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Description: Lottery Circle is analysis and research software that can generate trending lotto numbers based on that data.

Lottery Circle Exposed — The Return of Ace Lee and Systems That Don’t Do Anything

Lottery Circle Review

Lottery Circle Review

It’s that time again – we’re getting ready to review yet another lottery system that is supposed to make you luckier. The Lottery Circle software promises once again to give you access to intelligence data nobody else has in their position. And all of that will be yours for a “modest” monthly or annual fee. Is this product worth spending money on? That’s what we’re about to find out today through the Lottery Circle software review.

Starting with the basics, Lottery Circle has this old-school website typical for 99 percent of Clickbank products back in the day.

Just like others have claimed before, the Lottery Circle developers believe their product is

“#1 lottery analysis software.”

Who came to this conclusion and how? No one knows. As per the presentation, Lottery Circle is an analysis and research software that can generate lucky numbers for all of the popular US lotteries.

Going through older reviews, we found out that Lottery Circle used to make claims about the statistical advantage its users would have (some of the reports suggest they were 96 percent more likely to win by using the program). The good news is that such claims have been removed from the software presentation. All such promises are highly misleading, and they raise an immediate red flag. But bombastic marketing aside, is there anything about Lottery Circle that makes it worth giving a try? Let’s dig a little bit deeper.

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What is Lottery Circle, and What Does It Do?

Lottery Circle analysis and researches information from drawings to provide players with suggestions on suitable numbers for upcoming drawings.

The software product’s website features “testimonials” of people who claim they’ve used Lottery Circle to win dozens of times. Such claims, however, are impossible to verify. The winner’s name used is pretty generic, and the sums won are small enough. As a result, the chances are that such information didn’t appear in the media, and it’s impossible to check.

But you probably have an idea of what we’re talking about already.

Just like many other systems out there, Lottery Circle analyses hot, cold and overdue numbers. That’s the basic principle of most lottery analyses is founded on. There’s nothing revolutionary, innovative, or exclusive about the system. Information about hot and cold numbers for most US lotteries is available for free online.

There isn’t any information about the frequency with which the Lottery Circle data set is being updated. Hot and cold analysis has to be based on the latest numbers for it to be accurate. In the absence of reliable new input, you can confidently conclude that the product isn’t going to work.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the juicy part! The Lottery Circle is not affordable at all. Even if you want to try it out and assess its effectiveness first, you have to spend some money gaining access.

Lottery Circle’s software product is available against a monthly recurrent subscription. If you want to pay for the software each month, you’ll have to spend 37 dollars per month (supposedly discounted from a previous fee of 197 dollars per month, but we doubt it). The annual subscription is 397 dollars, discounted from 997 dollars.

When you visit the Lottery Circle checkout page, you’ll find out that the product has a zero-day return policy. So, if you don’t like what you’ve just gotten, you’ll still be stuck with the software, and you’re not going to get any refund.

Please take a look at the terms of service before spending your money on this program. The document is pretty amateurish, and it doesn’t list any of the essentials that are supposed to protect your rights as a consumer. That’s another major red flag on top of the no-refund policy.

How Does Lottery Circle Work?

For a start, we’re not that confident in the ability of Lottery Circle to deliver any results. Unfortunately, other Lottery Circle reviews have come to similar conclusions. There’s nothing particularly innovative or effective about this product. It’s a tremendously overpriced system based on one of the oldest principles about lottery odds.

Lottery Circle is very, very similar to many other products that make similar claims. These claims, however, aren’t supported by evidence. There’s a simple reason why.

Hot and cold numbers can give you slightly better odds. There’s no way, however, of guaranteeing a lottery win. You cannot predict when hot or overdue numbers are going to show up among the winning ones.

If a hot and cold lottery system is available for free or a small, single charge, you can go ahead and give such an opportunity a try. Lottery Circle, however, costs way too much and delivers way too little.

US lotteries provide information about hot, cold, and overdue numbers on their websites. You don’t have to analyze the data by going through each drawing in the archive. The task has already been completed for free. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to base your lucky number selection on such an analysis. Some people have gotten lucky this way; others failed. Hot and cold number analysis is a lot of fun but doesn’t count on guaranteed wins.

Lottery Circle Terms and Conditions

As already mentioned, the terms and conditions page features just a couple of paragraphs. None of those provide actual helpful information.

There’s a generic warning that Lottery Circle doesn’t guarantee wins. The software makers aren’t responsible for any losses that you incur by using their product (and boy, will you be losing money each month!).

All of the number suggestions provided by the program are based on estimation. And that’s pretty much everything the terms and conditions tell you.

There’s no data on refunds, future updates, or any other standard protections clients are typically entitled to. There’s no information on the entity behind the program and the legal responsibility toward its clients.

Based on this information and nonchalant attitude, you can easily conclude the validity of Lottery Circle and the entity that would benefit the most from it (hint – it’s not you!).

Who is Behind Lottery Circle?

Lottery Circle is the creation of someone known well within the realm of games of luck.

Ace Lee is someone we’ve written about previously. You can find some information about his previous product called Lottery Method on Lotto Exposed.

Also known as BL Min, Ace Lee is someone who sells lottery systems for ridiculous amounts. His method is often described as entirely foolproof. Such exaggerated claims, however, don’t hold.

You can find a lot of information about Ace Lee online, and most of it isn’t good. Just comb through a lottery forum, and you’ll probably come across a testimonial written by someone who used his products. People have not managed to crack the lottery code this way. Instead, they helped Ace Lee make some bucks.

Apart from creating lottery systems, Ace Lee also sells books on the topic of winning the lottery. Currently, Goodreads lists over 17 titles under his name. Someone who knows what they’re doing wouldn’t have to launch dozens of mediocre products. A couple would do. Based on the size and scope of the operation, it looks like an attempt to scam people out of some cash without providing anything valuable in return.

Why You Should Register with Lottery Circle


There’s no advantage to using this software

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Circle


No Consumer protection

Extremely pricey

No guarantees

No refunds

Would you mind rating Lottery Circle?

Is Lottery Circle Legit?

You don’t have to take our review for granted. Information about Ace Lee and Lottery Circle is abundant online. There are numerous Lottery Circle reviews and forum posts. Most of them are pretty negative.

Ace Lee’s ebooks also have quite abysmal ratings on Amazon. Readers claim that these are apparent collections of dos and don’ts that anyone interested in the lottery would be familiar with.

We all wish for a quick fix and an easy way to win lots and lots of money. Unfortunately, Lottery Circle doesn’t provide the answer.

Since there are no guarantees and no refunds, we wouldn’t recommend trying out the system. Also, the monthly subscription is tremendously overpriced for what the system has to offer. Your chances of getting lucky with Lottery Circle are the same as your chances of winning by getting a quick-pick ticket.

Lottery Circle makes misleading claims, and the product doesn’t offer customers any form of protection or adequate client support. Due to these facts and the overall reputation of Ace Lee, we give Lottery Circle a 1 out of 10 stars rating.

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