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Price: $ 20.00 or Your Donation
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Guarantee: No
Description: Lottery Analyst is a program that says it will help you optimize your chance of winning consistent smaller lottery prizes.

Lottery Analyst Exposed — Is This the Answer to Winning?

Lottery Analyst Exposed

Lottery Analyst Review

Most of the lottery systems online make all kinds of claims on how their program is going to win you all those mega jackpots. Looking at Lottery Analyst, the first thing is the fact that they say over and over again, that you should use the demo site and not purchase the full version until you think you need it. Okay, that’s different. So what is this lottery software?

Lottery Analyst – What Does It Do?

The simplicity of this site definitely got us smiling. It’s actually hard to figure out initially where to look for the actual information on what it is all about. It’s supposed to generate lottery numbers based on optimizing your chances. This involves charts and other analyses that help you choose your numbers. One of the first things you need to do is decide on which lottery you want the info for.

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How Does It Work?

There are three different ways you can download this, the Windows version, Android Google Play, and Amazon Kindle Fire. There are three buttons beside each of these for download, an explanation or notepad, and some sort of statistical presentation. The notepad welcomes you to Giga World: The world of math and statistics! They claim this is something different that a bunch of people is working on – yes, we’re talking computer geeks and mathematicians.

What Does It Use?

It appears that Lottery Analyst uses the historical results from lotteries to predict the best chances for numbers in upcoming lotteries. Hang on – been there, done that. That’s really not something new. The screenshots of the different reports look very impressive – that is if you understand them. I have no idea what all the different information share and frankly don’t have the time to figure it out.

Is It For Real?

In fairness, it doesn’t say it will guarantee any kind of a big lottery win, but minimizes your costs and helps you pick a good strategy. Okay, that’s fair. The idea is to increase your probability odds of getting smaller wins more often. The lotteries, this program claims to support read like the who’s who of lotteries and you get to choose which one you want to create the information for.

What is the Cost?

Okay, this was a first. Its website says “do not buy the license” until you have used the demo version. They talk more about the fact that you help “improve” what they are developing. If you do go for the full license it is at a cost of USD $20 and they ask for this to be paid through PayPal or a yahoo email address.

Or Should You Donate?

Jump to the “donate” page and they encourage you to support them with US$ 5 through to $100 depending on your generosity. It’s actually a hilarious read with the comments beside each donation level. My personal favorite was the $25 donation where they say “That’s some awesome stuff you did right there, dinner is on me!” Well, sorry folks, dinner is not on me and I’m certainly not donating anything

Why You Should Register with Lottery Analyst


You’re advised to use the demo version first

Not pricey

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Analyst


Who owns this?

Would you mind rating Lottery Analyst?

Is Lottery Analyst Legit?

Folks, none of us wanted to do this. There is no real information on who these guys are and I am certainly not downloading anything without having that. I’m just not sure what it is going to do and I don’t want something I don’t understand on my computer or phone. Maybe if there was more info on who these guys are, one of us would have taken a chance – but not today.

Final verdict: 3 out of 10 stars.

  1. This software no longer works. It no longer updates the lottery results, so any calculations are based on outdated results from over a year ago. There is no support available. I have the paid for version of the software on my Android device. Basically, it does provide statistical information, however, there are no explanations of how to use the software apart from a very poorly made video that doesn’t explain anything.

  2. I couldn’t get over the fact that these folks want you to download something onto your computer without having a real idea what its going to do. There is no information on the platform they use, what the type of program is or even how much space it will take. And this is no information on who these folks are. I wouldn’t touch this one.


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