Lottery is a Strategy – Play Smart, Play to Win

Lottery is a Strategy

Lottery Is a Strategy, Bear with This

On the most fundamental level, every lottery is a game. The smartest players, the best players take home the biggest prize. Sure, there have been cases where people win right away without applying any particular preconceived approach, but that’s highly unlikely. Over the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed lottery players winning several times and I’m talking about the big prizes. You’re probably wondering the same exact thing all people are, “How did they do it?” I’m sorry to say this, but they actually worked for it. They did their homework, analyzed, kept track of their results, and most importantly never quit. Their stories inspire me and give me that little push I need to keep playing and hoping that one day the jackpot will be mine.

Bear in mind if nobody has been successful such as these fellas in your area that’s actually a good thing. It means that the ideal strategy wasn’t discovered yet. You can be the one. Woah! That sounds like a movie quote.

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The Unofficial King of Lottery – Richard Lustig 7 Times Lottery Winner

First and foremost, Richard Lustig is not a multimillionaire made out of the lottery. In fact, his total winnings amount to a little over a million dollars. Nevertheless, we’re not here to assess his financial position, instead, to see how he won 7 big lottery prizes. He had this idea in his head that the lottery is a strategy and without a clear-cut plan of attack, he knew he was not going to win the lottery. He applied seemingly irrelevant tactics which in the long run increased his odds of winning exponentially. I always say the lottery is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Richard had a well-tailored strategy and he stacked to it.


Furthermore, he was buying a block of scratch cards instead of individual scratch cards from random stores. Bear in mind, he couldn’t know if this was going to work. It was basically a shot in the dark. He kept his losing tickets for tax deductions, he kept track of his results, he analyzed, and much more. You see how he tried to play the lottery efficiently and he had good money management.

Due to his unparalleled success, he became somewhat of a lottery star. Lottery players wanted to be like him. The truth is, nothing’s stopping you from becoming like him and you can become even better.

Playing the Lottery Can be a Business – Meet Stefan Mandel

In essence Stefan Mandel, a Romanian lottery who moved to around the world, approached playing and winning the lottery as if it were a business. However, he went one step further and applied complex mathematical functions and calculations to come up with the optimal set of number combinations. Stefan spent quite a lot of time in the library reading paper after paper looking for that critical information he needs to become the best lottery player.

In 1992 Stefan Mandel did the unthinkable. He bought so many lottery tickets he covered all possible number combinations. Have you ever had that feeling when you’re watching the lottery draw on TV and you know you’re going to win? Neither have I, but Stefan Mandel did. He was sitting in his chair at home just waiting to become the official lottery winner. He knew exactly how much money he won. But before he managed to do this he had to be banned from Australian lotteries since he killed them. Virginia was next on his list and boy did he do a great job. Today this is virtually impossible due to certain changes in the rules.

What can we learn from Stefan Mandel? The lottery is a strategy and it may take hard work and dedication to feel his shoes. Who said that you won’t need mathematics later in life? Whoever did he/she lied?

Wheeling – The Incognito Favorite of Many Lottery Players

Now we can’t distinguish one particular lottery player who applied this strategic approach to winning the lottery, but I can tell you one thing. I apply it, and my friends and my relatives apply it also. So what’s wheeling? Well, have you been in a situation where you have all numbers, but on different tickets? Wheeling prevents this from happening. Now, this may not require some crazy mathematics skills or experience in dealing with huge data and statistics, nor will it require you to change your lifestyle. Instead, it’s predefined off-the-shelf strategy that pretty much anybody can use. Most importantly the software is available online for free.

Bear in mind this is a strategy as well. It works, but you’ll notice the effect in the long run only.

What do Richard Lustig, Stefan Mandel, and Other Great Lottery Players Have in Common

The answer is rather simple. They all played the lottery with a unique approach. I’m following their steps by mimicking some of their actions and I apply the wheeling strategy. As a lottery player with more than a decade of experience, I missed winning the lottery on a few occasions because my numbers were spread across several tickets. The best strategy to win the lottery is to simply play. Play a lot. The lottery is a strategy; there is no doubt about that. Test, experiment, and try new ways of overcoming or at least minimizing the uncertainty factor.

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