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Lotteryagent Exposed — Who’s Actually Winning?

Lotteryagent Review

It’s not hard to do the math to understand why online lottery agents are popping up all over the place. claims in their site statistics that they have 137,347 winners and have purchased 1,781, 331 tickets. At a £1 service fee for each ticket purchased, that’s almost two million pounds in revenue, though we’re not sure the time frame. And this doesn’t include what they are taking in commission on winning! Let’s go see what offers for making this kind of money.

Games at Lotteryagent

Lottery Agent offers three lottery games online – UK National Lottery, Thunderball and EuroMillions. They charge a flat fee for purchasing ticket lines on all lotteries – £1. Players can play multiple ticket lines and open a subscription for up to 5 weeks. There is no information on whether this is auto-renewable then again, this information might be available once a player is a member. We chose not to and the real reason why…

Lottery Agent and Winning takes 20% on all winnings. Well, in one place on their site they say they take a 20% share of all winnings over £100. Then in their terms and conditions, they say they take 20% on all winnings. They say they are doing this as they are a business.

Who Can Play at

For UK lotteries, players are supposed to by law be residents. Lottery Agent says “we feel that is unfair” and set up this site so anyone could play. Theoretically (I’m not a lawyer), because they are taking part of the winnings, they are simply claiming them and then sharing. At the same time, part of being a tax-free win is identifying who is actually winning. This whole section on ‘about us’ really made me uncomfortable.

Who Is Lotteryagent?

LotteryAgent is owned and operated by a UK company called Zuxx Limited which is involved in event planning, computer-related activities, and legal services besides an online lottery service. They say it was “created and developed by the team behind LotteryHelper, the first and only online national lottery syndicate management portal”. I don’t know about the rest of you, but we just reviewed another site that also does this, never mind the syndicate pack that is offered by the National Lottery itself.’s Customer Service

Lottery Agent’s post two different addresses, one in their contact details and one in their terms and conditions (Basildon & London). They have a UK phone number, email address, and an online form. There may be live chat though we have not actually seen it active.

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The Bottom Line at Lottery Agent

If we ignore the two different addresses, and we ignore the fact they say they have specifically set up this site to sidestep the law, it is impossible to ignore the 20% they take of your winnings. Our team also had an issue with the fact that of what the company was made simply on the ticket purchasing. is already winning.




20% Commission on Winnings

Only Three Lotteries

Only UK Lotteries and EuroMillions gets a thumbs down. There are a lot of great places to play online lotteries that offer many more options in those mega jackpots we love and don’t take one-fifth of your winnings!

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