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Numbers to Pick: 7/49
Days of Draw: Fri
Average Price: $5 for three sets of numbers
Odds of Winning: 1 in 33,294,800

Lotto Max Exposed — Totally Tax Free!

Lotto Max Canada

Lotto Max Review

Canada’s Lotto Max is a fairly new game to the country. Starting in September 2009, replacing what was formerly the Lotto Super-7, the Lotto Max has become one of the biggest jackpot games that Canada has to offer.

Lotto Max Tickets – Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

Drawings for the Lotto Max take place only once per week, a rarity in the jackpot world. Tickets go on sale at 9:00 PM eastern time, and the drawing takes place shortly after.

It’s a fairly expensive lottery jackpot game as you have to fork over $5 for three sets of numbers, and players are charged with picking seven numbers between 1-49 for each set, meaning you’re picking 21 numbers altogether. You must match all seven numbers to win the major jackpot and your odds of doing so come in at a manageable odds rate of 1 in 28,633,528. I say ‘manageable’ odds because the Powerball, a comparable jackpot game based in the United States, has staggering odds of 1 in 175 Million.

Numbers MatchedPrizeOdds of Winning
7 NumbersJackpot or share of 87% of Pools Fund1 in 28,633,528
6 Numbers + Bonus NumberWin or share of 4% of Pools Fund1 in 4,090,506.5
6 NumbersWin or share of 4% of Pools Fund1 in 99,768.7
5 NumbersA share of 5% of Pools Fund1 in 1,583.96
4 NumbersC$20.001 in 71.60
3 Numbers + Bonus NumberC$20.001 in 77.08
3 NumbersFree Play1 in 8.421
Maxmillions (7 of 7) (exact match only)Win or share C$1 million for each set drawn1 in 28,633,528


Maxmillions Adds Unique Concept to Lotto Max

One of the things that separate Lotto Max from some of the major jackpots throughout other countries is their Maxmillions concept. Maxmillions comes into play whenever the Lotto Max jackpot stretches above a $50 Million jackpot. Once this happens, separate drawings take place for every million over $50 Million, in which players can win $1 Million for matching 7 out of 7 numbers. Basically, if the jackpot reaches $55 Million, there would be five separate Maxmillions drawings for $1 Million each and then the usual Lotto Max drawing for $50 Million.

Your Lotto Max ticket can be used for Maxmillions, so there’s no need to purchase more tickets. It’s basically just a concept to give you more opportunities to win, although you still have to match the same amount of numbers as you would win the major jackpot. Man, imagine hitting that $1 Million Maxmillions jackpot instead of the $50 Million major jackpot. That’d be awful, wouldn’t it? I can find room for $1 Million in my wallet.

Is 24Lottos a scam or a legit website for Canadians?

Lotto Max is Tax-Free!!!

One of the great parts of winning the lottery in Canada is that all of your winnings are tax-free, meaning you get to take it all home. Obviously, international players are subject to their own country’s tax laws. Sorry US players looking to sneak in a few more jackpot games.

Who’s In Charge of Lotto Max?

The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation oversees the day-to-day operations of Lotto Max. They are also in charge of one of the other big Canadian jackpot games, Lotto 6/49.

Lotto Max Scam Scene

The Lotto Max, like any jackpot game, has its fair of scams associated with it. The most recent one comes after Tom Crist, a Canadian native, won the jackpot and pledged to give away $40 million of his winnings to charity. Soon after, scammers were emailing multiple US residents going through hard times, claiming that they were Crist and were willing to give $2 million to help get the families through their tough times. The only catch associated with receiving the $2 million was that the families would have to pay $550 for insurance and banking costs. As you would expect, transferring the $550 would be the last contact that the hardship families would have with the con artists.

The lesson I’d hope people would learn from scams like this is always to be skeptical. You gotta be pretty darn gullible to get hit with a scam like this. Do your due diligence before even thinking about sending any money whatsoever. C’mon people!!

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of registering with Lotto Max

Why You Should Register with Lotto Max


Maxmillions provides more chances to win

Three sets of numbers per ticket


Large jackpot winnings

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto Max


$5 Ticket

Only one drawing per week

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Is Lotto Max Legit?

While there are better jackpot games out there, Lotto Max provides an intriguing and unique option. The last time someone won big was in June 2021, and they won the highest jackpot- 70 million USD.

Tickets are an absolute must-have whenever the jackpot reaches over the $50 million marks and forces the extra Maxmillions drawings. Still, I’m going to be sticking to buying them once or twice a month otherwise.

  1. I gave up buying tickets years ago. I live in ft McMurray where a large prize has never been won.
    I don’t understand how you get away with hoarding money up for 8-10 weeks at a time. Giving out 500,000 prizes to one or two people and add 10 million to the jackpot
    How much money do you actually make? Input money to output money? 5%
    And I’m sure some of the employees make really good coin for doing nothing really.. hide a few numbers in the draw so the prize can’t be won and wait till Friday to do it again and again.

  2. The MaxMillions concept is flawed. Beat 28M:1 odds (same odds as the main jackpot) and get only $1M. Most are not won (80% are not won). And a surprisingly large portion of those that are won are split between 2 or more winners).
    The minimum MaxMillion should be $1M even if there are multiple winners.
    Better yet ALL MaxMillions should be divided amongst ALL Max winners. 50 MaxMillions and 10 winners, each should get $5M.

    • In the maxmilions if you have the same numbers as 2 or more players then yes it will be split but if you have different numbers and 2 or more win you will each receive 1 million each 2 people just won the max million in Edmonton each with different numbers and both got 1 million each it was not split up


    They have software that “they developed” that “draw” the numbers.

    So imagine having all the combinations played before running the “software”.

    And even by having it, we have two wait 2-6 hrs to see the results.

    • Max is a game and those in charge of it are a bunch of thieves and swindlers who steal the world’s money. Why not broadcast live on TV. Like on American TV.
      Everyone in British Columbia knows that


    I drive around smaller town in Ontario as part of my job fixing restaurant equipment.
    Every time I happen to be in these smaller town, sometimes if I have extra money I buy Lotto max or 649. One day, I won $1,000 playing Lotto Max. OLG never gave me my winning price since I could not remember where I purchase the ticket. I did not know that I am supposed to know where I bought the ticket. This is something that I was not aware of.
    According to them, since I can not answer the exact location where the ticket was purchase, it needed to be investigated. If they really want to investigate it, the winning ticket will have the location of purchase and time. All they have to do is go to that location, look at the camera and they will see my face.

    It is very hard to win a ticket, the chances is very slim, yet when you win, OLG makes it difficult to claim the winning price. This is not right. This is not fare.

    Federico M. Baena

  5. I have one complaint if the 2 nd prize 6 out 7 plus the bonus wasn’t one why is the 2 nd prize not added up, instead a lot of times it’s less. Why


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