Lottery Winning Package

Lottery Winning Package

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  1. No need to be an expert to realize it’s a waste of money. Just look at their site, it’s too promotional for the lottery software. Good that they have 60 days guarantee, but I doubt it is working. And what the heck is “ethical cheat”?


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Lottery Winning Package Exposed or How to Crush State Lotteries

Lottery Winning Package

Lottery Winning Package Review

Once again, someone is trying to lead us down the garden path with a lottery software system that says it has ‘the way to crush’ state lotteries. This time the name of the application is a Lottery Winning Package and I have to say that I couldn’t have found a more generic name for the software. Why would someone who is in possession of the key to beat the seemingly insurmountable lottery odds choose such a generic name? Better, why would someone who knows how to win lotteries share the information and not simply use it himself? Is it possible for this to be yet another scam aimed at deceiving players or is there actually some truth in the wildly optimistic claims made by Chris Malcolm? Let’s look.

How Lottery Winning Package Works

The guy promoting Lottery Winning Package calls himself Chris Malcolm though I do wonder if that is his real name. He claims this software will “produce winning tickets night after night.”

While it doesn’t say exactly how he plans on turning regular players into millionaires, he tries to convince us that it works like a charm for Pick 3, 4, 5, 6 games, and scratch-off tickets. Malcolm claims Lottery Winning Package can achieve this but doesn’t provide any details on how it works.

Just take a step back and try to imagine how computer software can tell you which scratch cards to pick to win. Maybe a lucky coin is included in the bundle, and you are supposed to use it when scratching the tickets to reveal prizes. His website is structured as a sales letter, so I wasn’t surprised by all the testimonials written by alleged clients.

Lottery Winning Package Complaints

Complaints you say? It wasn’t hard to find them. Most of them are consistent with what I found, but I find it very interesting that this might be only a copycat of other fake lottery software. Other complaints are about the fact that the software while being utterly useless, is also costly and the high price tag is the result of adding several standalone apps for Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 lotteries and scratch-offs.

Is This Lottery Software Worth Your Money?

Have you gone nuts? Paying $77 for a bundle of five equally worthless applications is the last thing that I would recommend you to do. Lottery Winning Package has all the elements of a fairy tale without the happy ever after. If you ever receive emails from the aforementioned Chris Malcolm or his Lottery Winning Package or accidentally land on one of his websites marketing this good for nothing software, do yourself a favor and block it right away.

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Our Unbiased Conclusion

Do not click “Order Now” and get the heck off the website. We all want to win lotteries and playing online has opened up the door for all kinds of amazing international jackpots. Just do not look to Chris Malcolm and his Lottery Winning Package to make it any easier.

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