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Lotterball Exposed — One More Solution for California Lottery Fans Exposed

Lotterball Review

Can I put something on the table? I am tired of online lottery providers that advertise the winners in general. is just one more of these. I ask the question – has anyone won through their site versus simply posting the pics of the winners? I know I probably sound peevish, but seriously folks. I understand that smart winners will do things to hide their identity, but someone out there must have won playing through an online lottery site. Okay, back to looking at – though I am already grumpy.

This TheLotter review has all the information you need

Noise, Noise, Noise

I don’t like online lottery sites that have all kinds of gimmicks and things that pop out all over the screen. Give me the bottom line every time. does this with a side window that pops out offering free tutorials on playing. Put it away, folks. It’s not that hard, and I find it insulting that they think they need to add an in-your-face tutorial.

The other thing is their connection to ‘youtube’ all over their rules page. Each one links into a series of screenshots that provides a pictorial of the explanation on their rules page.

The Games at Lotterball is an online lottery service provider that offers six games played out of California – US Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus, Fantasy 5, Daily 3, and Daily 4. They do this for a flat fee of $1.33 service charge on top of the face value of each ticket.

Let’s Win at Lotter Ball

Any prize up to $600 is paid directly to your bank account within 2 to 3 days. Over $600, players receive a cashier’s check once the lottery pays out. They do say if you win that big jackpot, you must travel to California to pick up your cash yourself. Wow, wouldn’t that be cool? California lotteries are open to anyone internationally to play and are one of the few states that do not charge state tax on lotteries. Federal tax is applicable. There is no information on whether they have service charges for winning.

Who is

In the small print at the bottom of their site, it says “all trademarks are the property of” but that’s it. They say they are an independent lottery service provider, but we were unable to confirm who they are! We’re still waiting for their answer by email.

Talking to Lotterball

There is no live chat which I figure should be pretty standard these days. does have an online form, a snail mail address, and a California VoIP phone number and we were able to track down this as a Pacific Bell landline, so I guess they are actually in California. There are no guidelines on when someone will be around to answer, and their answering machine does some strange clicks.

Their site also will jump into Spanish, Russian, and Korean with a simple click – and most of it makes sense.


Why You Should Register with Lotterball


Flat service fee

No State Tax

Straightforward Games

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotterball


Who Are They?

What Do They Take on Wins?

When Will They Answer Our Emails?

Would you mind rating

Is Lotterball Legit?

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I certainly want more information on who an online lottery provider is before I start giving them my personal and credit card details. I get the Spanish language capability, but what is with Russia and Korea? Just seems like a bizarre combo to me. Our team also noted that the pics that they show of winners are people who did it at their local corner store and no one claims they won through this online lottery provider.

Me, I like the flexibility of playing through an online lottery provider that allows me the choice of playing other international lotteries. Which reminds me – I have to get my Christmas El Gordo tickets still!

  1. I like this site for its prices. For example, Powerball tickets costs $3.33 where $1.33 is a service cost. I think it’s reasonable compared to other lottery services. What I don’t like is a lack of information about the service itself. Playing on my own risk.


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