4 Lucky Lottery Winning Families — Stay Strong, Stay Together

4 Lucky Lottery Winning Families

You and I hope to win the lottery at least once, that huge prize that will change our lives for good. Then again, there are whole families that win the lottery, numerous times. Sometimes Lady Luck is not just, but it treats us all equally, that’s for sure. Today we’re going to take a look at 4 lucky families that have won the lottery on several occasions. The most interesting part about them is that some family members have never bought a single lottery ticket before they got the winning one. Don’t envy them. Karma is watching you and she will pay you a visit if you do that. It’s better to just be amazed by how fortunate some people can be.

Without further ado, here are their stories!

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Mr. and Mrs. Short Finally Meet Fortune Halfway – 2 Time Lottery Winners

Mr and Mrs. Short

I intentionally didn’t write “The Shorts” since that would be rather unwise since the bottom of their bank account is rather deep. Gina Short is the lucky winner, but her husband also enjoys in the prize they’ve won. So why are they one of the luckiest families? Well, we can all agree that cancer is probably the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Gina was diagnosed with cancer a few years before Lady Luck finally came to her doorstep. In February 2016 she won $1,000,000. If I’d won this amount of money I’d forget about everything, move on some island and wait for my final day to come. But Gina is a fighter. 3 months after the $1m lottery prize she won yet another $250,000. Len, her husband, is there to support her during her chemotherapy. Life gave her the means to fight cancer. On one hand, it’s a happy story, on the other hand, we’ll see how it’s going to turn out. I hope she’ll get better!

Gina, a cancer survivor, won the lottery twice in just 3 months!

Meet The Frys – Britain’s Luckiest Family Scoops 3rd Lottery Win

Frys – Britain’s Luckiest Family

A whole family plays the lottery as a syndicate. They want to be clear about the rules, so no fights can come their way to destroy other lottery players. Meet the Frys, Britain’s luckiest family, which has won the lottery numerous times. Unlike the previous story, here we see different members of the family winning the lottery, times and times again. First, it was Peter Fry’s cousin, Annette brown who won £1.15. Then came Margaret Fry. She won £20,000 in the Lotto Millionaire raffle a year ago.

The last prize is given to Mary and Peter Fry. That’s a 3rd lottery win, this time around £1,000,000. I wish I was their grandson or something. Not because of the money they’ve won, but because I’ll be part of the luckiest lottery family in the whole of Britain. I’m sure that I would’ve won the lottery by now.

USA’s Most Frequent Lottery Winning Family – Suspicious?

USA’s Most Frequent Lottery Winning Family

There are lottery winners who keep playing the lottery for years before they win a prize they can brag about to their friends. However, there are lottery players whose wins seem a bit shady. The best example would be the Brudnicks from the US. It’s like they’re raiding the Massachusetts Lottery. Personally, I can understand someone winning a couple of times lottery prizes averaging $5,000. But, the Brudnicks have done this many times more than what you can consider a couple of times.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Robert Brudnick cashed in around 140 lottery tickets, each bearing a prize over $1,000. Nathan, his son had around 100 winning lottery tickets to his name. His sister is just as good with the same number of tickets. If we add up the numbers, that’s a decent amount of money. I know there are lottery players who have won much more than this just with one lottery ticket, but the Brudnicks win constantly. That’s what makes them one of the luckiest families which are into the lottery in the whole of the USA.

I mentioned that this looks a bit shady. There’s a group of people that will claim the prize on the lottery winner’s behalf, charging 10% of the amount. This is illegal. Taxes are paid, all costs are covered, the person who claims the prize gets 10% of the prize and the rightful lottery ticket owner stays anonymous. The Brudnicks seem like they are part of this scheme. However, as long as the officials don’t say anything about it, I can’t say for sure.

Norway’s Luckiest Family  Wins The Lottery Three Times

Norway’s Luckiest Family

We had a look at two US families, and one UK, and now I’ll take you to Norway. Yes, the Norwegians play the lottery as well. The mother in this family, Hege Jeanette Oksens is the lucky charm. Over a period of 6 years, she gave birth to three children, and she brought 3 lottery wins to her family, totaling $2.12m. They are the regular average family, she serves hot dogs at a local petrol station and she plays the lottery casually. Even Oksens is surprised that they are scooping the prizes.

The 1st prize came in 2006, the 2nd came years later in 2009 when. Her daughter came in 3rd. She’s of age, so don’t assume that minors can play the lottery in Norway.

The bottom line is, they are the luckiest family in Norway. They live on an island on the west bank of Norway. They’re happy, enjoying the money. Jeanette said they’re not planning to have another child, which means they won’t be winning the lottery any time soon.

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