Lottery Winners in Love. Can You Really Have it All?

Lottery winners

Can Money Buy Happiness?

They say that money cannot buy happiness, but a couple of millions of dollars doesn’t hurt, especially when it comes to helping you get the things you want in life. It can pay off those pesky credit card bills and that ever-looming mortgage and student loan debt. Why it can even be used to take care of your family and friends if you wanted it to; but can it help you be lucky with love?

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Lottery, Love, and Lies

Back in 1996, there was a story of a woman in California who wanted to divorce her husband after she won $1.3 million.

Denise Rossi had been married to her husband, Thomas, for 25 years. During those 25 years, Thomas says the couple never had reason to suspect a divorce was in the air. The couple never needed to seek marriage counseling, both parties were faithful, and they were so close, apparently, they shared a toothbrush (… ew)! So you could imagine Thomas’ surprise when Denise demanded a divorce—pronto.

A mere 11 days before Denise surprised her soon-to-be ex-husband with the divorce demands, she won $1.3 million in the California lottery. She told no one in the divorce case of her winnings and eventually, the lies caught up to her.

Several years after the divorce was finalized, a letter from Statewide Funding (a company that pays large lump sums for lottery winners and large legal awards) was addressed to Denise. When Thomas took her to court, the judge awarded all of the remaining installments (an incredible $66,800 a year for 20 years) to be given to Thomas.

If Denise had been honest about the winnings, her lawyer could have argued to keep her money intact, instead of it being forked over to the ex-husband.

£148 million And a Scam Later

In October, we ran a story about a lottery scam that used the names of Gillian and Adrian Bayford who had won £148 million in the lottery. In 2013, the tabloids in the UK were ablaze with the story that the Bayfords were divorcing, and there were rumors that Gillian was being extravagant and indulged in pricy clothes, cars, and vehicles. Oh, and men. Well… one man in particular at least—the couple’s gardener.

Fast forward to today, the Bayfords are divorced, and each of them has found love. She has fallen for the car salesman, Alan Warnock, who sold her numerous luxury Audis. He has since quit his job and has shacked up with Gillian in her large home.

Don’t feel sorry for Adrian Bayford though. He has found love too. The 43-year-old millionaire has been seen with a young lady, Marta Jarosz, who is supposed to be working as Adrian’s bodyguard and

Adrian Bayford and Marta Jerosz

driver. Yes, you read that right—she is his “bodyguard.”

I call shenanigans on this one because does she look like she can protect this guy from anything? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. But then again, in Adrian’s case, you can’t really believe everything you read because a mere five days after the tabloids broke the story of Adrian and Marta, they break another story saying that Adrian had another woman, Samantha Burbidge, move in with him (while he is supposedly getting cozy with Marta) and are engaged.

Samantha Burbidge

Augh! Enough is enough! If winning the lottery means that your love life is open to scrutiny (in Gillian’s case) and a part of the rumor mill (as with Adrian), I never want to win the lottery!

The Test of True Love

What would you do if your fiancé told you that he wasn’t hard up for money, like he led you to believe, but was a millionaire and had an impressive property portfolio? If you’re anything like Lisa Johnson, you’d probably be pretty angry. Ah, but don’t worry! Joe Johnson had good reason to lie to Lisa throughout their courtship.

The test of true love

Joe had been scammed several times by women who wanted him only for his money. By lying to Lisa, he was protecting himself (and his £10 million fortune) and ensuring that Lisa loved him for him.

If there is anything that can be taken away from these stories, it’s that money complicates love. The sad part is, it’s not like finding love is a simple task to begin with!

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