Lottery Changes His Life – Heartwarming Story of a Kind Lottery Winner

Heartwarming Story of a Kind Lottery Winner

Destined Lottery Winners

Millions of people around the world play the lottery each day. Each and every one of them hopes that they will be the next lucky lottery winner. Some aim for the 1st prize, others are just in for the excitement that comes with minor but frequent secondary prizes. Over the years I’ve witnessed many cases when the lottery prize changes the life of the lottery player for the better. I find them as destined winners. At the moment of winning the main prize usually they find themselves in harsh situations, living on the edge of poverty, yet they still have high hopes that one day things will change. And things do change! I’m delighted to be part of a community and to have an interest in activities such as lottery because of stories like this. My eyes fill with tears when I find out about something like this. Enjoy in Mr. Sheikh’s story and try to find some sense into it. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate what you already have a lot more.

Our Hero of the Day – Mofijul Rahima Sheikh from West Bengal, India

Mojiful Rahima Sheikh, a 22 year old young man from Bardham, West Bengal went to Kerala to look for a job. He went to Kerala because there he could earn twice as much as he could in his hometown. Furthermore, our hero here became a father not long ago. His primary objective was to get a job and save enough money to build a house for his family. He wanted his daughter to have a safe childhood without any difficulties. By now you probably have this image of Mojiful that he’s a very good and a kind person. It gets better!

How Did Mr. Sheikh Buy the Winning Ticket?

So he settled in Kerala, he got the job at a construction site. His daily wage was Rs 50 which is about $0.70. Are you amazed now? He got his first wage and on his way to the place where he was accommodated, he stumbled upon a man selling lottery tickets. But, this was not an ordinary lottery ticket retailer that you’ve met yourself. This man was selling lottery tickets to survive, to get by. As kind as ours Mojiful Rahima is he couldn’t bear the sight of this poor old man without buying one of the lottery tickets. These tickets are called Karunia or compassion lottery ticket. He spent the Rs 50 he earned working one whole day. He couldn’t have spent this cash better.

Calm down now. We’re almost there. This twist of events made Mojiful Rahima rich!
Mofijul Rahima Sheikh - Lottery Winner

What Happened Next? – Did He Start Partying Like Other Lottery Winners?

He wasn’t even aware he won the lottery. Well, at least for the following 3 days. As soon as he found out he won the lottery, that’s $150,000 or Rs 10,000,000, he went to one of the local police stations seeking protection. Mojiful Rahima was so afraid that somebody will attack him and steal his ticket. The next two days will be the longest in his life. Fortunately, the police officers guarding him were kind and trustworthy to keep him safe from harm’s way.

The reason behind this quarantine of two days was because the banks were closed and he couldn’t cash in the ticket.

And it happened. The police escorted him on the way to the bank. The pressure was too much for him. He felt relieved once this madness was over. Mr. Sheikh was supposed to work in Kerala, not become India’s next millionaire. In just a matter of days he got the money he needed and much, much more than that.

What Followed After the Week Long Madness Was Over?

Seeing the fear in Mojiful Rahima’s eyes made me realize something. Despite the excitement and happiness that he was the one lucky winner, he was still afraid. Can you imagine some of the US lottery winners for instance being in this situation? Not in a million years, right? These few days were for heaven and hell for him, in other words a roller coaster of emotions.

Mojiful Rahima Sheikh was very thankful to the police squad of Kerala for giving him the protection when he wanted it and needed it the most. They did their job perfectly.

His family and friends organized a “small” reception for his return. Obviously this was supposed to happen a few years later. His family hopes he’s going to fulfill his dream to build the house he intended and to use the remainder of the jackpot to start his own business. I don’t know if he’s going to be a successful entrepreneur, but I know damn well that he’s going to take good care of his employees.

It started out as a simple kind gesture and it ended up as a life changing experience. You never what the future holds. While you wait for your jackpot, for your winning lottery ticket make sure you do good and kind deeds. Smile to life and life will smile back at you. Maybe it will be with a 7 digit jackpot, maybe with good fortune and happiness. Whatever gets you up in the morning, keep doing it and hope for the best. Maybe one day I’ll write about your story, hopefully.

  1. The daily wage in Kerala is about Rs.700 which is roughly $10.

  2. What a thrilling and heart-rending story! Thanks to Evette Champion for the beautiful way it was narrated!!


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