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Lotto 48 Exposed — Online Lottery Provider That Has Multiple Digital Twins

Lotto 48 Exposed

Lotto 48 Review

Lotto 48 is an online operator that gives players with internet access an opportunity to buy tickets for some of the world’s biggest lotteries.

This isn’t the only website capable of providing such services – check out our other lottery operator reviews. How does Lotto 48 compare to all of the other service providers in the field? Does it have unique characteristics, bonuses, or better prices?

We’re about to find out today what makes Lotto 48 unique. Keep on reading the review to find out if this is the website you should be buying your lottery tickets.

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Games at

Lotto 48 offers a decent selection of international lotteries. The complete list consists of 14 games from Europe, the US, and Australia.

EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto, Saturday Lotto, Powerball Australia, La Primitiva, UK Lottery, Oz Lotto, El Gordo, Polish Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto from Australia, and Lotto Zambia make up the complete list of available lotteries.

Let’s take a look at how Lotto 48 prices tickets.

Just like other service providers in the field, Lotto 48 has local representatives that buy tickets on behalf of the players. This is the reason why the service charges extra on top of the actual cost of the lottery ticket.

Let’s take the SuperEnalotto as an example.

The cost of two SuperEnalotto lines, if you are in Italy and buy it on your own, is one euro. When using Lotto 48, you will have to spend 2.15 euros on just one line. As you can see, the cost is significantly higher than what you’ll have to pay for two lottery entries in Italy.

Here’s another example with Australia’s Oz Lotto. One entry in Australia costs 1.30 Australian dollars or 0.8 euros. Your Lotto 48 ticket is going to cost 1.38 euros.

Getting Your Winnings with Lotto 48

The methods for depositing money and withdrawing money from your Lotto 48 account are described in the FAQ section of the website.

To buy tickets, you can rely on several payment methods – credit card, an instant wire transfer, Neteller or Skrill transfers. Bitcoin cryptocurrency payments are also accepted.

As per the Lotto 48 terms and conditions, all prizes of up to 2,500 dollars are automatically credited to the player’s account. For more substantial sums, you will need to get in touch with the Lotto 48 customer support team. There may be an identity verification or another procedure that will have to be completed for a larger sum to be released to you.

Keep in mind that you can withdraw from your account using the payment method that you deposited money with.

You need to have at least 10 euros in your account to make a deposit request.

There are no fees or charges for the processing of a withdrawal request. Your bank or financial service provider, however, may charge a certain sum for the amount to be credited to your account. Check out the local service terms and conditions to determine if you’re going to have a portion of your winnings withdrawn.

A final thing to keep in mind is that the sum credited to your account features a tax deduction — many US lotteries, as well as some European lotteries,  payout prizes minus a taxation amount. If an income tax applies in your country, however, you will be responsible for handling that payment on your own.

Who Can Play at

Lotto 48’s terms and conditions do not list specific limits (age, nationality) when it comes to the people who can benefit from the available services.

General national regulations should be taken into consideration when you’re signing up for an account.

In most parts of the world, you have to be considered a legal adult to play the lottery. Hence, Lotto 48 could check your identity to make sure that you are of the required age. The website’s terms and conditions state that the Lotto 48 team has the right to terminate your account without prior warning if you’re not meeting the conditions for registration.

If you have more specific questions about your eligibility and whether you can buy international lottery tickets via the platform, it may be best to get in touch with the customer support team.

Who Is behind Lotto 48?

Lotto 48 is operated by White Lotto Limited – a company registered in the European Union, more precisely – the UK.

There are a physical address and a phone number provided for the head office if you want to get in touch with Lotto 48 and ask specific questions. You can do so by calling +44 20 8190 0351. Email support is also available if you prefer to write about the specifics of your situation.

White Lotto also has gambling license registration in Curacao – a pretty standard practice for websites that deliver such services. You can discover all of the registration and licensing information in the Lotto 48 terms and conditions.

It’s interesting to point out that White Lotto Limited operates some additional websites that are quite similar to Lotto 48. These include RedFoxLotto, LottoPark, LottoHoy, and several others. All of these websites share a very similar design, and the range of services (as well as available lotteries) is nearly identical.

White Lotto Limited is not affiliated with any of the national lottery operators. It serves as an independent service provider that can acquire tickets on behalf of customers.

All of this suggests that Lotto 48 is a legal service that operates under the right legal framework. Thus, you can confidently acquire tickets and not worry about eventual consequences.

Other Bits and Pieces

So far, so good. The only thing that’s a bit worrisome is the high price of the lottery tickets. Everything else, however, checks out and confirms the legitimacy of Lotto 48.

First, we searched for reviews, recommendations, or complaints about Lotto 48. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. It seems that the number of people using the services of this website, as well as its twin brothers in the portfolio of White Lotto Limited, is very restricted.

Some lottery operators out there also offer additional perks and bonuses (a bonus percentage for the first deposit, a free ticket, free-of-charge online games, etc.).

We didn’t find such features on Lotto 48. The FAQ and the terms and conditions are identical to those of the other websites managed by the company. There isn’t anything distinctive or extra cool about any of these websites.

Finally, the Lotto 48 homepage does feature a list of winner names and the sums that these players supposedly acquired from the lottery they chose. Unfortunately, there isn’t any proof of ticket purchase provided. Hence, we can’t be confident that these winners are real players and users of the Lotto 48 service.

Let’s summarize Lotto 48 advantages:

Why You Should Register with Lotto 48


There is detailed information about the lottery operator, its licenses, physical address, and phone number

Lotto 48 has a reasonably good selection of international lotteries for players to choose among

Multiple payments and withdrawal methods are provided

Bitcoin payments are also supported via the platform

Prizes of up to 2,500 dollars are immediately credited to a player’s account

Results information is available

The website has several language versions for added convenience

Before choosing Lotto 48 as your online lottery service provider, you should also check out the shortcomings:

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto 48


Some of the most reputable online operators have a much bigger range of international lotteries

Tickets are quite expensive

There are no signup bonuses, discounts, or additional perks

Lotto 48 does not offer syndicate play

Money can be withdrawn solely via the method that was used to fund the account

The company that operates Lotto 48 has numerous additional online lottery websites that are identical to this platform

Would you mind rating

Is Lotto 48 Legit?

While Lotto 48 does not feature anything alarming or distinctively wrong, there’s also nothing extraordinary about the service.

The website is clean, well-designed, and functional. There’s a fair selection of games, but if you’re looking for a platform that has developed the ultimate online lottery customer experience, this one isn’t it.

You can give Lotto 48 a try without worrying about getting scammed. Security certificates and encryptions are in place. Reputable payment service providers are also affiliated with this project. Thus, get a ticket or two to see if you like the platform. Lotto 48, however, is undoubtedly far from the best online place for the purchase of your lottery tickets. There’s nothing distinctive about this platform, and we’d probably choose one of the more prominent players on the market instead of this one.

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