7 Lottery Commercials That Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Feel Things You haven’t Felt in a While

Lottery commercials

Lottery Commercials You Would Never Turn Off

One way to make people remember to play the lottery is to make them laugh. I know I’m more inclined to purchase a particular scratch-off if there is a funny commercial to go along with it. My favorite commercials are the ones in which the player is so lost in their fantasy of winning that they do something outrageous, ridiculous, and unbelievable.

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Here are just some of my favorite commercials. What are some of your favorites? Leave me a comment below!

Remember to Check that Pulse Before You Claim

Whoever thought that you had to be alive to play the lottery! When the zombies come, they may be able to eat our brains, but they can’t win our lotteries!

The New York Lotto commercial quickly went viral because of the exaggerated visuals (a mummy, a Frankenstein monster, and a few sheep – these are just a few of the protagonists) and the witty slogan You Keep Living, We’ll Keep Paying. Check it out below to see if it will make you smile as much as it entertained me.

Rich People Problems I’d Like to Have

There’s nothing like having to get out of a car to go over a speed bump because you’ve done so much shopping that the weight is immense. Only the crazy rich (or lotto winners) have this problem, I bet.

Sweet Little Old Ladies Are Generous

Norwegian Lotto doesn’t stand behind when it comes to making fun commercials that you’d want to watch over and over, and over again. Smart humor will produce a hit that people will fall in love with. Nothing can be cuter than a witty old lady who has a couple of tricks up her sleeves. Take a look to see what I mean.

Damn, This is So Romantic! Where Are My Candles?

The fact that the commercial features Barry Manilow music should be your first clue! Wow! Men don’t cry… Men don’t dance. How could you control yourself if you’ve just won $5,000 a week?

This is yet another hilarious commercial, and it plays off so well on romantic film clichés. Instead of drop-dead gorgeous protagonists, however, it features two slightly overweight dudes. It doesn’t get any more exciting or hilarious than that.

It’s Sweeter than Sweet because of… Bunnies

If sex ads aren’t your thing and you want to experience a cuteness overload, give this ad a try. Warning, it does get sweeter than sweet (or so the commercials say). It seems that the New York Lottery has gotten the formula right – this is its second entry in the list. On top of the bunny commercial, it’s done similar clips with kittens and piglets. Because of diversity!

Lotto Millionaires aren’t Like Ordinary Millionaires

This is what Lotto Norsk wants you to believe. The chances are that you’ve seen the commercial because it quickly went viral. The best aspect of this promo clip is that you don’t know what’s going on until the very end. Apart from being funny, this one is also emotional and touching. It’s a definite winner when it comes to promos you’ll remember in the long run.

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