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Leaderlotto Exposed — Betting Within a Syndicate

Leaderlotto Review

How much value would you put into guaranteeing the bonus numbers to a specific lotto or in ensuring you have every number in your tickets? Leaderlotto.com (aka PlayLottery.com) seems to think this is a good way to bet within a syndicate. I talked to a mathematician and he disagreed. Let me explain.

Games at Leaderlotto

Leaderlotto.com is a betting service for syndicates and single line tickets. They do not buy actual tickets but are betting on the fact that you will not win. That might sound cynical, but it’s the way I see it. Let’s focus on their syndicates. They include EuroMillions & EuroJackpot, US Powerball & Mega Millions, UK Lotto, Italy’s SuperEnaLotto, Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva, Irish Lotto, and German 6Aus49 plus a Jackpot Power Play. Leaderlotto.com does clearly set out the number of tickets within the syndicate and the number of shares. This is important. What is not important is the fact that they either guarantee that you will match the bonus ball or, for lotteries without bonus balls, they guarantee that you will match a minimum of one number. The rest of the numbers are all the same.

Leader Lotto and Mathematics

Talking to my friend – yes the mathematician – he said that though this will slightly increase your odds of winning something, it isn’t the best way to play in a syndicate. He said that syndicates that offer a variety of different number combinations are a better way to go. Okay, he blathered on about a bunch of different percentages and odds which made very little sense to me but I believe him. The two people I have met that have won in syndicates played the same numbers every week and their numbers were individually selected and not simply changing only one number in a bunch of tickets.

Winning at Leaderlotto.com

If you do get that right combination of numbers, winnings are available five days after leaderlotto.com receives the money. They say they get the money through tickets they have purchased (which they underline you have no right to) or their insurer, EMIRAT, a company based in Germany. Players can withdraw winnings when they have more than £10 in their account. There is no mention of fees that may apply. Players may not withdraw any money they have placed into their account to place bets.

Digging into the Terms & Conditions

Reading through the terms and conditions there was one sentence that caught the team’s attention. “The maximum Legitimate Gaming Winnings that any one individual can win in any 7 day period is limited to £25,000”. They qualified this with a comment “this excludes any progressive jackpot element to a Winnings payout”. The team mulled this overcame up with no answer. We’re still waiting to hear from Leaderlotto.com.

Customer Service at Leaderlotto

Leaderlotto.com is owned by Annexio Limited trading as PlayLottery. There is a snail mail address (Isle of Man), telephone numbers and an email address. No live chat here folks and they are only available business hours. For more information on PlayLottery, check out our PlayLottery.com review.

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The Bottom Line at Leaderlotto.com

The team and I agree that we like the concept of actually buying tickets and using our own particular numbers. This goes for individual tickets and syndicates. We also couldn’t find any group that had won using leaderlotto.com’s style of choosing numbers.


Clear Syndicate Shares

Clear Number of Tickets in Syndicates

Big Jackpot Lotteries Available


Betting versus Tickets

When Do I Get My Money?

How Much Can I Win?

We’re giving these folks a thumbs down. Just reading through the small print alone discouraged most of the team.

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