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LotteryClub Exposed — Can Playing Lotteries Online be Considered an Investment?

LotteryClub Exposed

LotteryClub Review

Do you think of the word “investment” when you play international lotteries through an online provider/messenger service? uses the term. Me, I play lotteries for fun and of course, to win. This online lottery service offers both individual lottery purchases and syndicates. They also have a heap of other tools, but are they anything special? Do they actually help “clients invest more intelligently”? Let’s take a look.

Games at

Players can play one or more ticket lines for twelve international lotteries including most of the usual ones like US Powerball & Mega Millions. Discounts are offered for multi draw – 2 draws/2%, 4 draws/4%, 8 draws/15%, 26 draws/22% and 52 draws/25%. Subscriptions are also available and also offer discounts of 1 week/2%, 2 weeks/4% and 4 weeks/15%.

LotteryClub’s Syndicates

Do you want to know more info on syndicates? Well, the only way to find out is to register with LotteryClub and one of their membership managers will tell you about it. We were able to find out that each syndicate is 150 shares for 50 lines. Sorry, that’s not a great ratio.

FPP VIP Points

For every €1 a player spends, he/she gets 1 Frequent Player VIP Point (FPP VIP). It’s the usual Bronze (400-899 FPP VIP Points) gets a 3% discount on purchases, Silver (900-1999) gets a 3 % cash back in bonus money plus 5% discount on purchases, Gold (2000-3999) 5% cash back and 10% discount, and Platinum (4000 plus) 10% cash back in bonus money & 12% discount. Basically, that means playing at, the more you spend, the harder it is to climb up the FPP VIP levels.

Your Winnings at Lottery Club

Winnings under €500,000 they collect for you. It doesn’t say what happens when the amount is over and above this. There is a 10% commission (or it could be more if this is posted on a specific lottery) on any winnings over USD 1 Million. There is another section that says there is a 10% commission on any winnings. Though says there are no commissions charged from a withdrawal, they do say there is a €15 which is a “third party fee”. There is a minimum of €50 (or that value in any other currency) for any withdrawal.

The Small Print

In their Terms & Conditions, they say that the only winnings you will receive from any free tickets are from a jackpot win, otherwise you don’t get anything! Free tickets are mentioned in a bunch of places, though it’s’s choice on which lottery they choose. You do get a free ticket upon registration.

Lottery Club’s Lifetime Package

There is a lifetime package (though they clarify this at life time being 40 years) for Mega Millions. This includes syndicate and personal play though, and it’s a little strange as there is no info on what it costs though you do have to pay up annually. It also seems to involve a bunch of bonuses and other stuff though I got a little lost reading the details.

Customer Service is owned and operated by a company out of the Seychelles though it does have a “payment service” with an address in the UK. There is an email address plus a heap of UK phone numbers itemized by department, available GMT business hours Monday to Friday. They also do have online chat – available the same hours.

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The Bottom Line at

It’s been a while since the team reviewed a site ending up with more questions than answers. It’s not just the spelling mistakes (and there are a heap especially in the Terms & Conditions) but the information offered – or not. Everything looks like it is structured to get you to register. We looked around for the tools that they refer to in their About LotteryClub, but I guess the only way to find out – again – is to register.







Forget it folks. These people get a thumbs down. Any information on how they help clients “invest” in lotteries is only available after you register and no one on the team would do it.

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  1. Hi
    I received a phone call while ago that I have 7000 euros sitting in my account. How can I withdraw it?

  2. Hi, I was a member in 2016, just checking if there are any funds for me to collect.

  3. I’m waiting since 2019 for feedback from Lottery Club regarding my winnings. Numerous e-mails and comments send without any response.

  4. I had a very good experience with this company, got my scanned tickets within less than 2 hours! Excellent customer support, timely payouts.

  5. The lifetime syndicate is so bad. I started it like last June or July and I have made around 8€ while the buying was 1000. My biggest win has been 1,89€ on a personal ticket while 99% of the wins are 0,03-0,04€.


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