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Price: Free (there are in-app purchases)
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: Jo's Picks is an app that picks Washington State Lottery numbers on the basis of its algorithm for the purpose of increasing winning odds.

Jo’s Picks Exposed — Who’s Jo and How Does He Make a Lottery Pick?

Jo’s Picks Exposed

Jo’s Picks Review

Who wouldn’t want to increase their odds of winning the lottery? Luckily, technology can be used for this purpose, but the right technology will have to be chosen carefully. One app comes with an interesting and promising slogan – “Don’t just play the lottery, play intelligently!” This app is Jo’s Picks. According to its founders, the algorithm is currently pending a patent. Apparently, Jo’s Picks can be used to enhance your odds of winning the Washington State Lottery. Is this really so?

What Is Jo’s Picks and What Does It Do?

A free-of-charge app, Jo’s Picks selects Washington State Lottery numbers for the players. According to the makers of this app, the algorithm improves the odds of winning 28 times in comparison to just choosing numbers randomly.

Supposedly, the numbers are updated after every new lottery drawing. While the official presentation doesn’t say how the algorithm is crafted (secrets of the trade, you know?), our guess would be that hot and cold numbers are determined and updated with each next lottery drawing.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Jo’s Picks is free to download. If you want to get access to certain features, however, you’ll have to cough up some cash for in-app purchases.

To make advantage of the five-number sets available in the app, you will need to spend 2.99 dollars. That’s every time you’d like to get a five-number set based on the algorithm. To put it in simple terms – it will cost you 2.99 dollars to get a number suggestion every time and you will get five picks that you can either submit for the respective drawing or spread out.

How Does Jo’s Picks Work?

The app is pretty simple and straightforward to use. All that you have to do is download and opt for the game that you would like to get a numerical selection for. Currently, the app makes it possible to play the lotteries available in Washington. These include Hit 5, Lotto, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

If you don’t want to get five number sets, you can test out Jo’s Picks by purchasing a single number set. This will cost you 0.99 dollars and it’s a good opportunity to determine whether getting the five-number set is really worth the money.

Obviously, Jo’s Picks does not guarantee a winning numerical combination. The official presentation states that the algorithm is developed by an engineer who has won the lottery multiple times. Another engineer was responsible for the coding process. These are big words but they don’t really mean anything when it comes to lottery strategies. There are many free-of-charge websites out there that give players access to hot and cold numbers for different games. Unless the Jo’s Picks algorithm contains another component that isn’t announced, it’s really not that much of a great choice for lottery enthusiasts.

Jo’s Picks was released on the market in May 2017 and it was updated a couple of times since then. One thing to keep in mind is that it has been taken down from iTunes. If you have an iOS device, you will currently be incapable of downloading and using Jo’s Picks.

Jo’s Picks Terms and Conditions

The usage terms and conditions are pretty standard for Jo’s Picks and they’re similar to the specifics applying to other lottery apps.

While there are no age restrictions for the download of Jo’s Picks, younger players should keep in mind that they will have to follow Washington regulations pertaining to playing the lottery.

The team does not guarantee the provision of winning numbers for the most prominent Washington lotteries and cannot be held accountable in the case that the player doesn’t end up getting any prize as a result of the usage.

Jo’s Picks features in-app digital purchases, which means that the player will have to provide their financial information and agree to the digital buying conditions of the respective app store.

Who Is Behind Jo’s Picks?

The Google Play store presentation suggests that Jo’s Picks is developed by someone called Jim Sundal. The app registration is in Vancouver, Canada.

Jo’s Picks is the only app developed by Jim Sundal. Further Google search reveals that Jim Sundal is a real estate agent in Vancouver but it’s questionable whether the two individuals sharing these characteristics are the same person. In essence, Jim Sundal could be a pseudonym as far as we’re concerned.

One more interesting thing about Jo’s Picks is that the app doesn’t have any reviews in the app store. The app does have a Facebook page but there isn’t any feedback on behalf of users. The Facebook page features just one five-star review and it is written by… have you guessed it already… Jim Sundal!

Why You Should Register with Jo’s Picks


Jo’s Picks is a free app for Washington State Lottery players

It has been updated a few times since its release in May 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Jo’s Picks


Jo’s Picks does not guarantee winning numbers for the Washington State Lottery

The app has been taken down from iTunes, so it is not currently available for iOS users

are other free websites that offer access to hot and cold numbers for different games, making Jo’s Picks less unique and valuable

The app requires in-app purchases for certain features

The algorithm used by Jo’s Picks has not been disclosed, so it is unclear how it improves the odds of winning.

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Is Jo’s Picks Legit?

It’s difficult to confirm the quality of Jo’s Picks. The app has been removed from iTunes, there aren’t user comments or information from somebody who has won anything from Washington lotteries on the basis of using a numerical set based on Jo’s Picks algorithm.

Information also isn’t available about the company that manufactures the app or the two engineers that came up with the algorithm and coded Jo’s Picks. It’s all a speculation and there is no way to find out just how reliable the algorithm is.

There are many strategies for improving your odds of winning the lottery. Hot and cold numbers have been around for some time. You can definitely test the strategy out without having to pay anything.

If you have 0.99 dollars to spare, try out Jo’s Picks. There is nothing to lose but there also isn’t an awful lot to gain from this mobile application. This is the reason why Jo’s Picks gets a pretty modest rating of 4 out of 10 stars.

  1. Good lottery, I didn’t win but it’s an excellent lottery.


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