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Lottery Defeater

Bad 1.3 | Reviews (96)
Price: $197
Trial: No
Guarantee: 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Description: Lottery Defeater is a system that supposedly improves your odds of winning the lottery by predicting the lucky numbers to be selected in an upcoming drawing.

Lottery Defeater Exposed — As Fake As It Gets

Lottery Defeater Software Review

Lottery Defeater Software Review

The people behind Lottery Defeater certainly have a lot of confidence in their product (or that’s what it seems when you read the presentation featured on the official site of this software system). You’re being told that you’ll be so successful at winning the lottery that you’ll have to start rotating the shops from which you get your tickets and claim the prizes.

Only when you look at the page’s fine print will you see that Lottery Defeater doesn’t guarantee consistent winning abilities or a 100 percent ability to crack the lotto code.

And that’s pretty normal.

If someone had managed to kill the randomness of the lottery, they probably would have done two things – A. become a millionaire and B. keep the secret to themselves instead of selling some software product to make some cash.

Based on this, we’re someone reluctant about the effectiveness of Lottery Defeater. Still, it’s our job to keep an open mind and do a thorough investigation. Here’s what we found out.

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What Is Lottery Defeater and What Does It Do?

Lottery Defeater is yet another predictive software that supposedly helps you pick numbers having the best chances of getting selected among the winning ones for a certain lottery.

Lottery Defeater/Lottery Defeater has a humongous presentation that doesn’t really say a lot about the system itself. What you find out from it is that after buying that software, you’ll become so ridiculously successful at winning the lottery that people will get mad at you (nope, we’re not even joking!).

It’s supposed to be an automated plug-and-play solution that doesn’t involve complex calculations. Supposedly, there are no complex formulas and the software is so user-friendly that a third-grader would be capable of mastering it.

As per the official presentation and the numerous affiliate Lottery Defeater software “reviews” we’ve found online, this is the number one software out there. How exactly that ranking came to exist remains a mystery.

Based on what’s available concerning the way in which the software works, all of that can be confidently labeled marketing gibberish. Lottery Defeater doesn’t do anything that other programs don’t offer, as well. In fact, the software is anything but unique and revolutionary.

How Much Does It Cost?

To get this “incredible” system and crack the lottery code, you’ll have to spend just 197 dollars. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – you’ll need to spare almost 200 bucks to get your hands on something that really doesn’t cost as much if anything at all.

Within the first 60 days after purchase, you can return the product for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

How Does Lottery Defeater System Work?

Let’s get things straight here – Lottery Defeater doesn’t work. If it did, they wouldn’t have to create fake profiles on their website homepage that supposedly belong to people who used the product and won money. We checked the names and the locations provided for each of those and guess what – such people don’t exist. In fact, some of the names only pop up in connection to Lottery Defeater when you do a Google search. That’s a definite red flag for a system that supposedly improves your chances of winning the lottery by 98 percent.

From what little information is available about how this one works, Lottery Defeater collects information about past drawings, analyses them, and delivers predictions you can use to place your bet.

Essentially, it does hot and cold number analysis. And if you’re not a complete newbie to the world of lottery, you know that this is one of the oldest algorithms out there. It’s not revolutionary or ground-breaking. In fact, it’s something you can access for free by following the official websites of many international lotteries.

This brings us to the next point – there isn’t information about the lotteries this software applies to.

In order to be fairly accurate, statistical analysis has to be tailored to a particular lottery. It has to take into account past drawings over a certain period of time (years for best results).

Lottery Defeater supposedly features information for some of the most popular US lotteries like Mega Millions, Powerball, and local state games. The presentation states that a 24/7 live number database is being used for the automatic generation of lucky digits. We really doubt such a database exists. The presentation also states that the program eliminates 90 percent of the numbers that can’t win. Once again, this isn’t true.

Hot numbers are the ones that get drawn more often than others. Still, it’s impossible to predict exactly when a certain number is going to show up among the winning ones. Even when you are equipped with such information, it’s mathematically not possible to get rid of 90 percent of the losing numbers.

Lottery Defeater Terms and Conditions

We’ve seen this before with other software products making bombastic claims. The Terms and Conditions go ahead to state that most people aren’t going to win as much as the people featured within the product promo (you know, the people that don’t exist and have been made up by a marketing team).

In fact, the Lottery Defeater terms and conditions let you know that the average buyer is going to win very little (if anything at all).

The most disappointing thing about the terms of use is that they’re the ones of Digistore 24. Digistore24 is an online sales platform – obviously, the one that was used to build the Lottery Defeater software website.

The makers of this product didn’t even bother to come up with their own specific terms and conditions. You get a generic text that quite often doesn’t really apply to the offering being discussed.

And that little fact should tell you quite a lot about the creators of the system.

People who can’t even be bothered to tailor their terms and conditions want one thing from you – money. If the website isn’t really representative of the legal terms of the offering, how can you be sure about everything else that’s being promised to you? The answer is simple – you can’t!

Who Is Behind Lottery Defeater?

Kenneth Leffler is supposedly the one behind the development of this ground-breaking software. It took him two years to come up with an algorithm that’s so effective at improving your odds of winning something.

Supposedly, Mr. Leffler is a mathematician who was in financial shambles and went on a mission to beat the lottery.

That story is so touching that we decided to search some more and discover Kenneth’s digital trace.

Surprise, surprise, there’s very little available, apart from the dozens of affiliate websites that praise the system to the heavens and back.

And we found out something very interesting on top of all that. The story featured on the homepage of Lottery Defeater is the exact same one that tops the Lotto Crusher presentation. We previously wrote about that one and as you can see from the reviews, people aren’t that particularly happy with Lotto Crusher.

So, it seems that the old system got a rebranding to start existing as Lottery Defeater. Apart from the name of the author, there’s one more thing that has changed. Lottery Defeater has become quite a lot more expensive and it’s not exactly clear why.

Why You Should Register with Lottery Defeater


No pros

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Defeater


Fake Reviews

Not worth the effort and money

It is expensive

Is Lottery Defeater Legit?

Don’t spend your money on Lottery Defeater/Defeater. Also, don’t trust the supposed Lottery Defeater reviews you’ll come across. Almost all of those have been created by affiliates who want to win some money by referring potential customers.

A few of those reviews have comments from people who got fooled into spending the ridiculous amount that Lottery Defeater costs. None of them won anything. In fact, some weren’t even able to log into an account after spending almost 200 dollars. All of the people who made the purchase warn it’s not worth it and some even label Lottery Defeater a scam.

The moment you see the Lottery Defeater website and the ridiculously fake presentation, you’ll probably sense that something’s wrong. The only thing that may blind you is the desire to crack the lottery code and get rich quickly.

Unfortunately, Lottery Defeater isn’t the product that will help you accomplish the goal. So, instead of spending so much on it, save your cash or spend it on lotto tickets. That’s how you’ll get at least a small chance to win something.

Because of its shady practices and the tons of fake information about it, Lottery Defeater receives a 1 out of 10 stars rating.

Updated Information (2024)

As of 2024, there have been no significant updates or changes to the Lottery Defeater system.

It remains largely the same product with the same claims and issues. Customer feedback continues to highlight its ineffectiveness and deceptive marketing tactics. The lottery prediction industry has seen no new, credible advancements that support the claims made by Lottery Defeater.

Always approach such systems with skepticism and prioritize verified methods and tools.

Would you mind rating Lottery Defeater?

Lottery Defeater: Is It a Scam or the Real Deal?

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We want to hear from you! Share your experiences with this lottery prediction software.

Did it live up to its promises, or do you feel it’s just another scam? Your insights can help others make informed decisions.

Leave your review and let us know if Lottery Defeater has made you a winner or if it’s left you feeling disappointed.

  1. If all of these “advertisements” on the internet are fake, why isn’t there a way to shut down these type of things down, so they don’t scam everyone. Whatever happened to the “Truth in Advertising” that was around in 60’s and 70’s? Scams on the internet seem a lot more prevalent and there should be a task force set up to get all these shut down. I’m just saying.

  2. Lottery Defeater
    Tried to login to access numbers and my password failed. After reading more I feel it us a SCAM. Stay away don’t put hard earned $210.30 into this guys pocket for nothing in return!!!

  3. I swallow a bunch of numbers and I see what comes out the next day. A SCAM I can’t roll over the minus but one star for sure.

  4. It is definitely a scam play. If you want to make sure cash open a high yield CD or money market and watch your money grow. Put $200.00 in at 5% and you will win $10.00 per month. Then it compounds from there.

  5. No Stars No real reviews, Just nothing but HYPE on how great it is. Wise up if you really have a system that works no one would reveal it unless you are a Stupid. Dreams and scams are all over the Web, some dumb people fall for the DREAM that dozen’t occur. Better yet just buy a few tickets you may it luck, being the Gov. Federal and/or State is behind it knowing ahead of time all numbers picked they can and 99% of the time will cheat the people. It’s all about the MONEY.


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