6 of the Luckiest Four-Legged Lottery Winners

5 of the Luckiest Four-Legged Lottery Winners

Lottery Winners Are Not Always Human

Don’t consider yourself lucky enough? If so, you may want to try buying your dog, cat, or even goldfish a lottery ticket. That’s right! When it comes to winning the jackpot, various animals have been much more successful than their Homo sapiens counterparts.

Lottery winners aren’t always human. In fact, some of the biggest jackpots have been won by pets. Here are 5 cute and heartwarming examples of animals that have won the lottery.

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Lucky Ruby

Ruby is a playful Labrador retriever from the UK and the first lottery winner on our list. Just like other Labrador retrievers, Ruby loves bones, chewing on toys, and digging. The final activity is the one that made Ruby one lucky dog.

One day, Ruby was playing around in the car of her human owners – Jane and Alan Slater. While digging around the items in the car, Ruby uncovered a small piece of paper. It was a forgotten lottery ticket. That forgotten lottery ticket brought Ruby and her humans 230,000 dollars.

What’s most interesting is that Jane and Alan had previously won about 230,000 dollars. Ruby’s discovery doubled the amount.

The Shih-Tzu Psychic

Do you believe in fortune tellers and their abilities to predict the future? If so, you’re not going to be that surprised by the story of a shy-Tzu psychic that also happens to be a lottery winner.

Mei-Li picked the six numbers that her humans submitted on a Megabucks ticket. As a result, the family became 400,000 dollars richer.

According to Mei-Li’s owner Velma Dacron, the dog has the ability to predict the future. She had previously discovered the family’s lost cat. One day, Mei-Li started barking excitedly at the TV screen during the lottery drawing. This is how Velma got the idea to train the dog. She used all of the lottery numbers, teaching Mei-Li to pick certain ones out. Treats were needed in the very beginning, but soon Mei-Li learned to choose numbers without additional stimuli.

Happy Ending for Asthmatic Cat

Alright, it’s a bit mean to describe this kitty by its ailment, but the story became quite popular because of this fact.

Louise McNichols submitted a ticket on behalf of her cat Max in an online lottery. It turned out that the submission was the winning one.

Though the sum isn’t that impressive, the story of Max is really heartwarming. The kitty’s ailment necessitated the daily use of inhalators. After winning, Louise said that she’d use the money to pamper Max and look for adequate treatment. Did we mention that Max also got a new, warm bed for the cold winter days?

The 50-Million Dollar Kitty

Now we’re moving into serious territories and some of the biggest pet lottery winners exploring the world on four paws.

Conway Kitty is probably one of the most popular lottery winners. In the spring of 2015, Randall Rush decided to buy his cat some food. When going to the pet store, he suddenly decided to get a lottery ticket. The human-cat duo matched all seven of the Lotto Max numbers, which made them 50 million dollars richer.

It’s not clear whether Conway Kitty got to enjoy any portion of the money in the form of snacks or toys. Randall announced that a large part of the money would be dedicated to a fund for sponsoring various kinds of charities.

The Luckiest Frog Alive

This isn’t exactly a story about an animal that has won the lottery, but it’s so bizarre that it’s definitely worth mentioning.

In 2016, a very rare gold-colored frog appeared in a village in the Phrae Province of Thailand. The animal is so rare that people from distant places have traveled to the village to see a natural miracle.

The frog was given a home in a local monastery and villagers believe that the rare animal has the power to predict winning lottery numbers (you know, golden sick – lottery jackpot, an easy-to-establish connection).

There have been many animal psychics throughout the world and they’ve been asked to predict multiple events – from lottery jackpot numbers to the teams that will take it all in a major championship. The story doesn’t tell whether the golden frog has made an accurate prediction. We can only speculate, but if you seem to be out of luck, a trip to Thailand may be a good idea.

What’s in the Dog’s Christmas Stocking?

Though Conway Kitty’s accomplishment is difficult to surpass, our next story happens to be also quite impressive.

Bill Kelly from Florida bought his dog (who remains anonymous in the story because some winners are shy like that) a lottery scratch ticket for Christmas. Bill placed it in the puppy’s Christmas stocking and forgot about it.

Upon checking the puppy’s Gold Rush ticket, Bill found out that they’d won three million dollars. This was the only winning one of the three tickets that Bill bought for his family members.

The puppy and Bill decided to receive the award as a lump sum, which made them 2.35 million dollars richer.

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re wondering how to surprise your beloved furry friend, you may want to consider the purchase of a lottery ticket. Chances are that your dog, iguana or tarantula isn’t going to enjoy the gift a lot. If the ticket happens to be a winning one, however, do your best to get your pet something exciting.

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