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Lottery Winners By Accident

The lottery is a complex game that takes time, skill, and experience combined to win. However, the lottery also takes a bit of luck and good fortune. There are players who play the lottery for decades and fail to win the all desired jackpot. Yes, they do win some of the secondary prizes that keep them afloat, but they’re not enough to change their lives forever. Then again, there are some lottery players that were at the right place, at the right time. And we all know what happens when finding ourselves in a situation like that, do we? These lottery players have won the lottery just by going with the flow.

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A Lottery Player From Down Under Won by Being Patient

I know patience is a virtue but didn’t know that patience can be so rewarding. An anonymous lottery player from New Zealand, not Australia, won the lottery totally by accident. This player won more than $700,000 just by letting a man take a spot in the queue, his own spot. Fortunately, he was not in a hurry so he was cool with this. If we would’ve bought the previous ticket, and the guy who took his spot bought the winning one, our fortunate, accidental lottery winner would’ve been sorry forever. Instead, his life was changed, forever. Next time, when something weird happens in the queue in front of the counter, stay calm and go with the flow.

The Luckiest Man on Planet Earth – Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar

Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar

A few months ago the general public witnessed a series of plane crashes. There were a lot of victims. Surviving a plane crash is a jackpot by itself, but winning the lottery after you’ve survived a plane crash takes a fortune to a whole different level. Our lottery winner by accident who comes from India was a regular player in the airport lottery. As he tells the story, this was his 17th attempt at winning the jackpot. The crash landing was the moment when his fate twisted. The jackpot amounted to $1,000,000. On top of the jackpot, Mr. Abdul Khadar was only weeks from retiring. However, he says that despite the outstanding cash influx he will continue to work as long as he’s capable. He respects hard work and values hard-earned money. I’m very happy for Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar, he was destined to win!

My Favorite: Richard Hopper Wins $1,000,000 Because of a Minor Mistake

Richard Hopper Wins $1,000,000

So, I talked about a plane crash survivor turned millionaire, a patient man who kept it cool despite being mistreated. What can be more interesting than that when it comes to winning the lottery by accident? This accident took place in Niles, Michigan. The lucky Richard stopped at a Sunrise Sunset Party Store to buy one ticket for the all-popular Mega Millions lottery. He walked into the store, went up to the clerk, and asked for a Mega Millions ticket. The clerk told him that there was a guy who asked for a Mega Millions ticket earlier, but didn’t pay for it. Luckily for Robert, he saw an opportunity in a fairly weird situation. So he went with the flow and settled for this ticket. Lo and behold! That was the winning ticket for the upcoming Mega Millions draw.

As he tells the story, he decided to say yes to the universe. Fortunately, he connected the dots. He was aware of what could happen and he took the chance. Boy, do I want to buy in his place. It would make the jackpot a whole lot more appreciative. I would feel as if I had stolen the $1,000,000 from another lottery player.

Buying a Winning Lottery Ticket Just Because You Feel Lucky

Jane Wyatt

Well, it can go to great lengths. Take the case of Jane Wyatt for instance. She’s not the passionate player you think she is. Instead, she was buying lottery tickets only when she felt lucky. Accidental or not, this made her buy a lottery ticket for the Olympic-themed lottery. Her mother, Eileen was convinced that at some point in time Jane will become a winner. According to her, this is not an accident, this is destiny. I tend to believe otherwise. No person can know if there’s going to be a winner.

It’s a pure accident that she bought a ticket based solely on intuition. To be honest, I really hate when something like this happens. There are people who invest time and money to win the jackpot and a common one-time player takes the spotlight. Without any effort, without any experience, he/she scoops the jackpot.

On the other hand, Jane Wyatt had the courage to take a chance. Apparently, feeling that she’s lucky brought her the $1,000,000 jackpot.

Staten Island Guy Wins Millions Because He Took Part in the Wrong Lottery

Now I know that misunderstandings can happen anywhere and anytime, but going for something intentionally, making a mistake, and getting the desired results, I call that an accident. An anonymous guy from Staten Island won more than $165,000,000 because of a slight change in his order. His numbers were tailor-made for the upcoming Powerball draw. However, the clerk printed lottery tickets for the Mega Millions. The upcoming Powerball draw had no winner, but the Mega Millions did.

This guy, this lucky guy won $165,000,000 by accident. He explicitly asked for a Powerball ticket, yet he got Mega Millions. Not just any Mega Millions ticket, but the winning one!

I guess, the clerk was his lucky charm. Or the reason why his fate twisted and made him reconsider what lottery he should take part in to win the jackpot. It’s not billions, but with $165,000,000 he can literally change his own life.

Take the Chance When It Presents Itself – New Jersey’s Senior Scoops $1M

You know I’m a strong advocate against quick-pick tickets, but occasionally a quick-pick ticket takes away the big prize. In addition, this happened purely by accident. This happened in New Jersey, to a man called Dante Castillo, a 70-year-old lottery player who didn’t give up.

Just to be clear, this was the clerk’s fault for giving a quick pick ticket to Dante. The guy working at the counter sold Dante one extra quick pick ticket by accident. Dante, the kind person he is, didn’t want to make a fuss out of it and paid for the ticket. This quick-pick ticket brought him $1,000,000 because he matched the 5 numbers, but he didn’t match the Cash Number. Cash4Life might sound familiar to you depending on your location.

Imagine what would have happened if Dante didn’t want the extra ticket. He’d be missing out on a glorious $1m lottery prize! Fortunately for him, he did take the ticket.

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