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Lotofácil Exposed — The Odds Are Ever in Your Favor

Lotofácil Exposed

Lotofácil Review

If you’re looking for the Brazilian lottery game that features the best odds – you’ve found it. By far, Lotofácil outperforms other popular options like Mega-Sena, Dupla Sena, and Quina in this department.

Yet another entry in the portfolio of the national Caixa, Lotofácil is definitely worth exploring. The rules are simple, the prizes are good, and here’s everything else you need to know about Lotofácil.

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Lotofácil: Introduction

One of the coolest characteristics of Lotofácil is also the one that makes it different from other lotteries – you can choose more numbers than the ones required to win. In fact, you can pick anywhere between 15 and 18 numbers. In order to win the jackpot, you’ll have to match 15 entries for the respective drawing.

The history of Lotofácil started in 2003. Over the past 14 years, this lottery has maintained the same format without any major changes. The operator is Caixa Economica Federal – the Federal Savings Bank that is publicly owned by the Brazilian federal government.

How to Play Lotofácil?

As the name suggests, Lotofácil is pretty easy to play. You have to pick anywhere between 15 and 18 numbers for a chance to win the jackpot. The minimum entry features 15 numbers from a pool of 25. The cost of such a Lotofácil ticket is two real or slightly over 0.5 US dollars.

System picks are also available, increasing your odds of hitting a prize.

Lotofácil drawings take place three times per week – on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Apart from the standard lottery, there’s an additional opportunity called Lotofácil da Independencia. This special drawing occurs every September and Caixa will make an official statement about when the special tickets will become available. In this case, there will be no accumulation of the prize money. If there isn’t a player who has managed to guess all 15 numbers, the jackpot will roll down towards the individuals that have 14 correct numbers.

In order to get their Lotofácil tickets, players need to be aged 18 or older.

Lotofácil Prizes and Odds

Lotofácil has five prize tiers. The odds of claiming the top prize are 1 in 3,268,760. For this purpose, you have to match all of the 15 numbers drawn on the specific date. The prize pool for each drawing (for the top prize) represents 65 percent of the total amount.

If there is no winner for the respective drawing, the jackpot amount will roll over toward the next one. Based on this mechanism, Lotofácil can produce some pretty attractive prizes.

The second prize tier is not a fixed amount either. Players who match 14 out of the 15 numbers for the drawing will have 20 percent of the funds generated through ticket sales distributed among themselves.

There are three additional fixed prize tiers. Matching 13 numbers will lead to a prize of 20 real. Those who get 12 numbers correct will get eight real and for 11 matches, players can expect to win four real.

The odds of claiming the lowest prize are 1 in 11 and these are also the overall odds of winning any Lotofácil prize. This is yet another feature that makes Lotofácil popular and much more favorable than other national lotteries,

Some Information for Lotofácil Winners

Players who win the Lotofácil jackpot can choose between two payout options – a lump sum payment or installments over a certain period of time. To claim the top prize, players need to visit the Lotofácil head office to learn more about the conditions and choose the payout type.

All other Lotofácil prizes can be cashed out at the regional Caixa offices (the smallest amounts of under 1,332 real can be cashed out by all lottery retailers. Players have 90 days from the date of the drawing in order to make a prize claim.

In Brazil, lottery prizes are subjected to a 13.8 percent income tax. This also applies to international players who may decide to obtain Lotofácil tickets.

Playing Lotofácil Online: What Are the Options?

Lotofácil offers a number of convenient ticket acquisition options. Online Lotofácil ticket buying is one of them.

There is an official online Lotofácil ticket buying option. It can be accessed via the official lottery website, after which the digital portal will be opened. To enter the online platform, players have to be aged 18 or older.

International lottery agents also support Lotofácil, just like a few of the other most popular Brazil lotteries. Players from other countries can rely on such services for the purpose of getting their online Lotofácil tickets.

Lotofácil doesn’t really shine with anything special like add-ons or possibilities for increasing prizes. Still, the game is worth giving a try because of its numerous positive characteristics. Here’s a short summary of the key ones:

Why You Should Play Lotofácil


This is an official lottery organized by a state entity and regulated by law

Three drawings take place per week

The odds of winning a prize are pretty favorable

There are five prize tiers

If a jackpot winner isn’t available for the current drawing, the sum will roll over toward the next one

A special drawing is held in September

International players, as well as Brazilians, can acquire their tickets online

Jackpot winners can choose between cash payments and annual installments

Apart from the positive characteristics, Lotofácil does miss the mark in a few key ways. The shortcomings aren’t that big but they still have to be considered:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Lotofácil


The jackpots aren’t as big as in the case of the other Brazilian lotteries

There’s an income tax applying to all prize levels

There are no add-ons or possibilities for increasing the amounts being won

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Is Lotofácil Legit?

The characteristics of Lotofácil make it seem too good to be true, which is why some may be hesitant about giving the lottery a try. The truth of the matter is that Lotofácil is as official as a lottery could be. There are no risks if you’re reasonable in your ticket buying and you know what to expect by playing the lottery.

As already mentioned, Lotofácil is organized and operated by a national bank. The activities of Caixa are regulated by law and by the Brazilian government. Players can rest assured they have nothing to lose by giving Lotofácil a try.

Caixa Economica Federal was set up back in 1861, which means it has been operational for over 157 years. This is an autonomous entity that operates under the guidance of the finance ministry. The Central Bank of Brazil is responsible for Caixa supervision. The process is well-established, ensuring transparency and the fairness of lottery practices.

Apart from selling lottery tickets and paying out prizes, Caixa is committed to supporting social and charitable causes. Some of the funds generated through each Lotofácil ticket sale will go towards education, health, sports, safety, and cultural initiatives.

Lotofácil is a nice game that doesn’t offer that much excitement and thrills. Still, if you’re looking for favorable odds and a low entry cost, this lottery is definitely worth giving a try.

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