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LotteryTicketPool Exposed — Lottery Pools for Free?

LotteryTicketPool Review

There are some sites that our team gets into and we all scratch our heads wondering, what is the catch. was one of these. It’s a very noisy site that offers access to join lottery pools for free. We wondered why do they do it. What gives?  We put a bunch of the team on this one to get to the bottom line.’s Games

This is a site where players can join lottery pools/syndicates. Players sign up either through the site or through Facebook. Pools (syndicates) that win more than $500, the money is shared with all players.  Anything under that goes to It doesn’t cost anything to play. The more a player plays, the more points that are collected which provide more chances to play. That sounds rather confusing – right?

Points, Tickets, and Money

Basically, there are a bunch of options on how to play. Joining a lottery ticket pool gets a player 100 points, play a lottery pool (still not sure what the difference is) is worth 10 points and referring a friend is worth 25 points. The more points earned, the more pools a player can join. Points are also used to place a player in the top players’ list. Points can also be awarded for special occasions and offers.

So What’s the Catch at

Our team was all scratching their heads on what was the catch. This looks like a game where players want to be listed in the top players’ list at the same time they do offer winnings on lottery tickets through a quasi syndicate system. I say quasi as there doesn’t appear to be any limit to how many people can be part of any pool though they do indicate the number of people currently playing each.

Buried in the Small Print

Towards the bottom of the FAQ, starts to make sense. Under “Other Information” they explain that anyone can advertise with – simply fill out the form. This is further expanded on in their Terms and Conditions in that this is not a gambling site. It is an advertising site. In their words “This is a free, advertiser-supported lottery ticket pool service that you can join and play free of charge.” They defray their costs with any lottery wins under $500 which they keep.

The Lottery Games at

Each lottery pool offered has the numbers and a copy of the ticket right there. It shows the current split based on the number of players against the jackpot. offers syndicates for US Powerball, Mega Millions, Florida Lotto and Canada’s Lotto Max.

Customer Service at

The only way to contact is through their online form. There is no snail mail address, phone numbers or email address. Though there is no necessity to put in any credit card details or money (hey it’s free), they do require personal information including a player’s full name, address and birth date.

Who Is is owned and operated by the TinBu Network which is a company that owns and operates interactive websites which distribute content to 3rd party websites. Ah, finally the bottom line – their goal is “ to become your favorite Internet destination by providing the information, services, and product offerings that are most relevant to you at our websites or at the websites that use TinBu data modules.” Basically, they offer free pools to get people hooked on playing. This provides them with access to data on where players like to surf, what they do and an opportunity for them to sell advertising.

TinBu operates out of Pensacola, Florida and at their company website there is a heap of contact details including snail mail address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

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The Bottom Line

All in all, there doesn’t seem to be anything actually wrong with, though our team did have a good chuckle. In checking out the ownership, a couple of the guys tripped over We’re still not sure whether that site has anything to do with who owns but it did give a moment of relief from looking at numbers, statistics and looking for complaints.


It’s Free

Maybe a Win

Lottery Pools


What Will you Win

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If you are simply looking to play for points and maybe be part of a very thinly spread lottery pool, this is the place to be. Our team doesn’t give them a thumbs up or thumbs down but most agree we’ll stick to playing lotteries where we know what we are going to win – and that’s in dollars or euros.

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