Lottery Winning Formula

Lottery Winning Formula

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Price: 47 + $14.95/Month
Trial: $4.95 for 5 Days
Guarantee: 60 Days
Description: Lottery Winning Formula claims it automatically find the winning numbers for every lottery game.

Lottery Winning Formula Exposed — Just a Copy of Lottery Crusher

Lottery Winning Formula

Lottery Winning Formula Review

It was with great amusement that I started looking at Lottery Winning Formula. It seemed so familiar.  The tag lines “Say Bye To All The eBooks, False Strategies, and Your Losing Lottery Tickets” and “You’re About To Be Exposed to the ONLY True Winning Lottery Software Out There Today” didn’t quite ring the bell but still felt like one of those déjà vu experiences. I pulled the team together and asked them. It took a bit of digging but we reopened the file on Lottery Crusher and voila!

Is WinTrillions a legit lottery service?

Lottery Winning Formula & Lottery Crusher

These two lottery software websites were almost a mirror image of each other. Well, they did add ‘the guy’ on the right of the screen at Lottery Winning Formula and moved the flash screen to the left. But everything else on their website was the same. Okay, so are they the same? It didn’t matter how much we dug; we couldn’t verify whether these were the same people or different.

How Lottery Winning Formula Works

According to Lottery Winning Formula, it is easy to follow as it was created by “Experts” on winning the lottery. It uses “real data” from your actual state or country’s lotto but what if I want to play one of the big international jackpots? The software works for games from pick 3 up to pick 6, but what about bonus numbers?  They infer that lottery games are not random but use an advanced algorithm that Lottery Winning Formula has managed to crack. But, there are no details on how they do it.

Details at Lottery Winning Formula

This time our team dug a little deeper, and it appears Lottery Winning Formula have compiled a comprehensive database of lottery results so that their software can display a list of hot, cold, and due numbers. Although I am tempted to dismiss this as a pointless analysis of past results creating assumptions, I do credit Lottery Winning Formula with running this study. It’s not exactly what they say they offer, but it is what the software is good at.

Lottery Winning Formula Complaints

Their homepage features some positive reviews; the one-liners seem to be written by creative writers rather than genuine customers. All claim that they have won a few hundred dollars and all due to Lottery Winning Formula.

Is Lottery Winning Formula Worth your Money?

To answer the question, you need to think about how much are you willing to spend on software that does nothing more than present you with an extensive list of past results. They say that they take the effort out of playing the lottery, so I assume that they refer to those players who are weaving systems in an attempt to beat the odds. For anyone else and especially those who use Quick Pick systems, being provided with endless columns featuring the numbers previously won is utterly useless.

Why You Should Register with Lottery Winning


The software is easy to use

The software offers a list of hot, cold, and due numbers based on a comprehensive database of past lottery results

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Winning


There is no clear explanation of how the software generates its results or how it “cracks” the lottery algorithm

The website features positive reviews that seem to be written by creative writers rather than genuine customers

The software is not guaranteed to increase your chances of winning the lottery and is only for entertainment value

Lottery Winning Formula is very similar to Lottery Crusher, raising questions about its authenticity

The software may be of limited use for people who already use quick pick systems, or for those playing the big international jackpots.

Would you mind rating Lottery Winning Formula?

Is Lottery Winning Legit?

Lottery Winning Formula is either a copy of Lottery Crusher or the same. There are just too many similarities including their costs, what they offer and what they don’t. That includes the fact they say in their terms and conditions that this software is only for entertainment value and does not guarantee any win in a lottery. If I were you, I would put my money into actual lottery tickets through one of the good online providers and not on this software with all its promises of success.

  1. Lottery Winning Formula claims it automatically finds the winning numbers for every lottery game, no sorry the system is a farce stay far away from it, it’s not for real.

  2. Why do people clone a site that simply is a joke to start with? Makes me wonder though I guess some people actually do buy into this kind of thing. Me, I’ll save my money for actually playing lotteries! And I will stick with my favorite numbers with the odd quick pic on the side!


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