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Lottery Method

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Price: $47
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Description: Lottery Method is an ebook that promises to increase your odds of winning Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and scratch-off prizes.

Lottery Method Exposed — The Secret to Winning the Lottery or Yet Another Bluff?

Lottery Method Exposed

Lottery Method Review

If you have any experience with lotteries, you know already that products promising to increase your odds of winning should be examined skeptically. After numerous reviews that we’ve created through the years, we’re yet to find a product that works. Would Lottery Method be it? Could this option deliver on its promises? Let’s find out.

What Is Lottery Method and What Does It Do?

Lottery Method is an ebook that applies to Pick 3 to 6 games. There are also strategies presented for the purpose of increasing your odds of winning scratch-off prizes.

According to the official ebook presentation, Lottery Method is created by an ex-lottery retailer (and supposedly, this person is to have some insider knowledge about how lotteries work). Ace Lee’s lottery method is advertised as so foolproof that it can potentially help you pay off your bills and quit your job (we’re not kidding – that’s precisely what the promo video says).

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Ace Lee says that he has helped thousands of people win big from the lottery and that his method delivers results without failure. In the very same video, however, a disclaimer is added. The disclaimer states that the methodology cannot be used to win mega jackpots. In addition, Ace Lee does not give any guarantees of the method work for you. Obviously, such contradictory statements made in the very same video raise a red flag. And they should!

How Much Does It Cost?

This is probably the most outrageous and maddening thing about the Lottery Method – it costs a fortune. If you buy the product from its official website, you will have to cough up 47 dollars! If you make the mistake and decide to acquire it from Amazon, the price will be 56.40 dollars.

If you have that much money to experiment with, go ahead and give it a try. However, chances are that you will be extremely disappointed. There’s no free test, there’s no money-back guarantee. In the end, you’ll be stuck with a book that potentially doesn’t work and that has made you about 50 dollars poorer.

How Does the Lottery Method Work?

It’s absolutely impossible to get more information about the magical Lottery Method. Behind all of the grandiose claims, there’s no explanation of the methodology, the mathematical or the statistical method is used to increase the odds of winning.

In its introduction, the ebook states that Ace Lee has been communicating with lottery players for years and years as a part of his job. This way, he has gotten to know people who have been winning consistently. Apparently, these lottery pros have been kind enough to share their secrets with our ebook author and make them available to the entire world.

In addition, Lee interviewed agents and people working for the lottery. Supposedly, these individuals were also feeling quite altruistic at the time of the interview and they also spilled the beans in terms of winning lottery strategies.

A few things stand out when you go through the ebook intro. The first one is poor language. There are dozens of grammar and language mistakes that could have been spotted easily by an experienced editor. If Mr. Lee didn’t bother to pay a professional to fine-tune the outcome of his efforts, how could his claims of incredible effectiveness be trusted?

In addition, the Amazon edition of the ebook has an abysmally low rating. There have been people who actually bought the book and who claim that it is filled with obvious tips you can find online for free.

Lottery Method Terms and Conditions

Lottery Method has a pretty standard terms of use document attached to it. It states that since the lottery is a gamble, there’s no one who could actually guarantee to win. As a result, Lee cannot be held accountable if you buy Lottery Method and you don’t win a single thing from it.

In fact, there’s an entire earnings disclaimer as a part of the promo website. You shouldn’t interpret the unbelievable promises as a guarantee of a lottery prize and if you do, the joke’s on you.

Keep in mind that the Lottery Method has an affiliate program. Lee offers a 55 percent commission on every affiliate who promotes the ebook and generates a sale. Thus, chances are that you’ll come across numerous positive reviews but all of them are created by people who have a financial interest in you buying Lottery Method.

Who Is Behind Lottery Method?

Ace Lee, the man of the hour, is pretty notorious online. All that you have to do is carry out a basic online search. You’ll be quite intrigued by the results.

As already mentioned, Lee is supposed to be a particularly communicative lottery retailer who has carried out many interviews over the years to discover the biggest prize-winning secrets people have.

Over the years, Lee has released product after product. All of them are systems and all of them are supposed to make lottery winning easier.

There are online rumors that Lee has compiled all of his systems by opting for free-of-charge online resources.  Chances are that he hasn’t conducted a single interview with an industry insider because everything featured in books like Lottery Method is common knowledge.

While affiliates have churned out generic, positive reviews, it’s impossible to find information about anyone who has won the lottery using Lee’s system. Even after hours of research, there wasn’t a single person that bragged online about getting a prize.

Why You Should Register with Lottery Method


There are no advantages to using this tool

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Method


The Lottery Method is an ebook that promises to increase your odds of winning the lottery, but there is no real evidence or explanation of the methodology behind it.

The language used in the ebook is poor with many grammar and language mistakes.

The cost of the Lottery Method is high, costing $47-$56.40 with no free test or money-back guarantee.

The product has a low rating on Amazon with people claiming it is filled with obvious tips that can be found for free online.

The author of the ebook, Ace Lee, is notorious online and has a history of releasing multiple products with similar promises, but no evidence of their effectiveness.

The terms and conditions state that there are no guarantees of winning the lottery and the author cannot be held accountable if the method doesn’t work.

There are many positive reviews of the Lottery Method, but they are likely generated by affiliates who have a financial interest in promoting the product.

There is no real evidence or testimony of anyone who has won the lottery using the Lottery Method.

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Is Lottery Method Legit?

You can easily buy tickets worth 50 dollars and be more successful at winning the lottery than via the purchase of the Lottery Method. Please do not be fooled by grand promises and systems that appear to be too good to be true. Ace lee doesn’t have the secret, he is simply trying to earn an income by scamming gullible individuals.

Using readily available hot and cold numbers will increase your odds of winning a prize without costing you anything. This is an approach that’s been around for a long time and that you should try if you’re interested in more serious lottery techniques.

Due to the fact that it doesn’t feature any valuable information, the Lottery Method gets a 1 out of 10 stars rating!

  1. Ace Lee also goes by the name BL Min. He sells his Lottery Method System and Lottery Circle System. Both of these systems have bit the dust, they are now rated as garbage systems that were fueled by affiliates posting fake reviews to grab sales commissions. The systems are barely worth using even if were free! Lots of bad reviews says it all.


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