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LotteryTrillions Exposed — Are You Kidding Me?

LotteryTrillions Review

We’ve seen online lottery providers who buy tickets. We have online betting services where players can hedge against the for real draws but don’t get tickets. And then we have lottery – I’m still trying to figure out what they do. They don’t claim to be a betting service but are upfront about the fact they don’t buy tickets. Let’s take a look.

Games at LotteryTrillions

I am seriously sitting here chuckling, looking at my computer. It doesn’t happen often! LotteryTrillions do not buy tickets. They don’t use the term betting, but that is the bottom line. Players are betting against international lotteries, and is paying out any winnings. But they do not pay against the actual jackpots advertised by the for real lotteries like US Powerball or EuroMillions. They pay against the ticket sales on their site. Are you kidding me? This is a one site gamble against the money collected by the actual for a real mega jackpot that might pay out millions.

Lottery Trillions and Winning

So how do they pay it out – good question! Their terms and conditions are a joke and I can’t tell you what they may or may not pay. Wandering around this area of their site, it’s a toss-up on whether there is intent to confuse or they do not understand what the heck they are doing. They say that the “Gain” is more than 60% of the total amount which references the total funds collected from all tickets sold but not less than $5000. Are you kidding? If I bought into the EuroMillions and got the mega jackpot – I want it all. But they pay out against what they have collected – not Euro Millions!

Who is

Funny that there are certain places that the simple name puts a smile on your face. It appears LotteryTrillions is owned by a company called PWD Company Ltd. out of Seychelles. Sorry, all I have to do is hear Seychelles, and I think of beaches and one of the places I certainly would spend some of my wins out of any big mega jackpot lottery. But that means winning that big mega jackpot!

LotteryTrillions and Customer Service

For customer service, offers a snail mail address, phone numbers, email address, and online form. There is no info on how long it will take for them to respond or when their office is open – and right this moment I don’t care. I’m still picturing my mega jackpot win of lazing on the beach in Seychelles.

Yes, I am Still Laughing

Seriously, folks, these folks aren’t even invoking the insurance game, i.e., they will pay out the equivalent of the actual lottery and protect their ability to do this by using insurance. Even their payout lists “100% of the jackpot” but that has nothing to do with the actual lottery and everything to do with what they collect in ticket sales.

Would you mind rating ? and the Bottom Line

The team did enjoy having a giggle over this one – this online lottery service quasi betting facilitation. There is no info on fees or how they pay out – well they do say they will pay to an account and there is no info on what they charge or the time frame. It’s a toss-up on what they will pay out against any of the lotteries because it’s all based on what their ticket sales are and not on the actual lottery.


Why are you even reading this far?

Gave the team a real laugh!


Are you kidding me? gets a thumbs down though, did appreciate the fact this site was a nice change from the usual stuff we dig into. The team also definitely agreed they would keep playing sites where they can win that mega jackpot. That is why we are playing right?

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