Hate on an S/O Because of Lottery Gone “Wrong” – Lottery Is a Waste of Money?

Lottery Is a Waste of Money?

From time to time I get to find out a peculiar story about a couple that has a love-hate relationship with the lottery. In most cases, one of the partners is into the lottery, whereas the other one thinks the lottery is a waste of money. Is it? I know for a fact that it is not, because I’ve won, I’m winning, and I will continue to play responsibly and with a cool head. However, not all play the lottery as I do. Furthermore, my S/O supports me, whereas this from North Carolina had a grudge on her S/O because he was a passionate lottery player. She prepared a special “surprise” for him with the purpose to prove him that the lottery doesn’t work.

Support Your Responsible S/O Who Plays the Lottery

If your S/O who’s into lottery play the lottery responsibly you should support him/her. After all, that’s what they like doing. However, I should point out that they should be supported only if they can afford playing the lottery. Otherwise, you have every right to discourage them from playing the lottery. If you’re spending rent, utility or food money on the lottery, I have some bad news for you. On the other hand, if the lottery is just a hobby, an activity which does not affect your family budget, go for it!

An Idea Gone Totally “Wrong” – Expected Mayhem Turned Into Celebration

This woman, Glenda Blackwell from Leicester N.C. had the “perfect” idea to prove her passionate lottery player S/O was wrong for playing the lottery. To be honest, I laughed so hard when I heard the story. The story from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds! It really did escalate quickly.

How do you prove a lottery player is wrong for playing the lottery? Do you have any ideas? I know that what follows will put a smile on players’ faces. Both casual and passionate players will find it funny. In a way, Glenda did the opposite of what should’ve been done. She smoked to prove smoking is bad. Guess what? She liked the cigarette, she enjoyed it so much!

Here’s the punch line!

N.C. Woman Turns $10 Scratch Card in $1,000,000 to prove the Lottery is a Scam

She went to buy a $10 Scratch Card Carolina Millions from the NC Education Lottery. The idea was to scratch the card in front of her S/O and to prove him that she didn’t win because the lottery doesn’t work and that it’s a waste of money. She was hoping that this will make her S/O reconsider his actions and that he should stop playing the lottery immediately.

Lo and behold! She struck the first prize! 1,000,000 in American US dollars! In an attempt to unveil the “wrongdoings” of her S/O she proved he was right the entire time. She couldn’t believe her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she did. She proved that the lottery is not a waste of money!

Mrs. Blackwell got little over $400,000 after taxes in a lump sum. Glenda opted for this because she needed the money now.

The Aftermath of an Unusual Fight – A Convert among Lottery Players

One might say, Glenda converted to the lottery. A non-lottery player turned believer! Personally, I’m happy for them, especially for her husband. Imagine what would’ve happened if that was a losing scratch card. The poor guy would’ve had to fight for hours trying to prove he’s doing nothing wrong. I’m happier for him than for Glenda to a point that I despise her. If I had to be straight with you, she was right. He went blazing hot with the lottery. What once was an honest, innocent hobby turned into an irresponsible spending of money. The guy lost it, I must admit.

There are two sides of any story. This is a plain, on spot example. On top of this, the money went to the right people. As Glenda says, they’ve been struggling for a long time. They can finally afford to live a decent family life in their own house, on their land. Her children can go to college without getting into debts.

At least I know the money won’t be spent on crazy parties, gifts and other nonsense. Kudos to you Glenda! I sincerely congratulate you!

S/O Promised to Cool Off on the Lottery

As for her husband, well, let’s just say that he finally came to his senses. He promised he will cool off on the lottery. As it turns out, he was overspending on lottery tickets. He bought more tickets than the average lottery player with higher than average income. This was bad for the entire Blackwell family. Considering he had children that needed to be paid for their college tuition, this was poor decision making.

Lady Luck was watching over them, that’s obvious. I enjoy stories such as this one, not because somebody got rich, but because it brings to light certain issues that we rarely acknowledge. For example, despite my wife supporting me, I’ve never thought of how she truly feels about me being so much into the lottery. What if she’s feeling exactly the same as Glenda here, but she’s not sure how would I react? What if I something changed, for instance, she loses her job and I have to get a 9 to 5 job again? Will her opinion change?

I know we don’t have to worry about rent because we live in my apartment and we don’t have any kids, but that can change, right? For what it’s worth, I’ll keep myself on my toes in case I notice I’m entering the red zone. For the time being, I can only wait for another story such as the million dollars story of Glenda Blackwell.

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