God Bless the Lottery Rollovers! Let Jackpot Miracle Grow!

Lottery Rollovers

The Bigger, The Better

When we play the lottery, we always hope that we will be the lucky one who holds the winning lottery ticket and become instant millionaires. We meticulously (and sometimes superstitiously) choose our numbers and some people even have a particular ritual they go through before they check to see if they won. Sadly, most of us will never experience that thrilling moment when we realize that we hold the winning ticket.

Even though our odds are not in our favor, we continue to play—especially when we learn that no one claimed the jackpot, which is now larger than it was the night before, thanks to the lottery rollover.

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What is a Lottery Rollover?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, lottery rollover is when there is no winning ticket to claim the jackpot. Since there are no winners to claim the jackpot, the money is “rolled over” and added to the jackpot for the next draw.

These rollovers do have some limitations though. Many games have rules that stipulate how many times a jackpot can be rolled over. Once that limit has been reached, the entire amount of money that has been rolled over must be paid out—even if there are no jackpot winners, which will result in a lottery roll down. Of course, if there are multiple winners, then the entire amount will be shared between the lot.

What is a Lottery Roll Down?

When a game experiences a roll down, this means there are no jackpot winners, and the money that was rolled over is distributed to the highest prize tier that does have a winner(s). So… Let’s say that no one wins the jackpot that has had the maximum rollovers, but several players have won the second prize tier jackpot. If no one wins in that tier, the prize money will drop down to the third tier.

With this in effect, the theory states that the jackpot funds could potentially be rolled down to the lowest prize tier, but usually it will just drop down to the second prize tier and is shared amongst those winners.

How Does Roll Overs Affect Ticket Sales?

Like a moth to a flame, people who play the lottery are more aware when a jackpot grows. When rollovers occur, you can expect that, not only will more people play the lottery, but they will purchase more tickets. Because of this influx of players and tickets, the chances of winning that jackpot are even lower.

For avid players who pay close attention to the number of times a jackpot has been rolled over when the maximum rollovers have occurred, you can expect to see even higher ticket sales. Not only are players hoping to win the jackpot, but many people will also settle for second-tier prizes because of the possibility of a roll down. In essence, when any lottery game has reached the maximum possible rollovers, you still can win a whole lot of money, even without matching all the numbers necessary to claim the jackpot!

  1. The best time to buy a lottery ticket is when you have disposable income. You odds of winning remain the same. The possible number combinations do not change. Your odds of sharing the prize change with the number of players. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  2. lotto is one big joke now too much going to good causes too many rollovers

  3. I have noticed that, on several occasions, on the web site for the lottery they announce a rollover or jackpot before the current draw happens. An example is today, Tuesday, the Euro lottery states that on Friday there will be a £110 million super jackpot when Tuesdays draw doesn’t take place until this evening. Do they already know that there will be no winners?

  4. Why did they have to put it up to 60 numbers it is almost impossible to win with 50 numbers and a £1 fee was “all it was worth” considering the odds where does all that “spare money” go “good causes” what good causes finally in case you do not know the government as far as I am aware receive 20p off each ticket 10p when it was £1 to enter

  5. Can you pick a number between 1 and 100? No? Your chances of winning this game is 1 out of 100. Now try to pick a number between 1 and 302 Million! Do you see how almost impossible this is?

    Yes, lightning does strike sometimes. But that’s exactly the Psychology the Lottery wants you to think! Don’t throw your money away! Spend it on someone you love!

    Power Ball Odds 1 : 292,201,338
    Mega Millions Odds 1 : 302,575,350

    My “source” for the odds listed above is Google.

    Big Al

  6. Lottery has become a con
    Not so happy as I have been playing this for more than 10 years non stop

  7. I won £139 on 3 numbers on the roll down so I’m happy 🙂

  8. Total rip off all it is a stealth tax so many roll overs.

  9. Why there is always multiple roll overs in before long summer Holidays and at the end times, always before x-mas?

  10. Its a con how can it roll over so many times like the EuroMillions with millions playing how can it keep rolling over it rolls over more times than my dog so yes people go out buy more tickets in the hope they will win the big one in theory you have more chance of platting fog

  11. Been doing the lotto, for the past couple of years only and don’t do it every week, done it today, 5 lines for the simple reason we have not done it for around 6 weeks, maybe that means we will win. Let’s hope God is looking down on us.

  12. So when is the best time to buy your tickets right before the draw when the jackpot is really high or right after it’s been hit or does it matter?


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