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Poor 2.4 | Reviews (5)
Price: Free to $9.95 per month
Trial: Three-day free trial
Guarantee: No
Description: The odds of winning from a scratch-off lottery change over the course of the game. Lotto Edge promises to provide players with strategic advantage by showing them which lotteries to play and how to buy scratch-off tickets for maximum efficiency.

Lotto Edge Exposed — An Easier Way to Keep Track of Scratch-Off Lotteries

Lotto Edge Exposed

Lotto Edge Review

The word “edge” has an essential meaning – a distinct advantage over other people. Is this what Lotto Edge provides to its members? According to the promo materials, it is.

Lotto Edge is a program designed specifically for the needs of people who prefer scratch-off games over other forms of lottery participation. Supposedly, the software gives members access to an array of strategies aimed at improving the odds of winning a prize.

The odds of scratch-off games aren’t that favorable, and they’re entirely dependent on the number of tickets printed for the respective game. Keeping track of how tickets are distributed and whether the major awards have already been won is a cumbersome, time, and resource-consuming task.

Supposedly, Lotto Edge diminishes the amount of effort required to stay on top of scratch-off lotteries. How exactly does the software accomplish the goal, and is it effective? That’s what we’re about to find out today.

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What Is Lotto Edge and What Does it Do?

Let’s start with the basics. Lotto Edge was developed to help players boost the odds of winning a prize from a scratch-off lottery game. It provides information about game stats and hidden prize trends that can be utilized to base ticket-buying decisions.

Currently, Lotto Edge provides information from scratch-off lottery games in the US. Unfortunately, the only states available right now are New Jersey and North Carolina. A mass expansion to give information on lotteries in other states is anticipated, but the Lotto Edge website doesn’t reveal when such data is going to become available.

We have to give it to the Lotto Edge team – the website looks clean, professional, and modern. There’s also a lot of information about how Lotto Edge works, what its pricing policy is, and how players can benefit from the opportunity. That’s a serious positive change from some of the other software platforms we’ve reviewed. Most of them look amateurish and stuck back in the 1990s. This one makes a good first impression, but to make the review unbiased and useful, we will have to dig beneath the surface.

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, Lotto Edge has three monthly subscription plans.

The free plan gives members limited access to information about one state of choice (whatever that means). The plan features three free playing strategies, a bonus rotating monthly strategy, and detailed game stats.

There’s a second plan costing 4.95 dollars per month.  Both this plan and the other paid subscription come with a three-day free trial. For 4.95 per month, you will get unlimited access to information about one state, more than 20 playing strategies, and detailed game statistics plus estimated current odds, trends, and claim days.

Finally, the most expensive package is set at 9.95 dollars per month. It gives members unlimited access to all available states, over 20 strategies, and the statistical information included in the previous plan.

Members can benefit from discounted rates if they opt for an annual subscription. The plan that costs 4.95 dollars per month is available for 29.95 dollars per year. The most expensive plan is available for 49.95 dollars per year.

How Does Lotto Edge Work?

We created a free account to get a bit of additional information about exactly how Lotto Edge works.

With this account, we accessed the free strategies to see exactly how the platform works to give players better odds of winning.

The free strategies include several quite popular options when it comes to scratch-off lottery games. The first strategy is based on the overall prize payout of the game. It ranks lotteries based on the number of prizes, the total value of prizes, and the amounts of prizes paid/remaining.

When you click on an individual lottery to find out more, you will also see the cost of the ticket, the overall odds, adjusted odds based on prizes already paid out, cash odds, and the overall payout level.

The next strategy is based on the total amount of unclaimed prizes. This one is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Next, free account owners will get information based on overall game odds and the range of prizes (what’s the size of the smallest and the largest payout provided in the scratch-off game).

As you can see, this isn’t revolutionary or brand new. If the information provided is accurate, however, it could help players in a specific state, determine which scratch-off lottery game is worth playing at that exact moment in time. While a payout isn’t guaranteed this way, being strategic about buying tickets can eventually pay off in better odds.

The range of premium strategies is bigger. These are only available with paid accounts. Some of the premium gameplay strategies include a percentage of prize amounts remaining, estimated percent of tickets outstanding, adjusted game odds, the total number of grand prizes remaining, the estimated current grand prize odds, prize last claimed, estimated odds improvement, possible overdue prizes, newest game releases, no grand prizes remaining, etc.

Players can also segment the scratch-off lotteries in the state by the value of the prizes in each prize tier. Thus, if you want only to access lotteries that give good odds of winning 1,000 dollars or more, you can apply the specific filter. That filter, however, is only available in premium accounts.

Lotto Edge Terms and Conditions

When creating a new account, you will have to agree to the Lotto Edge terms and conditions.

There’s a standard disclaimer of liability, which means you cannot hold Lotto Edge accountable for any losses you have incurred due to the gameplay strategy that you chose based on the software’s recommendations.

Also, Lotto Edge warns players that although reliable sources of information are utilized to put together statistics and analytical reports, there’s still some risk of errors.

The terms and conditions do not feature anything, particularly troublesome, that raises a red flag. It’s a pretty standard document, and the same applies to the privacy policy. It outlines how the personal information of players is utilized and how the platform ensures the protection of such data.

Lotto Edge operates under South Carolina laws. The laws of the state apply to all software users, regardless of the location and the legal regulations in their jurisdiction.

Who Is Behind Lotto Edge?

The copyright notice at the bottom of the Lotto Edge website suggests that all rights belong to Lotto Edge LLC.

The Contact page of the website lists a physical address in Fort Mill, South Carolina. There is a contact email, as well as links to multiple social media profiles members of the platform could use to get in touch with the team. A phone number for direct contact isn’t provided, and there isn’t a live chat functionality.

We did a bit of additional research about Lotto Edge LLC, and a LinkedIn profile popped up. The company was set up by Jared James – a certified public accountant. Lotto Edge is described as a data analysis company that aims to provide players with accurate trends about scratch-off lottery games.

Why You Should Register with Lotto Edge


It is a legitimate entity that’s governed by US regulations.

They share a wide variety of strategies to help improve your chances.

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto Edge


Available in just two states

Was difficult to find people who won

Would you mind rating Lotto Edge?

Is Lotto Edge Legit?

There is nothing particularly troublesome or concerning about Lotto Edge and how this platform operates. There are various other similar analytical websites out there that keep track of scratch-off game progress and provide players with suggestions based on such information.

We did look for Lotto Edge reviews to find out if people have won anything by giving the methodology a try. Keeping in mind the fact that Lotto Edge currently provides information about games in solely two states, it’s challenging to come across someone who has used the service and who has won.

If you live in one of the two represented states and you feel comfortable with the Lotto Edge prize tiers, you could give the software product a try. Keep in mind, however, that the information there needs to be updated on a reasonably regular basis to provide you with a bit of an advantage when playing.

Is Lotto Edge the best lottery software out there? Probably not! Is it a scam? No, this seems like a pretty legitimate opportunity to come up with your gaming strategy.

Because of the associated costs and the minimal availability of information at the time being, we give Lotto edge a 5 out of 10 stars rating (which has the potential to improve in the future eventually).

  1. Joined but have not used.

  2. I have Lotto Edge and just compared it to Lotto Play because one of the reviews here mentioned it. Lotto Edge has more information.

    Lotto Edge has up to date (weekly) number of each large prize left, with updated odds. Example: one of the games I like has 2 out 4 top prizes left. It has 2 out of 6 next larger size left. They also include info on how many tickets percentage-wise, are left.

    For the largest prize, $2,000,000, the odds at the start of the game were 1.5 + million. Updated with 2 of those prizes left and the number of tickets left, those odds have dropped to 1+ million.

    The odds for the second largest prize are the same, because there are two left unclaimed.

    Lotto Plays only has info on the percentage you might expect to recoup after playing a number of times. It has no info on the particular prizes. There are no updated odds, no updated info on how many tickets are left or how many prizes.

    I don’t know why anyone would find Lotto Plays better than Lotto Edge, based on that information.

  3. Complete waste of my money and time. What they give is all free online and does not help you much, to begin with. Copied material what a joke!

  4. LottoEdge says they have data for my state (and all states) but they really don’t. They just reorganize what’s already freely available on the state lottery websites. LottoEdge only does secondary calculations that are worth paying for in a couple of states. Their state availability is very misleading. LottoEdge also only gives you access to advanced data for one state when you pay…not all states. I travel for work and I like to play in various states, not just one. I’ll be searching for another lotto data dashboard.

  5. LottoEdge has too much “in-your-face” information. The website feels like a car-salesman trying to sell me. I love lottery data and using it for that extra edge, but I don’t want to be inundated. I want something clean and simple. I’m from NJ and I switched from LottoEdge to LottoPlays. LottoEdge gets 2-stars and LottoPlays gets 5-stars in my opinion from using both.

    • I just received a Website status error: Suspicious when I tried to login into Lotto Play from McAFee:
      This site looks a little risky to us, so we flagged it just in case. Make sure you trust this site if you choose to proceed. Better safe than sorry! I did not go any further.


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