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Price: $116.40
Trial: No
Guarantee: 60-day ClickBank money-back guarantee
Description: Tremendously overpriced, Lottery Maximizer is yet another ClickBank product that promises to reveal lottery winning secrets that you haven’t come across before, and that could potentially optimize your chances of winning a prize.

Lottery Maximizer Exposed — Not Richard Lustig Again!

Lottery Maximizer Exposed

Lottery Maximizer Review

Previously priced at slightly over 90 dollars, Lottery Maximizer is now available for the minuscule 116.40 dollars per month. Should you be spending this kind of money on any lottery product? The short answer is no. The longer answer you’ll find in the following Lottery Maximizer review.

If you’ve come across Lottery Maximizer software reviews so far, you’ve probably seen overwhelmingly positive opinions. There’s a simple reason why. Lottery Maximizer is a ClickBank product. As a result, affiliates earn commissions each time somebody decides to buy the software through one of their links.

Our goal here is to make the assessment completely impartial and in your favor. Let’s start with the basics. Is Lottery Maximizer legit? In the general sense of the term – yes. You’re getting some product without being forced to buy it.

Should you be spending this much money on it? That’s a different matter of discussion altogether.

Trying to find out how Lottery Maximizer works and basing your purchasing decision on that information is the one approach that makes the most sense.

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What Is Lottery Maximizer and What Does It Do?

Lottery Maximizer is a software that’s supposed to improve your odds of winning. If you’re looking for Lottery Maximizer members who can give you a better idea about exactly how it works, you’re not going to find an awful lot of information. As already mentioned, most reviews are drafted by entities that have some financial interest in making Lottery Maximizer look good.

And once we take a look at who the creator of Lottery Maximizer is, things will become even more evident. Check out the following sections of the guide for that intriguing information.

As far as we could gather, Lottery Maximizer works like all other similar types of software out there. It collects information from lottery drawings for the games being represented. Based on that information, it makes hot and cold number selections.

These numbers don’t guarantee winnings. The fact that a particular digit has appeared X times among the winning ones over the past year doesn’t mean it’s going to show up again when you decide to play.

When you go through the product’s terms and conditions, things become even brighter. The document states that Lottery Maximizer should be used for general information purposes. It shouldn’t be considered professional advice that you play your lottery playing decisions upon.

That speaks a volume about the software and how good it is. We leave the conclusion to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the ridiculous part of the entire ordeal. If you want Lottery Maximizer free, you’re in no luck. There’s no trial version or a limited access demo that you can count on to assess the product and its effectiveness.

To test out Lottery Maximizer, you will have to spend 116.40 dollars. This ridiculous amount is being advertised as a special, limited-time offer. We have a hunch, however, that the amount isn’t going to change in any beneficial way after the promo period is over.

At checkout, you’re also prompted to buy some other lottery software products developed by the same entity. You can get access to the Scratch Off Secrets Exposed Digital Book for 37 dollars, The Official Lottery Maximizer User’s Guide for 27 dollars (because you haven’t spent enough money on the software already), and Richard’s Lottery Secrets Book for 47 dollars.

Since these are all ClickBank products, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is some form of reassurance that if the product doesn’t work well for you, it can be returned, and you’ll get your money back.

How Does Lottery Maximizer Work?

It doesn’t. The spammy homepage doesn’t even try to explain the mechanism or the algorithm employed to give players better odds.

There’s a simple reason why so many empty words are being utilized about this product – there is nothing special about Lottery Maximizer. Absolutely nothing warrants spending over 100 dollars on a system that makes use of information readily available for free online.

If you go to the official website of your favorite lottery, you’ll discover the archive that presents the winning numbers for past drawings. Some have even gone ahead to carry out the analysis and highlight the hot and cold numbers.

Testing out the hot and cold number approach is relatively easy without having to spend anything on it.

We live in the age of digital information that’s free and readily accessible. Unless a product or a system relies on a proprietary algorithm to offer better results and a higher level of effectiveness, you shouldn’t go for it.

Lottery Maximizer Terms and Conditions

Standard ClickBank terms and conditions apply to Lottery Maximizer, but there are some additional rules to take into account before signing up for this one.

At the very top of the terms and conditions, you’re warned that you’re more likely to win zero than to come out with some cash after playing the lottery. Yes, that condition also applies to the people who use Lottery Maximizer to improve their odds. Such a statement creates somewhat of a defeatist attitude right from the start.

Other critical legal specifics you may want to keep in mind include the fact that Lottery Maximizer isn’t responsible for any losses you incur by playing the lottery and that you’re using the information they provide you with at your discretion.

The rest of the document is more or less standard. There’s also a privacy policy that gives you a better idea of how member information is being utilized. If you’re planning on purchasing Lottery Maximizer, please go through both texts carefully in advance.

Who Is Behind Lottery Maximizer?

We have once again come across an old acquaintance of ours – Richard Lustig.

Richard, who passed away in 2018, was the prolific man behind an array of software products like Lottery Winner University, Lottery Dominator, Lotto Annihilator (yep, we know – these aren’t the most creative or varied names), Auto Lotto Processor, and many others.

He has also published books about winning the lottery, and these can be bought on Amazon.

Richard Lustig made headlines as the person who won the lottery multiple times. Supposedly, he claimed one massive award of 842,152 dollars and numerous smaller prizes for a total of slightly over 1.052 million dollars. These wins occurred in the period from 1993 to 2010.

Lustig’s methodology for playing and winning is far from revolutionary. He has spoken about his approach numerous times. According to him, you have to play every single time, and you have to use the same numbers. If you’re playing scratch-off lotteries, you have to go for sequential tickets and buy lots of those.

Richard Lustig has also been honest about reinvesting everything he won from the lottery in new tickets.

Thus, we know exactly how much money he made by playing. We, however, are utterly clueless about the sum Richard spent on lottery tickets. And let’s face it – someone who is an actual millionaire wouldn’t need to sell bogus lottery products to strangers to make a living.

Why You Should Register with Lottery Maximizer


Zero advantages of using this tool

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Maximizer


Numbers do not guarantee winnings

It is expensive

No evidence of winners

Would you mind rating Lottery Maximizer?

Is Lottery Maximizer Legit?

The Lottery Maximizer software download, really, really does not make any sense. If you have 100 bucks to spare, you should probably play the lottery, have fun, and test your luck. Don’t spend the amount on a false sense of hope that isn’t going to deliver.

Lottery Maximizer scam claims can be found in numerous forums, and we can agree that the product is not going to do anything for you or your gameplay strategy.

Richard Lustig was someone who had excellent marketing moves. He generated a lot of buzz around his lottery wins, and he used that publicity to start pushing out products. If you check out the Amazon reviews for his books, however, you’ll see quite significant dissatisfaction among the people who decided to test his approach.

Lottery Maximizer is not revolutionary. Also, there’s whatsoever no evidence that it works. While the official website itself claims that several members have won more than 50,000 dollars by using the system, these people are yet to come forward and confirm that Lottery Maximizer works.

Since it relies on an old-school lottery playing approach, you can easily access it online for free. Because of the ridiculous price for such a product, Lottery Maximizer gets a final rating of 1 out of 10 stars.

  1. Just purchased and used their 10 combinations for the Florida pick 5 played morning and evening lost on both and only 3 out of 5 of his numbers came in I’m hoping for better results tomorrow but after reading this review kinda scares me but we will see tomorrow I will post what happens win or lose

  2. If Richard is investing his money back to the people why isn’t he offering this half all for free? That’s what curious is minds want to know change..


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