Lottery Horror Stories: Keep Your Friends Close or Shakespeare’s Tragedy

Lottery Horror Stories

Some time ago, people coined a term known as the “curse of the lottery winner”. The term is used to describe the fact that many lottery millionaires have ended up quite unhappy or with broken relationships after becoming richer. Some of them have committed suicide, and others have had their lives taken from them. In other words, money doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Why is it that lottery winners suffer so much and so often? The explanation for the phenomenon is simple – greed and envy play a huge role in it.

The story we’re about to explore today, however, takes greed, and envy to a whole new level. If you’ve never heard about Dee Dee Moore, you’re in for a rocky ride. Not only is she a cold-blooded murderer, but she’s also one of the most narcissistic and smug criminals out there.

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The Making of a Murder

The story starts in the distant 2006. This was supposed to be the luckiest year for an American casual laborer and truck driver called Abraham Lee Shakespeare (trust us, there’s nothing poetic about his story). In November 2006, Abraham bought a lottery ticket from a convenience store in Florida’s Frostproof. Little did he know that the ticket would be the root of all evil.

Shakespeare had chosen the ticket-granting hit the jackpot. He opted for a lump sum payment, which made him 17 million dollars richer.

As a result of winning, Abraham Lee Shakespeare went through a quick lifestyle change. He left his old and modest neighborhood to move into a gated community. The splurge in the million-dollar home was his biggest acquisition. Other than that, Abraham refrained from spending his money foolishly.

At the beginning of November 2009, Abraham’s family reported him missing. The family hadn’t seen him since April but they hadn’t made a report yet, hopeful that he had taken the money and decided to relocate. One person was responsible for this belief.

Unfortunately, things were somewhat different and a lot grislier. After an extensive investigation, police found the body of Abraham hidden underneath piles of dirt under a concrete slab. The year was 2010. He was aged 42 at the time of his death.

The prime suspect in the murder of the lottery millionaire was Dorice Moore, often called Dee Dee.

Abraham Lee Shakespeare and Dee Dee Moore

Dee Dee Moore: More than a Business Partner

Dee Dee Moore was Abraham’s “friend” and business partner. Her original story after the disappearance of the millionaire was that she was the one to help him leave the country because people were constantly asking him for money. Her story was one of the reasons why the investigation began so many months after the actual disappearance of Mr. Shakespeare.

Quite entrepreneurial, Dee Dee was one of the numerous people that contacted the millionaire after he won the lottery. The two of them set up a company and Dorice was in charge of the financial operations. She convinced him that she was quite experienced in business and that she could protect his millions.

Before the disappearance of Abraham, Dee Dee had gotten herself in trouble for taking one million dollars of company funds and buying luxury cars with them. Dee Dee, later on, decided to pamper herself with an expensive vacation at the company’s expense, as well.

Moore was taken into custody on February 2, 2010. Investigators had found out by then that Abraham had died on April 6 or 7 – immediately after his disappearance. There were several reasons why she was detained. For a start, her story changed multiple times after the body was discovered. She blamed Abraham’s lawyers, drug dealers, and even the millionaire’s young son for the murder. As you can see, Dee Dee was quite resourceful in her attempts to get herself out of blame.

It’s also interesting to point out that after Abraham’s disappearance, Dee Dee moved into his house. She even used his phone to send messages to close friends, keeping up the lie that Abraham was alive and in another country. The audacity of it all!

Little did she know that friends became even more suspicious because of her efforts to keep in touch. You see, Abraham was illiterate. It would have been a bit challenging for him to send friends text messages.

While attempting to mislead everyone, Dee Dee had other things on her mind, as well. She was looking for someone ready to take the blame for Abraham’s murder. She offered 50,000 dollars initially, but the sum went up to 200,000 dollars eventually.

Regardless of all her craftiness, Dorice Moore was sentenced to first-degree murder on December 10, 2012. She was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole possibility in the future.

But I’m Innocent!

It may seem that a sentence would be the end of the story, but this isn’t the case for Dee Dee Moore. No, sir! Even behind bars, Dee Dee was adamant about keeping up the pretense and insisting that she was innocent.

Even today, eight years after she was caught, Dee Dee insists she didn’t commit the grave act. Dee Dee appeared in a popular BBC documentary called Women Who Kill. In the documentary, Dee Dee insisted that she wasn’t a manipulator (yeah, right!) and that she hadn’t killed her business partner.

She went as far as to tell the program that if her facts had eventually come out during the investigation, she would have walked out a free woman.

All of this comes regardless of the fact that during the investigation, Dee Dee told one undercover agent that she knew the location of Abraham’s body. Dee Dee, however, insists that she was being manipulated by the policeman. How exactly was she manipulated to reveal the location of a body, we’ll probably never know.

Police officers describe Dee Dee as incredibly arrogant till the present day. She’s been profiled as a pathological liar. Also, she isn’t the only murderer who insists on their innocence regardless of the tons of evidence against them.

The only consolation to Abraham Lee Shakespeare’s family is that the manipulative Dee Dee will spend her entire life in prison. While this is far from a consolation, it at least shows that karma is you know what. While Dee Dee may be 100 percent convinced of her innocence, there isn’t a single soul out there to actually believe her story (luckily so!).

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