good selection of lotteries from all parts of the world

Ticket prices are reasonable, especially when compared to the terms and conditions other platforms have in place

The simple and straightforward prize claim process

A bonus ticket is available with every first purchase

The website has an intuitive, clean interface

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto Monster


A 10 percent processing fee is withheld from larger prizes

There aren’t additional services like lotto syndicates or group play

Customer support is only available by email

There aren’t actual customer reviews or information about people who have won through the platform

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Is Lotto Monster Legit?

Lotto Monster is an ok website for lottery ticket buying. Hopefully, the information provided in the review above has been enough to give you a clear picture of the offering. The shortcomings aren’t that big and the service is clearly quite a lot better than a good number of competitors. Is it the right solution for you, however? That’s what you’ll have to discover on your own (and if you do, please share your experience with us in the comments!).

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