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Lottery Checkmate

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Description: The Lottery Checkmate claims it "based on the game of chess" and works with all type of Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 lottery games.

Lottery Checkmate Exposed — What’s Common between the Game of Chess and Lotteries?

Lottery Checkmate

Lottery Checkmate Review

Do you know what is similar between the game of chess and lotteries? Sergey Tabin claims that with the help of his Lottery Checkmate software, you can be a winner with lotteries. He says he built this software system based on his knowledge of chess. Now I’ve played chess and played my favorite lotteries (Canadian Lotto Max and US Powerball) and sitting here, and I can not imagine any similarities. Let’s take a look.

How Lottery Checkmate Works

Sergey Tabin has been playing chess all of his life, allegedly at a professional level, so he says it was only natural for him to shift to lotteries. Or was it? While chess is a game based on strategy and the ability to think several moves in advance, playing lotteries is entirely based on luck, something even Sergey admits. He claims that after years of research (if I had a penny for each time I’ve heard this line, I’d be filthy rich) he came up with a winning formula.

Is TheLotter legit and how easy is it to purchase a ticket?

All he is willing to disclose is the fact that this lottery software is similar to or at least based on the game of chess, and it will work in your favor. It says nothing about how it turns you from an underdog into an overwhelming favorite and helps you win more than $10,000 per month. This is word-for-word what Lottery Checkmate promises. Sergey puts all modesty aside and claims that it is only a matter of time until he will improve this profit margin of winning jackpots.

Lottery Checkmate Complaints

In digging deep, there were no complaints about Lottery Checkmate at the same time; there weren’t any comments at all. Maybe no one has purchased this software. I will give credit to Sergey as he tells us from the very beginning that when browsing the website you won’t see fake testimonials and fake checks, annoying pop-ups and absurd claims about how you will become a millionaire overnight. I agree about the bogus winner reviews and pictures, and I also confirm that no pop-ups are flooding the window. Frankly, I also appreciate the fact that when I try to close the website, I’m not assaulted by last second proposals and asked to confirm my action three times.

Is Lottery Checkmate Worth your Money?

Put away your credit card, especially if you play chess and are chuckling as loud as I am right now. You’d be better off spending the price of Lottery Checkmate directly on buying tickets.

Just in case you aren’t laughing yet, I found it downright hilarious that they run a special promotion which states every third customer will have his money returned. In theory, you have a 33% chance of getting Lottery Checkmate for free, but in reality, the only guarantee on this is if you purchased three products in a row. Please take my word for this and don’t attempt something stupid like trying it. There is no guarantee someone is not going to purchase in between your purchases and why do you want three of something that doesn’t work.

Quite frankly, I think that Sergey didn’t take any chances when making this supposedly appealing proposition, because the odds are he won’t have to honor the promise. It’s all based on the fact that people are buying this software.

Why You Should Register with Lottery Checkmate


No fake testimonials

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Checkmate


There is no evidence or proof that the software actually works

The connection between chess and lotteries is unclear and unconvincing

There are no customer reviews or testimonials

The special promotion of returning money for every third customer is likely not honored

The price of the software is not worth the potential risks or lack of results.

Would you mind rating Lottery Checkmate?

Is Lottery Checkmate Legit?

It’s been fun and games, but after reviewing Lottery Checkmate, I can only say that Sergey should pick up his chessboard back up and send his pawns, knights, and castles to battle. The lottery business is not for him, and no matter how hard he tries to find the link between chess and the lottery, it’s not going to happen.

  1. Hey people, do not bother with this dumbass system, my god these con sellers are selling every piece of crap system they can make up to sell to suckers like me. It’s a worthless system and they have an affiliate program, that’s how they get sales, it does win any lotto games and any good reviews are by affiliates or the seller. All legit review sites warn you about the system not being legit, save your money and don’t waste your time.

  2. Great system, won over $800 in the last three draws 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for this review, but I have not had much problems with using Lottery Checkmate. To be honest, I quite like it and it has helped me win a few small lotteries. Hoping to win the jackpot using this software pretty soon. I would recommend to lottery beginners.


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