Jersey Cash 5 XTRA

Jersey Cash 5 XTRA

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Numbers to Pick: 5/43
Days of Draw: Daily
Average Price: $1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 1,221,759

Jersey Cash 5 XTRA Exposed — Multiply Your Chances, Get that XTRA

Jersey Cash 5 XTRA Exposed

Jersey Cash 5 XTRA Review

If you’re a lottery enthusiast, you probably know that New Jersey is the home of one of the luckiest people in the US. In 2016, Pearlie Marie Smith from Trenton won 429 million dollars from the Powerball May 7 drawing. It was a welcomed gift for the mom of seven. This article, however, isn’t focused on Jersey’s lucky people. It puts emphasis on a fun local lottery – Jersey Cash 5 Xtra.

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Jersey Cash 5 Xtra Introduction

Jersey Cash 5 Xtra is one of the games in the portfolio of New Jersey Lottery – a state of New Jersey entity that’s responsible for operating games, paying out prizes, and dedicating some of the proceeds to good causes.

This particular game was set up in September 1992. Originally, it had a 5 out of 38 format. This original version also didn’t have a jackpot that rolled over in the case of no winner. Instead, if there was no jackpot winner for the respective drawing, the accumulated sum was added to the second prize tier.

On September 2003, the game changed its format for the first time and it became a 5/40 lottery. On September 2014, New Jersey Lottery announced the current format by adding 3 more numbers to the pool. A guaranteed minimum jackpot of 75,000 dollars was also added to the rules.

How to Play Jersey Cash 5Xtra

Playing Jersey Cash 5 Xtra is a relatively simple endeavor. You’ll only have to pick your 5 lucky numbers from a pool of 43. A single ticket costs 1 dollar and drawings are held every day of the week.

Apart from the basic option, the lottery offers a few additional cool opportunities.

The Xtra portion of the name comes in the form of an additional perk that can be activated for a payment of 1 dollar on top of the ticket price. The Xtra can potentially increase the amount that players win.

The aim of the Xtra is to give you a multiplier. If you match 3 or more numbers for the respective drawing, the sum that you’ll be entitled to be going to be increased by the multiplier number. A multiplier can be in the range of x2 to x5.

An Instant Match feature can also be activated for a payment of 1 dollar.

Prizes and Odds

Since the pool of numbers you have to choose among is smaller than in the case of other states/national lotteries, the odds of winning the jackpot are relatively favorable. You have a 1 in 962,598 chance to get all 5 numbers correct.

A multiplier will not apply to the jackpot.

The biggest jackpot in the history of Jersey Cash 5 Xtra fell in April 2013. After multiple drawings without a winner, the sum eventually reached 1.96 million dollars.

The second biggest jackpot in the history of the game fell in March 2017. A total of 1.55 million dollars had accumulated after seven drawings without a jackpot winner. The sum was split between 2 lucky ticket owners. Each winner brought 774,385 dollars home.

Other than the jackpot, there are 3 additional prize tiers. The second prize is handed to people who match 4 numbers. The odds of this happening are 1 in 5,066 and the prize is 500 dollars. Whenever an x5 Xtra multiplier is activated, the sum will increase to 2,500 dollars.

Three correct numbers will produce a prize of 15 dollars and 2 correct numbers will produce a prize whenever an Xtra multiplier is activated. The overall odds of winning a prize in Jersey Cash 5 Xtra are 1 in 133.

Some Information for Jersey Cash 5 Winners

Prizes of up to 599.5 dollars can be claimed at any licensed retail venue. People who win a bigger sum will have to fill out a New Jersey Lottery Claim Form that can be downloaded from the official website. The completed form can either be mailed or submitted personally to the New Jersey Lottery headquarters.

The same rules apply to out-of-state winners. They’ll once again be asked to mail a completed form and the winning ticket to the lottery headquarters in Trenton.

Sums that exceed 5,000 dollars will be subjected to federal taxes. The sum withheld will be 25 percent for US citizens and 30 percent for foreigners living in the country. A state tax will also apply. The state tax is five percent for sums in the 10,000 to 500,000 dollar range. For larger prizes, the income tax will go up to eight percent.

Can You Buy Jersey Cash 5 XTRA Tickets Online?

Jersey Cash 5 Xtra tickets are available at lottery retail venues throughout the state. If you don’t live in New Jersey or if you’re not a US citizen, you can buy Jersey Cash 5 ticket through

Let’s put together a brief summary of the lottery’s biggest advantages:

Why You Should Play Jersey Cash 5 XTRA


Drawings are held every day of the week

The game is open to both local and international players

A single ticket costs 1 dollar

There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot

The jackpot will roll over in the case of no winner

Additional cool multipliers can be activated by spending an additional dollar on the purchase of the ticket

The lottery is organized by an official state entity

These are all great and cool, but just like other lotteries, Jersey Cash 5 Xtra is not going to appeal to everyone out there. A couple of the most important ways in which it misses the mark include:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Jersey Cash 5 XTRA


The lower prize tiers are a bit unimpressive unless the Xtra multiplier is activated

Both state and federal income taxes apply to lottery winnings in New Jersey

The minimum guaranteed jackpot is only 75,000 dollars

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Is Jersey Cash 5 XTRA Legit?

With so many fraud schemes out there, it’s nothing but natural to be concerned about the legitimacy of a lottery. Let us offer you some assistance. After we’ve done the investigation for you, we’ve concluded that Jersey Cash 5 is completely legitimate.

As already mentioned, this lottery is organized by a state entity. The New Jersey Lottery was set up in 1969. Ever since it’s been adding games to its portfolio. Apart from Jersey Cash 5 Xtra, the organization also runs Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 6 Xtra, and 5 Card Cash. The New Jersey Lottery is also responsible for multi-jurisdictional games like Mega Millions, Powerball, and Cash4Life.

All of the New Jersey Lottery drawings are broadcast on live TV. In addition, New Jersey Lottery is also the first in the US to Livestream the drawings on its official website and its Ustream channel. It doesn’t really get any more legitimate than that.

Characterized by nice prizes and a cool multiplier, Jersey Cash 5 Xtra does have something to offer to every lottery enthusiast out there.

Obviously, the shortcomings don’t really offset the benefits of the game. So, if you have 1 dollar to spare, you may want to give the lottery a try. While it’s probably not going to get you sorted for life, it can still result in cool payouts.

  1. Since they added the two extra numbers (44 & 45) I rarely get even two numbers, even if I buy several tickets. Quick Pick on machines in Bergen County yields “crummy numbers.” Most winners are down south (Essex, Ocean, Union Counties. Wonder why>>

  2. It is very much a concern that the extra multiplier for the cash five is most of the time #2 which is the least profitable.

  3. My absolute favorite thing about this lotto is that the odds of winning are high so I am guaranteed a winning almost every time I play. I always advise people not to look at the size of jackpot, but the odds of winning.


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