Lottery Dominator

Lottery Dominator

Bad 1.2 | Reviews (73)
Price: $147
Trial: No
Guarantee: 60 Days
Description: Lottery Dominator is an e-book that claims it will provide the information to help make you a lottery winner.

Lottery Dominator Exposed — Richard Lustig’s System a Scam?

Lottery Dominator Exposed

Lottery Dominator Review

Opening up the site, in your face is a countdown clock that claims the video offered will disappear forever in a specific period of time. It says “this video is very controversial and may be offensive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised”. As we watched the clock continue to countdown, we wondered what could possibly be so controversial about lottery software and more importantly, what is this? We started moving around the site to find more information But – yes the but – when the download window started popping up, no one would go back and click the play button. Let me explain.

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Download Menu

As you sit on their site, a window keeps opening that is an auto download. This seems to continue at a regular rate as long as you’re on their site. That is until you go to the ‘getting started page’ and then it stops. The problem is the getting started page is simply the order form for the e-book.

Lottery Dominator Formula

That’s where we finally found out that is a digital e-book. Its tagline of “winning has never been this simple” is all the information offered. Oh, and the fact there are 60 days no questions asked money-back guarantee. One of the good things about getting to this page is the annoying download box stopped popping up.

What Is the Cost?

That’s where you find out the e-book costs $147.00 (guessing that is US dollars). I couldn’t figure out who would purchase this as there is no information on what it is supposed to do. There is only a bunch of claims on what the guy has won.

How Does It Work?

There is no information on what this e-digital book does or what it offers. There are a bunch of articles with claims by Richard Lustig on what he has won and spent his money on. Plus, there are also heaps of info in his book that has helped so many other people. There are bits and pieces of tips, but no real info on what his book offers – except it will help you win.

Terms and Conditions

Lottery Dominator has very limited terms and conditions that seem more aimed at ensuring the ownership of any information on this site. We had a particular chuckle with the claim that “if you print off, copy or download any part of our site in breach of these terms” you’ve got to stop immediately.

Who Is Lottery Dominator?

Lottery Dominator is owned by Software Projects Inc., a company with a snail mail address out of Malta and a North American toll-free number. It offers an email address and online form, but that’s it. What makes this even stranger is in their terms and conditions, Lottery Dominator cites the Computer Misuse Act 1990 which is from the UK. This e-book was written by Richard Lustig.

Lottery Dominator PDF

A PDF file of Lotto Dominator can be downloaded freely by browsing Google Search results. We downloaded it and found out it consists of 180 pages of how to win lottery information. If you’re interested in the information provided, here is a download link. Let us know what you think about it in the comments.


Why You Should Download Lottery Dominator


60 day money-back guarantee

Why You Shouldn’t Download Lottery Dominator


No Working Email Address

No T&C on Winning

No Info on Who These Folks Are

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Is Lottery Dominator Legit?

I don’t think we’ve ever read so many different comments posted on different sites on this Richard Lustig guy and his Lottery Dominator e-book – and most of it was not good. The auto download factor of an “” delivery of something onto my computer was enough to put the team off.

Final verdict: 1 out of 10 stars.

  1. The system has already been reported years ago as a scam, meaning it works nowhere near as good as this Richard Lustig guy claims, it’s a way he makes money from you. He most likely does not even use his own system, some people just get lucky, that just the way it goes. There are much better real systems you can use that will better your odds to win for real.

  2. Just by reading the reviews on people who purchased his product he is a lier.
    And by the way if he is so wealthy now why is he scamming people out of there money? It should be free to anyone wanting to try it.

  3. I think Lustig knows exactly how to greatly increase chances of winning the lotto, hence his well-publicized seven wins. I don’t think he would state his actual methods in any book though. He is a statistician who spent years studying the lotto and discovered secrets that probably don’t make sense to anyone who is not a trained statistician themself. He used his wins as proof that he’s legit, so people will trust him and buy the book that doesn’t include a single one of the algorithms he really used in obtaining all those wins.

  4. Unfortunately, this guy has nothing better to do with his time than to scam people out of money. Don’t be stupid! Don’t send him a penny. You would be better off to take the $97.00 and buy your own scratch off tickets.

  5. This is a total scam. A neighbor of mine bought the e-book and it’s nothing but crap… no formula. I found an app called Jo’s Picks that I’ve actually won some money with (so far), so I’m sticking to that. This other “lotto Dominator” thing is nonsense, but it’s still interesting that the guy won 7 times apparently.


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