Lottery Crusher

Lottery Crusher

Bad 1.5 | Reviews (40)
Price: $39.99
Trial: 5 Days
Guarantee: 60 Days
Description: Lottery Crusher claims to be a system that will provide consistent wins and entertainment all at the same time.

Lottery Crusher Exposed — The Only Thing It Can Crush Is Your Bankroll

Lottery Crusher Exposed

Lottery Crusher Review

Looking at Lottery Crusher, I was a little dumbfounded. This site is as plain as it gets. touts itself as the ultimate solution to increasing the probability odds of winning lotteries. They claim we’re not taking the little wind, but some of those bigger wins – and consistent. So why would they share that with all of us and not just cash in on their system? Let’s talk.

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Now that’s the million-dollar question. Opening up their website, people are accosted with a video that has a voice that should rethink this kind of thing as an occupation. “Larry” is there to talk to you. It’s a video that yabbers on about how good their system is. Okay – so far there is NO information on what it does, but simply how good it is. Their tagline “Are you comfortable using an unfair advantage to win millions in the lottery and get rich” is about as much information as you get.

Terms of Service at

With a total of about 263 words, mainly they underline the fact that this system is for entertainment purposes, and in no way does it guarantee you will win. Duh! There is no information on opting out if you sign up excluding the fact they say there is a 60-day refundable guarantee.

So What Does Lottery Crusher Cost?

Digging into the site, we finally got to the point that there is a five-day trial at the cost of $4.95 and supposedly you can cancel during that time. After the initial five days, the price is $39.99 every 30 days. Okay, it gets more interesting. Bouncing around their affiliates, the costs change. One of them offers a one-year membership at $9.99 per month paid yearly at a price of $119.98 upfront. Then there is a three-month membership of $59.97 ($19.99 per month) renewed every three months. The one-month membership is $29.99.

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80% of lottery players choose “quick pick” when picking out their winning numbers.

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Where’s the Money?

Click on their affiliate site, and you get a better feel of who is making money on this. There is a heap of blah blah blah on the fact about the amount the average customer spends and what you can make. This looks like a pyramid type of game where the only people that win are the ones selling the system.

Listening to Larry at

I think at this stage I’d probably pay Lottery Crusher to change the voice of Larry. They claim he’s some 27-year-old guy who has won lots with lotteries and wants to share. Ya, right. And I’ve got the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you. It’s a shame at the very least; they didn’t get a better voice for Larry. It’s about as dull as it gets and he goes on and on. Okay, if you last long enough, you get to hear from Bob and Charles and a few others. They sound a lot more enthusiastic but still – no substance. Merely the fact that’s system works.

Larry & Customer Service

If you want to share your dislike for Larry’s voice or have questions, there is an online form. That’s it! No snail mail or email address, no phone numbers, and no online chat.

Why You Should Register With Lottery Crusher


There are no advantages to using this site

Why You Shouldn’t Register With Lottery Crusher


It’s pricey

Has no contact info apart from an online form

No information on what it does

Is Lottery Crusher Legit?

Seriously, folks – I can’t believe anyone would pay for this. There is NO information on what their system is excluding they use statistical data and amazing analyses to help you choose the best numbers to win. Give me a break. I get that there are systems out there that supposedly increase the probability odds, but folks, most of this is sheer luck.

If you want to have something that will help you go to sleep, just click on the site and listen to Larry. Their system might or might not work, but listening to Larry is better than counting sheep!

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Final verdict: 1 out of 10 stars.

  1. If a person was winning so much money using this system, they sure wouldn’t spend so much time trying to sell this system. I think I’d have better things to do with my time and tons of winnings. Like anything else. This is a scam, if there was a way to predict the numbers the lottery offices would fix the problem instantly. State lottery officials employ some of the brightest minds in the world.

  2. If this system really works, please send me the winning formula for picking winning numbers. I will not pay for the information, BUT if I win more than once, I agree to write a post every week for a year stating that the system IS NOT a scam, which will help sell the system to others.

  3. I purchase a lotto crusher system in August. I waited. Then I email in Oct. I want to get my money back or sent me a book. I am awaiting.

    • Well, I pressed the button to purchase and there was not an HTTPS the S is a secure site. This one was not.

  4. If you have this winning system and it really works how does the lotto, keep growing into the millions because no one has hit it, he hits the lotto every time someone falls this stupid trick his lotto comes from money you send. These people prey on people trying to get out of debt and live decently. Trust in God, you work hard for your money don’t give it away putting more money in this guys pocket.

  5. Sounds like a pyramid scheme. I believe that’s the word you were looking for.


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